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Virgin Mobile Contact Numbers:

Virgin Mobile Phone Number
Head Office 0843 557 3865
Customer Services 0843 557 4575
Complaints 0843 557 4582

Virgin Mobile Complaints Line Opening Hours:

Department Opening Hours
Head Office Monday to Saturday 9am to 5.30pm, Sunday 11am to 5pm

Virgin Mobile Head Office Address:

Department Head Office Address
Virgin Mobile Head Office Battleship Building 179 Harrow Road London, W2 6NB England

About Virgin Mobile

Virgin Mobile is a mobile phone service provider that operates in the United Kingdom. It is a subsidiary of major company Virgin Media and was first established in 1999 and was the world’s first MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator). It currently uses the existing network of EE. Virgin Mobile launched 4G to all of their new and existing customers in November 2016. Until this date, users of Virgin Mobile did not see the 4G symbol on their phone screens.

Why Would I Call the Virgin Mobile Complaints Line?

  • I want to make a complaint my signal on Virgin Mobile
  • I want to complain about the customer service I received from Virgin Mobile
  • I would like to locate my nearest Virgin Mobile store
  • I want to cancel my Virgin Mobile contract
  • I have been billed twice by Virgin Mobile
  • I have cancelled my contract and am still being charged
  • My phone is broken/damaged or faulty
  • I have noticed unusual activity on my account
  • I have forgotten the log in details to my account

Virgin Mobile Complaints

Virgin Mobile has supplied phone’s and network coverage to customers for many years. You can see all the latest models that they have to offer on their website. You can take out a contract with Virgin Mobile either online or by visiting a Virgin Media outlet. Virgin Mobile offer excellent deals and discounts such as their triple data offer which gives you 64GB of data for the price of 28GB – never run out again. There is a great range of the latest models Virgin mobile network complaintsto choose from, depending on what you are looking for and you can opt to take out a pay as you go, a sim only or a pay monthly plan, depending on what suits you. You can browse all of the plans as well as the properties of all the devices on the Virgin Mobile website and if you are totally unsure of which phone or SIM to go for, you can answer a few questions on the website which will help you find out. Virgin Mobile also list their most popular phones on their website so you can see what other people are using at the minute. Registering with Virgin Mobile is easy and it is most easy to do in store when you purchase a device. There are still articles online explaining how to register and what will happen when you become a Virgin Mobile customer. You can also upgrade your Virgin Mobile device once your contract is coming to an end. The complaints number is designed for any Virgin Mobile customers that may be having issues either with the device itself (damaged/faulty), their insurance policy and even their payment plan (if you’re being overcharged, not receiving enough data etc). Whilst there is information available online, and an account that you can log into to check your billing history and the allowances of your payment plan (how much data you have been given etc) sometimes you may have issues that need dealing with immediately and you would prefer to speak over the phone rather than partake in an online chat. The complaints number is available during the hours stated above and an adviser will deal with your complaint as soon as possible.

Virgin Mobile Network Complaints

There is nothing more irritating than failing to find signal when you are using your phone. Sometimes, it is just the area you are in and can’t really be helped, but if it is all of the time there may be an underlying issue with the network on your phone. Please call the complaints number if you have noticed that you aren’t getting enough signal or you can’t use the internet on your phone despite you having enough data to do so. Please note that being unable to connect to the internet can be related to you using all of your data. You can check your data usage on any Virgin Mobile phone by heading to the website and logging into your account. If you have used all of your data, you can top up extra to keep you going until your next bill date, call the complaints line to find out your options.

Virgin Mobile Customer Service Complaints

Whether you have been into a Virgin Mobile store or have spoken to an adviser over the phone, you can call the Complaints Line if your experience was less than great. You may need to deal with staff at Virgin Mobile for a number of reasons once you have already gotten your phone. For example, you may need to alert them that you are going abroad so that they can alter your tariff to ensure you are not overcharged, or as previously mentioned, you may be having issues with your service. You may have broken or water-damaged your phone and need to know what you are entitled to in terms of repairs or you may have had your phone lost or stolen and you would like to put a block on it. if you feel that the way you have been dealt with by Virgin Mobile customer services was unacceptable, then please get in touch with the complaints number.

Virgin Mobile Account

Your Virgin Mobile account can be accessed online either via the website or you can download the Virgin Mobile app and log on that way. Once in your account you can view the details of your device plan and also the tariff that you were placed on when you bought your phone. If you find that this is different to what you agreed on, please call the complaints line to get it sorted. Similarly, if you have forgotten any of the log in details to your account or have noticed any unusual activity, such as additional call charges, then please call the complaints line.

Virgin Mobile Deals

All Virgin Mobile deals and discounts can be found on their homepage. By becoming a customer of Virgin Mobile, you have the opportunity to own some of the latest and newest devices at really great prices.