0843 208 1735

Contact the Ryanair complaints department on the number 0843 208 1735 where they can assist you with complaints about delayed flights, baggage issues, the boarding process and more.

Contact Numbers for Ryanair

Ryanair Contact Number Opening Times
Complaints 0843 208 1735 Mon-Fri 6am-7pm,
Sat 9am-6pm,
Sun 10am-6pm
Speak to a person 0843 658 0446 Mon-Fri 6am-7pm,
Sat 9am-6pm,
Sun 10am-6pm
Delayed Flight Complaints 0843 658 0447 Mon-Fri 6am-7pm,
Sat 9am-6pm,
Sun 10am-6pm
Baggage Complaints 0843 658 0448 Mon-Fri 6am-7pm,
Sat 9am-6pm,
Sun 10am-6pm
Boarding Process Complaints 0843 658 0449 Mon-Fri 6am-7pm,
Sat 9am-6pm,
Sun 10am-6pm
Onboard Experience Complaints 0843 658 0500 Mon-Fri 6am-7pm,
Sat 9am-6pm,
Sun 10am-6pm

Ryanair Complaints Number

To get in touch with Ryanair’s complaints team you can call 0843 208 1735 and you will find someone available to discuss any issues you might have, including helping you to register a complaint with the team about any problems you could have experienced while using a Ryanair service. This could be anything from having trouble in booking your flights with Ryanair to making a complaint regarding a delay or cancellation of flights that you had booked with the airline.

Speak to a person

To speak to someone at Ryanair’s customer services team you can easily reach them by calling 0843 658 0446 where you will be put in touch with someone who can help you find the answers to any queries you may have, including anything you might want to know about how to use their website, or how you can check in online as well as other services that they offer. You may even want to find out more about Ryanair itself and can ask any questions you might have to the team member you are put in contact with and they’ll be happy to help you however they can.

Delayed Flight Complaints

If you were flying with Ryanair recently and your flight was delayed due to reasons that you believe could have been avoided or resulted in you missing further transport or experiencing other issues in your travels, then you can call 0843 658 0447 to speak to a member of staff who can register your complaint and find a solution to the issue.

Baggage Complaints

If your baggage has been damaged or lost while you were travelling with Ryanair and you would like to complain to a member of their team about the state of your belongings, then you can call 0843 658 0448 to make a complaint about the damage and a member of the team will make sure to monitor your complaint and make sure that it is dealt with correctly.

Boarding Process Complaints

If you found that there was an issue during the boarding process, including problems with checking in and a delay in boarding time, then you should call 0843 658 0449 to make a complaint to a member of the team who will register your complaint and make sure that you feel that your problem has been dealt with and that any issues have been resolved for you.

Onboard Experience Complaints

If you have had a problem while you have been flying with Ryanair and would like to complain about your onboard experience then you can call 0843 658 0500 to issue your complaint. This can be about anything from the food and drink you were offered on board, to the behaviour of staff members to you or other passengers that has left you unhappy with the service you experienced.

Other ways to contact Ryanair

You can also get in touch with Ryanair by sending a letter to their head office at this address:

Ryanair DAC
Corporate Head Office
Airside Business Park
Co. Dublin

or you can reach out to them through their live chat option on their website, or by contacting a team member through their Twitter account.

Ryanair Complaints Procedure

Use whichever Ryanair contact method you prefer from this page to discuss a complaint about Ryanair. It is often fastest to submit an online complaints form to Ryanair, as they should reply within 5 days. If you write a letter to Ryanair, then it could take up to 15 working days to get a response. Whenever you make a complaint to Ryanair, you must include all of the relevant information. This includes the full name on your ticket, booking reference, flight number and departure date, and your own contact details. Then explain what happened and when, and the names of any staff you spoke with about the issue. If Ryanair takes more than 8 weeks to reply or you aren’t satisfied with their response, after this time you can contact Aviation ADR to get help.