Alton Towers

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Alton Towers

Alton Towers Resort is a UK theme park that can be found in Staffordshire, England. The theme park can be accessed by going through the small village of Alton, which is where the park’s name comes from. Alton Towers was opened in 1980, with rides and water rides opening in the years after. The park also holds the Alton Towers hotel, which houses hundreds of themed rooms for you to book, and can be booked with an accompanying ticket which you can buy on the Alton Towers website.

Alton Towers Complaints Number

To get in touch with someone about making a complaint regarding the service that you received when you have recently visited Alton Towers or its website, then you can call 0843 557 3820 to speak to someone who will be able to register your complaint and ensure that you are dealt with in the correct manner so that your complaint is solved as quickly as possible.

Alton Towers Customer Services

If you want to speak to Alton Towers’ customer services team then you can call 0843 557 5259 where you will find a customer services representative available to answer any questions you might have about the theme park and help you to book tickets, find out more about the park’s accessibility and query over food options served within the park.

Waiting Times Complaints

If you have recently visited Alton Towers and were left unhappy with the amount of time that you spent waiting in queues before being able to access the rides you intended on using, then by calling 0844 248 2142 you can issue your complaint with a member of the team. They understand that it can be frustrating to wait in queues when you’ve been aiming to get on a ride while visiting the park, so they will make sure to be sensitive toward your complaint.

Food Services Complaints

To complain about the food services that were made available to you throughout the park, you can complain to someone by calling 0844 248 2143 where they will listen to your complaint and issue a response, as you may have found that the food wasn’t properly cooked or didn’t have enough options available – especially if you have a food intolerance and found that it wasn’t supported within the park.

Complaints about Staff Members

If you had a particularly bad experience with a staff member when you recently visited Alton Towers or even when you spoke to a customer services team member, then by calling 0844 248 2166 you can leave a complaint and the member of staff will be dealt with however we see fit.

Ride Complaints

While you visited Alton Towers, you might have had a bad experience on one of the rides around the park. If you would like to issue a complaint regarding the ride and the experience that you had, then by calling 0844 248 2167 you can make sure that someone else will be able to be guaranteed to have a better experience after the complaints team have made sure that your issue is dealt with.

Contact Numbers for Alton Towers

Alton Towers Contact Number Opening Times
Complaints 0843 557 3820 24/7
Customer Services 0843 557 5259 24/7
Waiting Times Complaints 0844 248 2142 24/7
Food Services Complaints 0844 248 2143 24/7
Complaints about Staff Members 0844 248 2166 24/7
Ride Complaints 0844 248 2167 24/7

Other ways to contact Alton Towers

If you want to reach the Alton Towers complaints team in other ways, then you can reach them by sending a letter to the following address:

Farley Ln,
ST10 4DB

You can also reach them when you contact their Twitter page or by emailing them.