The contact number for Ticketmaster is available directly from their website at no or lower cost

0333 321 9999

Call Connection, Calls cost 7p per minute plus your standard network charge.

Please ensure you have the bill payers permission before calling.

This website provides hard to find phone numbers as a call connection service, and is not associated with the company.

Ticketmaster is an online ticket sales company. If you need to contact Ticketmaster regarding a concert/event or you need to make a complaint call this number.

Ticketmaster Connection Numbers

Ticketmaster Opening Times
Speak to Someone 9am – 8pm
Account Complaints 9am – 8pm
Customer Service Complaints 9am – 8pm
Attractions and Show complaints 9am – 8pm
Missing Tickets 9am – 8pm
Gift Card Complaints 9am – 8pm

Speak to Someone

You can call the number to speak to a person at the Ticketmaster head office where they are available to answer questions, take complaints and feedback with regards to shopping and purchasing products from Ticketmaster. You can use this number if you’re frustrated with the responses you’re getting through social media or email, and would like to speak to someone to clear up the matter quickly.

You can phone this number if you find that tickets aren’t the price that was previously advertised, as you can get a quick response from them when you phone this number.

Account Complaints

If you are a regular user of Ticketmaster, you have probably got an account set up that generally makes life easier when you are booking tickets as your details are automatically saved which prevents you from having to re-enter them every time. Whilst the account is designed to be a useful tool to save you time and money (it also means you are eligible for exclusive offers and discounts from Ticketmaster, which you will receive via email) if you have any complaints whilst you are using it, it is important to call so that any issues can be resolved immediately. If you notice any unusual activity on your account, such as orders that you did not place, then please call as a security measure. Your account will be accessed using a username and password that is exclusive to you so if you forget these details at any point you can either select the ‘forgot password’ option, or call so someone can help you to access your account. If you have subscribed to emails from Ticketmaster but no longer wish to receive them, you can simply select to unsubscribe at the bottom of the email and you will be taken off the Ticketmaster mailing list. If you have done this and still continue to receive unwanted emails, ring them up and someone will make sure you don’t continue to receive them. The account option also allows you to create your own profile, edit your email preferences and billing information as well as print out any tickets you might have bought. If you have viewed your recent orders and found that there aren’t tickets available to print where there should be then you can quickly get to the bottom of the problem by calling account complaints. Similarly, if you have selected the ‘print my tickets’ option and are having issues with doing this, call to quickly get to the bottom of it.

Customer Service Complaints

If you have any complaints about the customer service you have received from a member of Ticketmaster staff then it is important that you get in touch to report the unacceptable way in which you were treated. The Ticketmaster website has a number of customer service options for you to choose from including live ticket delivery updates, events that have been cancelled or altered or disability access information for your chosen venue. If you feel you have been unfairly treated in the case of an event alteration or cancellation you can report that to the customer service complaints line and something will be done in order to compensate you. Ticketmaster is there to be relied on by the public and you should be able to be confident that they will deal with any issue you might have professionally and efficiently. Again, you can call if you feel that the booking service by Ticketmaster was not a smooth process or if you had any issues with getting hold of your tickets once you had bought them. You can also call if you need to make any changes to your account such as changing your saved address or updating your card details. Unfortunately, cancelled events, venue or date alterations can sometimes occur when a big event is scheduled and it can sometimes be due to unforeseen circumstances. If this does occur with your ticket, Ticketmaster will do their utmost to ensure that you can still make the event if the date has been altered, or that you are fully compensated should a date be cancelled. The Ticketmaster website will inform you of the details of the date cancellation or rescheduling but understandably you might want to speak to someone about the best way to proceed so calling can give you extra information. If the date of your ticket has simply been rescheduled you will not need to show a different ticket, the same ticket will still allow you to gain access to the event. If you are having any issues using this ticket, then call ASAP.

Attractions and Show Complaints

We are all aware of the excitement that surrounds an event or concert and the anticipation before they are attended. Of course, Ticketmaster hopes that you enjoy a show, concert or event, but if something was not up to scratch then you can call nd explain your situation. If you find that an event is very badly organised, the venue was not what you expected or the entertainment was significantly poor then there is a chance that you will be entitled to some sort of compensation so it is always worth calling the number above to see if you are entitled to anything. The full list of attractions and shows can be found on the Ticketmaster website. It is not just tickets for music concerts and festivals but rather a whole host of different events including the theatre, the ballet, ice shows and even exhibitions. You can also get tickets to popular museums. It is definitely worth taking a look because there really is something for everyone. If you have bought a ticket from Ticketmaster, only to be told it is not valid at the venue – call immediately.

Missing Tickets

If you have booked your tickets via Ticketmaster then you will receive a confirmation email which will state how long you can expect to wait before your tickets arrive. If you find that you have been waiting longer than your confirmation states, then you can call the missing tickets line to discuss the whereabouts of your tickets. Ticketmaster does have a ticket tracking tool which can be easily accessed by clicking the ‘where are my tickets’ button on the homepage of the Ticketmaster website. You will be taken to a page where you can enter details of the event and shown live delivery updates. If you notice anything unusual when tracking your ticket or the system is saying that your ticket has already been delivered when you know it hasn’t, you can call and someone will look into your issue. If you do not receive your tickets on time for the date of the event then Ticketmaster will take this very seriously and compensate you where necessary. If you have received tickets from Ticketmaster but they are for the wrong event or you haven’t received as many as you paid for then you need to call immediately.

Gift Card Complaints

Gift cards from Ticketmaster are a great idea for a birthday or any special occasion. One of the most popular forms of gift carding with Ticketmaster is an e-gift card which is available in any amount up to £250. Alternatively, you can give a gift card physically if you want to give a present and you can even personalise it online and have it delivered. If you order by 3pm you should have your order the next working day. If your gift card hasn’t arrived, call the gift card complaints helpline. If you have received a gift card, but can’t seem to be able to use it on the Ticketmaster online store, there could be an issue with the reference number. Call to have it looked into. Please note that gift cards do expire so it might be a case of that – double check first before you call!