DVLA Complaints Number

The DVLA is a governing body in the UK that looks at issues to do with driving and licensing. When you pass your driving test, you will receive your official driving license through the DVLA. The complaints number for the DVLA is 0844 453 0118, you can use this number to be put in contact with a member of the DVLA complaints team, who can help with your complaint.

Other DVLA Connection Numbers

Department Number Opening Hours
DVLA Complaints Number 0844 453 0118 9am-7pm
Head Office for the DVLA 0844 826 8338 9am-7pm
SORN Helpline 0844 826 8352 9am-7pm
Licenses Helpline 0844 826 8333 9am-7pm
Personal License Plates Helpline DVLA 0844 248 2088 9am-7pm
Address Changes 0844 248 2089 9am-7pm

DVLA Complaints Number 0844 453 0118

This is the contact number that will connect you to the complaints department at the DVLA. Once you have been patched through, someone from the team will be able to discuss your options and how to take you complaint further. If you have already called this number, it may be a great idea if you called the head office number for the DVLA, which can be found directly below.

This number will put you through to someone who can help you with a complaint. However, calling the number below is an option for if you have already called this line and have been unhappy with how you have been treated by the complaints team. Hopefully, someone from the head office can discuss your complaint in much more detail, as well as give you a solution to your complaint.

You can complain to the DVLA over a number of issues. If you have had a bad experience with your driving test, with a member of staff at the DVLA, or how you have been treated by a certain department, then this is the number to call in order to register a complaint with the DVLA.

Head Office for the DVLA 0844 826 8338

Calling the head office for the DVLA is a great way of contacting a member of the team who can help you further a complaint you have to make with the DVLA. If you are planning on using this number to make a complaint, we suggest calling the complaints line for the DVLA before doing so. This will ensure that you have gone through the correct channels in order to further a complaint that you have previously made with the DVLA.

If you would like to know more about a certain service available from the DVLA, then you can also call this number to find out more information.

If you would rather write a letter to the DVLA at their head offices, you can do by addressing your correspondence to the address below:

DVLA, Swansea, SA99 1BU

Your letter will reach a member of the head office team, and from there you will be contacted in regards to your letter.

DVLA Complaints NumberSORN Helpline 0844 826 8352

SORN is a Statutory Off Road Notification that is needed when you declare a vehicle as off the road. This can order whether you’re no longer using the car, if it is sitting in your garage or if it is simply sitting in your drive. The notification is needed so that the DVLA knows exactly where your vehicle is at all times. The great thing about SORN is that you will no longer need to pay tax on your vehicle or insurance as long as you have a SORN through the DVLA.

When applying for a SORN from the DVLA, you will need personal information from your license, as well as the registration of your vehicle. From here, a member of the team can register a SORN for you. If you are having issues with your SORN, or you would simply like to apply for one, this is the connection number you need to call in order to discuss your SORN with a member of the team.

DVLA Complaints NumberLicenses Helpline 0844 826 8333

In order to legally drive on the roads, you need a valid driving license. In order to obtain a license for driving on UK roads, you will need to pass your driving test. The test is split into two halves. The theory test consists of answering questions and monitoring a hazard perception test. Both of these sections must be passed in order to complete your theory test, and the test itself costs £23. Once this has been done, you can focus on passing your driving test.

The driving test itself will set you back £61 on weekday and £75 on weekends. A licensed driving instructor will be able to tell you the ins and outs of the test during your driving lessons. In order to take lessons for your driving test, you will need to purchase a provisional driving license. This will allow you to drive with an instructor on the roads throughout the UK.

To apply for a provisional, you must be no younger than 15 years and 9 months old, and you must be a UK resident. You must also meet the minimum requirement for eye tests in the UK, as well as hold a valid UK passport. A provisional license will set you back £34, which can be paid for via a plethora of different means. If you have completed the form for a provisional license, but have yet to actually receive your provisional license, you must wait until you have received it in order to drive on the roads. You can call this number to discuss your provisional with a member of the licensing team.

Personal License Plates Helpline DVLA 0844 248 2088

Via the DVLA, you can purchase a personalised license plate. They often hold auctions for plates, which can be found online via the DVLA website. However, if you would like a completely original plate, then you can call this number and speak to a member of the team from the plates department about ordering a new plate for yourself.

You can also use this helpline to find out more information on plates and how to place and order for one through the DVLA.

Address Changes 0844 248 2089

If you change your address, and the address on your driving license does not reflect your new address, then you must update your contact information. You can do this via the DVLA gateway, in which you will need login details. If you cannot find your login details, or you are struggling to change your address, this number can be used in order to reach a member of staff from the customer services team at the DVLA.

Not notifying the DVLA of your new address could result in a fine of over £1000, which is why it is very important that you share this information with the team.