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Burger king contact numbers:

Burger King Phone Number
Head Office 0844 248 2696
Burger King complaints UK
Burger King complaints email
Burger King employee complaints

Burger King head office address:

Department Address
Head Office Park House, 15 Bath Road, Slough, SL1 3UF

Burger King phone line opening hours:

Day Time
Mon- Fri 6am – 12am
Saturday 6am – 12am
Sunday 7am – 12am

Reasons to call the Burger King complaints line:

  • You are unhappy with the service you received in the restaurant
  • You are unhappy with the quality of your food
  • You have ordered something to be delivered and it has not arrived
  • You have spotted a mistake on the Burger King website
  • You are unhappy with the state of the restaurant you were eating in
  • You waited longer than acceptable for your food to be prepared
  • You were served by rude, unattentive staff in your local Burger King restaurant
  • You received the wrong order of food
  • You found any nutritional information listed to be wrong
  • You did not have access to nutritional information in a restaurant and your server did not know the answers to your questions

Burger King complaints UK

If you have recently visited a Burger King restaurant and were unhappy with the level of service or the quality of food that you received then you can call our complaints line where your complaint will be dealt with quickly and effectively. Burger King is a fast food restaurant aiming to produce top quality, fast food at an extremely affordable price. Low cost food and drink, however, should not mean low quality and so if you feel you have purchased something that is not up to the standards you would expect or not up to the standards that Burger King promise, then they would like to know about it. Burger King is much loved around the UK for its food, with restaurants in every city. They claim that their commitment to the food that they serve is what defines them as a great company, also claiming that they have a great commitment to serving their people whether it be employees or customers and so any unsatisfied customers should complain, in order to help them improve. All complaints to Burger King are dealt with seriously.

Burger King complaints emailBurger king restaurant Dubai

Burger King claim that they value customer opinion and so if you have a review or any constructive feedback you’d like to give to a restaurant that you visited, instead of calling the complaints line, you can send your opinions to the following email address:


Alternatively, you can write a letter of complaint and have it delivered to:

Burger King Guest Relations
PO Box 1975
L69 3HH

Please include details of your complaint (time, place etc) along with any photos you may have. Burger King have advised that you are likely to receive a faster response if you complain over email rather than letter, but they aim to respond to all complaints in a sufficiently fast time.

Burger King head office complaints

The burger King ethos very much states that a customer can have it ‘their way’ therefore implying that anything on the menu can be swapped with something else in order to create the perfect meal for you (or your children). Any complaints that are given to the complaints phone number will be forwarded on to head office where they will be dealt with accordingly. The Burger King complaints procedure includes an online survey that a customer can fill out and speak about their experience. You can provide feedback for the restaurant or just general feedback/complaints. The survey requires specific details so that your complaint can be dealt with effectively. You will be asked to provide the restaurant number (that you can find on the top of your receipt) along with the date and time of your visit. You will then be able to complete the satisfaction survey, with all reviews (good or bad) being forwarded onto head office. If you have posted a complaint as part of your review, someone will be in touch shortly to inform you of what is being done to resolve your issue. If you do not hear from the Burger King head office themselves, please call the complaints phone line.

Burger King employee complaints

Burger king values its employees as well as their customers and so if you are an employee of Burger King that feels they have been treated unfairly or you feel you are not receiving the rights that you are entitled to in your contract, you can also call the complaints number, where you will be transferred to someone with the correct knowledge and expertise to deal with your complaint. If you have noticed that a colleague is not doing their job correctly or is showing gross misconduct at work, you can also report that using this number. You can find reviews of working at Burger King online if you would like to see other people’s opinions before applying for a position yourself.

Burger King complaints phone number

When you call the Burger King complaints line you will be met with as team of advisers that can deal with your complaint, each adviser dealing with each different type of grievance. The phone line will aim to quickly resolve your issue within the phone call but if you are not satisfied with the outcome and still feel that your complaint needs to be taken further, our advisers will assist you in taking it to the next stage.

Additional Burger King services:

Burger King menuBurger king menu

Burger King has adapted over the years and their menu now features a range of new and exciting food fitting with the style of today’s eating, along with traditional classics that have been much loved for years. You can view the Burger King menu online as well as all nutritional and allergen info. The Burger King breakfasts consists of their new and cleverly coined ‘Croissan’wich’ which is a traditional bacon or sausage sandwich inside a croissant. They also do a range of waffles, donuts and pancakes, as well as porridge. Breakfast is served until 11am. The Burger King lunch menu includes their famous burgers, such as the ‘Whopper’ as well as veggie and meat salads, meals for kids and a selective choice of sides (including their famous chilli cheese bites). You can take advantage of the offers on the menu, such as the ‘king Deals’which includes the Big King sandwich, as well as the limited edition burger that is often changing, at the minute it is the ‘Long texas BBQ’. If you are on a budget or fancy a smaller meal you can opt for the ‘King Savers’ which are burgers, chips as well as desserts. Burger King also offer their popular sundaes and ‘King Fusions’ which are popular chocolate bars and biscuits made into an ice cream dessert.

Burger King delivery

As a result of popular demand, Burger King have started delivering to selected postcodes around the UK, giving you the opportunity to have your favourite fast food at home. You can order a family bundle or stick to a burger for one, there is plenty of choice on the menu to convert Burger King to your go-to takeaway. Having a party? Why not try the party bundle to keep all of your guests happy and entertained? And don’t forget desserts, warm cookies and ice cream sundaes also available for delivery. Enter your postcode online to see if a store near you does delivery! If you have ordered food to be delivered and it has not arrived, or your order has arrived incorrectly, please call the complaints number where this will get ammended ASAP.

Burger King deals

There is always the opportunity to grab a deal at Burger king, with their menu always showing the latest ones. You can also pick up fresh offers on the back of Arriva bus tickets, so be sure to check before you buy.

About Burger King

Burger King is an American chain that has restaurants globally, specialising in the hamburger. They have their headquarters in Florida and has over 15000 outlets in over 100 countries. Established in 1953, Burger king now has less than half of their stores in the US, with the majority now owned by a franchise. The notorious ‘Whopper’ burger was placed on the menu in 1957 and the menu has continued to expand and become more diverse ever since. Burger King (usually known as BK) has different menus all over their country, tailoring their food to the regional tastes of local people. Burger king is known as the second largest chain of hamburger fast food restaurants, with rival Mcdonald’s in the lead.


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