Southern Water

0844 257 2181

Phone the number 0844 257 2181 to get in touch with the Southern Water Complaints team who can help to get your problem sorted in a quick and efficient manner.

Department Contact Number Opening Times
Complaints 0844 257 2181 Monday till Friday 9am to 5pm
Account complaints 0844 257 1079 Monday till Friday 9am to 5pm
Payment Complaints 0844 257 1081 Monday till Friday 9am to 5pm
Wastewater service complaints 0844 257 1100 Monday till Friday 9am to 5pm
Water meters complaints 0844 257 1992 Monday till Friday 9am to 5pm
Work in your area complaints 0844 257 2155 Monday till Friday 9am to 5pm


Call the number 0844 257 2181 to make a complaint to Southern Water regarding the service you received from them. When you phone this number you can log complaints relating to your water supply, the wastewater service you receive from them and more. If you would like to find out further information relating to their complaints procedure you can phone this number where they can let you know what it involves and how long it’s likely to take for your complaint to be processed.

Account complaints

You can use the number 0844 257 1079 to make complaints that relate to your account with Southern Water. When you phone the number above you can discuss any problems you might be having with logging into your account online.

Payment complaints

To make a complaint regarding payments with Southern Water you can phone the number 0844 257 1081. When you ring this number they can log complaints regarding the payments of your bill. You might need to phone this number if they have changed the day of your direct debit without informing you, or have taken more money from your account than you were told on your bill. In the case of these, phone the number above with details of your account and the problem that occurred, and Southern Water will work quickly to get this fixed.

Wastewater service complaints

Get in touch with Southern Water on the number 0844 257 1100 to make a complaint about their wastewater service. You can phone this number to speak to the advisors about water drainage, septic tanks and sewers. If you are having problems with the drainage in your home you might wish to call the number to make a complaint and see about getting the problem fixed quickly.

Water meter complaints

Phone the number 0844 257 1992 to make a complaint to Southern Water regarding your water meter. You can phone this number if you are having trouble with the water meter and it seems to be broken. You might also need to phone this number if you have received a statement, but it’s different from the reading your water meter gave you.

Work in your area complaints

Make a complaint about work in your area by phoning the number 0844 257 2155. If you feel that the work has been particularly disruptive, or you have found that your property has been damaged or someone has been hurt as a result of this work, then phone the number above to make a complaint and get it seen to straight away that the problem is fixed.

If you have checked to see the upcoming work that is happening and there is something that would greatly disturb or cause you inconvenience, the phone the number above to explain your worries and get a solution to the problem.