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Aer Lingus Contact Numbers

Department Contact Number
Customer Services 0844 248 2553
Departures and Arrivals

Aer Lingus Complaints Line Opening Hours

ays Opening Hours
Monday- Friday 22 hours (closed between 6am-8am)
Saturday/Sunday 21 hours (closed between 6am-9am)

Aer Lingus Head Office Address

Department Address
Head Office Head Office Building,
Dublin Airport,

About Aer Lingus

Aer Lingus is known to be the second largest airline in Ireland. It was founded by the Irish government and is a subsidiary of International Airlines Group which is also the parent company of British Airways. Aer Lingus was founded in 1936 and since then, Ryanair has also maintained a 25% stake in the company. In 2008, Aer Lingus also opened a base at Gatwick Airport. Aer Lingus has a total of 47 aircraft in its fleet and in January (2017) Aer Lingus put through an order for seven twin jets to improve Transatlantic routes and become more economical.

Reasons to call the Aer Lingus Complaints Line

  • I want to cancel a flight I have booked with Aer Lingus
  • I want to complain about the service I received on board an Aer Lingus aircraft
  • I have had trouble contacting Aer Lingus in the past
  • Aer Lingus have overcharged me for my booking
  • I work for Aer Lingus and need to be put through to HR
  • I have lost a bag on an Aer Lingus Flight
  • My flight with Aer Lingus was severely delayed
  • I am having trouble tracking my flight using the Aer Lingus flight tracker
  • I was not satisfied with the accommodation on my Aer Lingus Holiday
  • I want to find out how much it costs to change a name on an Aer Lingus booking
  • I am having issues checking in online
  • I paid for a seat but was not allocated one

Aer Lingus Check In Complaints

Checking in online with Aer Lingus is probably the quickest and most convenient way to check into your flight. To check in online, log into your account on the Aer Lingus website using your username and password and select to ‘manage my booking.’ Here, you will see details of any flights that you have booked as well as the option to check in online, saving you time and hassle at the airport. To check in online you will need to fill out the details of all passengers and then print the boarding passes for each individual traveller. Once you are checked in, you must take the boarding passes with you to the airport. You will find all check in options on the Aer Lingus website – if you do not have the means to check-in online, don’t worry because you can check-in upon arrival to the airport if you would prefer. Aer Lingus have self-service check-in counters to speed up the airport process. You can check in online with Aer Lingus up to 30 days before your flight is due to depart or if you choose to check-in nearer the time, you can check in 30-2 hours before your flight. The 30-day advance check-in will only be available on selected flights. You can also use the Aer Lingus website to re-print your boarding pass if you have checked in online and lost the original copy. You can view all other check in options as well as watch videos of how to check in online on the Aer Lingus website. If you are having any issuaer lingus booking complaintses checking in whether it is online or when you have arrived at the airport, do not hesitate to call the complaints line to have your issue looked into.

Aer Lingus Flight Complaints

Once you have checked in you are ready to enjoy your Aer Lingus flight. Aer Lingus flies to a number of destinations all over the world and pride themselves on providing top quality to flights to all of their passengers as well as a first class service. If you have a complaint to make about the service you may have experienced on board an Aer Lingus flight then please call the complaints number. You can book cheap flights to a number of destinations using the Aer Lingus website. Simply enter where you would like to go and how many passengers are on your booking as well as the dates you want to travel, and Aer Lingus will bring up the available flights for these dates. If you are unsure about anything as you are booking your travel, do not hesitate to call the Aer Lingus complaints line where someone will be happy to help. Don’t forget to check out all of the offers on the Aer Lingus homepage for things like mini breaks and flights to Europe. You can use the Aer Lingus flight if you are expecting any flights, to see where they are. If you have been severely delayed and would like to report it then please call the Complaints Number. In some cases, compensation may be available. By clicking on the ‘Experience Aer Lingus’ tab on the Aer Lingus home page you can see al that Aer Lingus has to offer to their customers including on-board essentials and in-flight entertainment.

Aer Lingus Holiday Complaints

If you want to book a full holiday instead of just flights, you can do so on the Aer Lingus website. If you book a full holiday with Aer Lingus, it will come as a package and you will be provided with accommodation. Details of the accommodation will be provided before you book the holiday but if you are unhappy with what you have been provided with for your trip, please call the complaints number and something will get sorted for you.

Aer Lingus Baggage Allowance

The standard baggage allowance for Aer Lingus passengers is 23kg of hold baggage and this is permitted to customers free of charge. You are also allowed one hand baggage per passenger, measurements of which can be found on the website. A 10kg allowance for infant baggage is also allowed. There will be a charge for any baggage that is overweight but if you do require more luggage you can opt to choose the 25 kg luggage allowance or the two bags for 40kg option. Charges will apply.

Aer Lingus Sale

If you are looking for a bargain, be sure to check out what’s available in the Aer Lingus sale that takes place at certain times in the year. You can make the most of it by booking discounted flights or even a summer holiday in advance. If you have booked in the sale but feel you have been overcharged, please call the complaints number.

Aer Lingus Business Class

If you want that little bit of extra luxury, you can opt to fly in business class and can upgrade your ticket at any time, provided there is room. Business Class will provide its passengers with luxury dining as standard as well as wifi in the sky and a seat that lies down into a bed for your ultimate comfort. Your first class experience will even start before you board your plane in the business class airport lounge where you can relax in peace and quiet and help yourself to the complimentary drinks and refreshments. Fares for Business Class vary depending on where you are travelling to so check the website for further information.