A Few Useful McDonalds Contact Numbers:

McDonalds Phone Number
Head Office Contact 0844 826 1935
Customer Services Contact 0844 826 8020
Complaints Service 0844 826 8017

McDonalds Complaints Line Opening Hours

Department Opening Hours
Complaints 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

McDonalds Head Office Postal Address

The McDonalds Head Office in the UK is found in East Finchley, London. The absolute headquarters of the company is in Oakley, Illinois, USA, but for the intents and purposes of posting its address here (namely, posting something there or going there in person) the UK head office is a much better option than Illinois. If you were going to go all the way to Illinois to complain in person, then fair enough, you must be really annoyed.

Department Address
Head Office McDonald’s Restaurants Ltd
11-59 High Road
East Finchley
N2 8AW

McDonalds is a worldwide fast-food company, the progenitor of the Big Mac and a global phenomenon that has been so successful for so long that phrases like “McJob” and “McFood” have entered language in reference to it and its ubiquity.

Begun in the US, McDonalds has helped to define, innovate and spread fast-food culture across first America, and then the world, introducing the cheeseburger and fries as the quintessential “fast food” and spawning an entire movement of similar restaurants. Through groundbreaking efforts in branding, franchising and advertising, McDonalds spread quickly across the globe, and is usually the first thing someone thinks of when you say “fast food”.

Their signature burger is the Big Mac, with the cheeseburger and quarter-pounder in close second, and their skinny golden fries are the gold-standard for chippies everywhere.

Why might I need to call the McDonalds Complaints Line?

  • To complain about the quality of food or drinks you received in a McDonalds store
  • To make a complaint about the conditions of a McDonalds store
  • To report a member of staff for abuse or other unacceptable behaviour
  • To complain about unreasonable pricing of food or other products
  • To complain about the toy availability for a Happy Meal
  • To register a complaint about disregard for dietary requirements shown to you or your party

Mcdonalds complaints a-go-go

McDonalds Complaints UK

McDonalds is an international company, with locations all over the world. If you would like to contact the McDonalds UK complaints line, you can do so on 0844 826 8017. This number will put you in touch with the McDonalds UK departments and regional head office, rather than routing your call to the distant and absurdly expensive-to-phone Illinois.

McDonalds Complaints Email

As we stated above, the quickest, easiest and least stressful way of contacting the McDonalds complaints department is by calling their dedicated customer complaints phone line, 0844 826 8017. This phone line is open every hour of the day, every day of the year, much like the restaurants it serves. However, it is sometimes not possible, convenient, or even desirable to contact the complaints department with a phone call – in which case, an email or contact form would be a better idea.

McDonalds can be reached by email, but only after first filling out a contact form that can be found on their official customer contact page. This contact form ensures that all of the millions of contact attempts made every day to McDonalds are standardised in a form that is easier for staff to compartmentalise and deal with, and therefore more likely to turn up a result. By using a contact system that forces customers to provide a certain number of personal contact details, and that cannot be activated without appropriate input like the menu item, the receipt number and the reason for contact, it is extremely easy for McDonalds complaints line workers to match the complaint to the customer, the location and the time, and deal with it quickly and efficiently.

McDonalds Head Office Complaints

You can get in touch with the McDonalds head office to make a complaint by calling the McDonalds Head Office contact number, 0844 826 1935.

The McDonalds UK Head Office is open and taking calls between the hours of 8am and 7pm, Monday to Friday, and can help you get any information you need or make any complaint you feel is necessary. The McDonalds head office is able to deal with higher-level complaints than the standard complaints line, but they are consequently busier, and less able to deal with the millions of lowest-grade complaints that the other departments receive. If you attempt to go over the head of the complaints department without ever talking to them and go to the head office instead, it is possible that they will simply ask you to go back and talk to the complaints department instead.

McDonalds Employee Complaints

If you have been involved in an incident concerning a member of McDonalds staff, you should report that as quickly as possible to the complaints department. McDonalds takes the behaviour of its staff very seriously, and will take whatever action is necessary to prevent further incidents from occurring, even if that means disciplinary action. Even if the behaviour you need to report is as simple as rudeness or negligence, if it is reported to the complaints department, it can be resolved quickly.

McDonalds Complaints Procedure

The McDonalds complaints procedure is as straightforward as possible, while still collecting all the necessary information to correctly resolve the issue to everyone’s satisfaction.

First, you will be asked for your name, and whether you are 16 or older. If you are, your address and post code will also be recorded, to allow possible reparations to be made and to allow the company to adequately catalogue your case.

You will be asked whether you are complaining as the result of a single incident, and if so, the staff will also record the store location in which the incident occurred. You will be asked what you bought, and for your receipt number, and the name of the employee who served you. Finally, the reason for your complaint will be recorded, and you will be contacted with further news.

McDonalds Menu

The McDonalds menu pioneered many advances in fast food, and currently has staples like the BigMac, Quarter Pounder, Happy Meal, Chicken Selects and Chicken Legend, as well as a wide range of sides, sauces and dips, desserts and sweet items, drinks, a diverse breakfast menu, and other seasonal menu items that change every month!

McDonalds Breakfast

The McDonalds Breakfast Menu is served until 10.00am every morning, and has provided quality breakfasts to every hungry soul in the early hours of the morning since time immemorial. The McDonalds breakfast includes the McCafe range of hot drinks and coffees, along with hash browns, sausage or bacon and egg muffins, served like a burger in an English muffin, and sweet options like pancakes with syrup. It is very reasonably priced and is the favourite breakfast option of anyone who needs a hot breakfast on the road!

McDonalds Prices

McDonalds prices change depending on location to reflect local pricing and ensure a great deal no matter where in the country you are. However, a few items have a set price no matter where you are – these are the Saver Items, such as the cheeseburger, 4 chicken nuggets, small soft drink and small fries, all of which cost £1 no matter where you are.

In the US, this is called the “Dollar Menu” and everything on it costs $1.

McDonalds Locator

If you are looking for your closest McDonalds, you can find it using the Store Locator on their official website, which has catalogued every McDonalds store in existence and uses precise GPS technology to work out which is the closest to you. Whether you’re in downtown NY or the jungles of Cambodia, the McDonald’s locator can find a nearby Maccies for you to enjoy.

McDonalds DeliveryMcdelivery complaints contact

For years, it was a pipe dream, an impossible fantasy, borne aloft on hope and longing, with no real substance, and no chance of living. Now, it is a reality. McDelivery is here.

Using motorcycle couriers, McDelivery services can get your order to your door quickly and effectively, and the service is available in most countries where McDonald’s operates.

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