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Clydesdale Bank Contact Numbers

Clydesdale Bank Numbers
Head Office 0843 557 3821
Clydesdale Bank Complaints 0843 557 4383
Current Account Complaints 0843 557 3821

Clydesdale Bank Complaints Number Opening Hours

Department Opening Hours
Complaints The phone line is open 24 hours a day.

Clydesdale Bank Head Office Address

Department Address
Head Office St Vincent Place, Glasgow, Scotland

Reasons to call the Clydesdale Bank Complaint Number

  • I am having issues with my current account
  • I have been a victim of fraud and need to claim my money back
  • I have been charged by my free overdraft service
  • I have experienced bad customer service by a worker at Clydesdale Bank
  • I have previously submitted a complaint to Clydesdale Bank and not had any response
  • I am having trouble with my mortgage repayments
  • I have spotted a mistake on the Clydesdale Bank website
  • I have made a PPI request and not hear anything back
  • I am experiencing issues with my internet banking

Clydesdale Bank Complaints

Clydesdale Bank is based in Glasgow and describes itself as a local bank but with an international presence. Due to the fact that they secure and manage the finances of so many customers, there is plenty of room for mistakes and therefore there may come a time where you, as a customer of Clydesdale Bank, might need to make a complaint because you feel you have been done an injustice through banking with them. There are a number of things you may wish to complain about whilst banking with Clydesdale Bank, including issues that you are experiencing with your current account, a grievance against the customer service you received from a member of staff at Clydesdale Bank or a dispute with a mortgage that Clydesdale Bank has provided for you. The Clydesdale complaints number is an easy way to resolve issues you may have with your bank because they understand the importance of having your finances in order. If you have previously called Clydesdale Bank with a complaint and have up to now received no response, then please call the complaints number to have your issue looked into ASAP. If you find that you have sent a payment in error, this can also lead to a lot of frustration. A payment sent in error might be sent due to you inputting the recipient’s wrong account details, selecting the wrong payee or even making a payment for the incorrect amount. Clydesdale Bank guarantees that they will support you in returning funds if it is discovered that you have paid in error. If you find that Clydesdale Bank has not followed through with this promise, then please call the complaints number so that we can get to the bottom of your problem, and have any money returned to you, whether it was paid in the bank or via mobile/internet banking.

Clydesdale Bank Complaints Email

Although the Complaints Number takes complaints very seriously, there may be a time where you would rather email your complaint than speak to someone over the phone, perhaps your complaint is minor or not a matter of urgency, or you simply want to put something in writing. Any complaints that you would like to email to Clydesdale Bank should be sent to:

Clydesdale Bank Complaints Procedure

If you are going to complain about Clydesdale Bank, it is worth knowing and understanding how your complaint is going to be dealt with, and the process it will undergo. It is important that when contacting Clydesdale, whether that be via the complaints number, in writing or through an email, that you include as much information as possible. This way, your complaint will be dealt with as fast as it possibly can be. You will in no circumstances be charged for raising a complaint but you will be required to provide all of your bank account information. This way, your complaint will be easily identified. Personal details are also essential when making a complaint and you might be contacted by the complaints department if you have not provided enough information. Alternatively, you can complain in person, using the website to locate your nearest branch. If your complaint has not been resolved, or you wish to seek a second opinion, you can take it further by contacting the Financial Ombudsman Service, which is also free of charge. The matter should be referred to this service if you are unable to resolve it in eight weeks. For more information about this service, please visit the complaints page on the Clydesdale Bank website.

clydesdale banking complaints

Additional Services from Clydesdale Bank:

Clydesdale Bank Internet Banking

Clydesdale internet banking is a quick, safe and secure way or managing your finances either via your mobile on the go or at a computer. Internet banking means that money can be transferred between accounts quickly and easily, you can make payments to friends, family, and businesses in the blink of an eye, as well as check your balances at any time of day. To register for the Clydesdale internet banking service, you can visit the Clydesdale Bank website and fill in your details. You will be required to create log in details for your account that you must keep secure. Please call the complaints number if you suspect that somebody might have stolen these. You can view your credit and debit history of up to six months, and so if you notice anything unusual on your statement, again, do not hesitate in calling the complaints number in case of a serious issue.

Clydesdale Bank Current Accounts

Clydesdale Bank offers a range of current accounts for their customers to choose from, and the account you choose depends on which one is right for you and your circumstances. The current accounts currently available from Clydesdale Bank are the B Current Account, the Current Account Plus, the Current Account Control and the Signature Current Account. All of the information that is available about these accounts can be viewed online. If you have opened any of the mentioned accounts and are experiencing issues with it, please call the complaints line.

Clydesdale Bank Mortgages

Clydesdale Bank also offer an excellent mortgage service and you can choose from a fixed rate, a discounted SVR or an offset mortgage. There is also a buy to let option for anyone that is looking to become a landlord with the help of their bank. Again, for full information of the mortgages available to Clydesdale Bank customers, please visit the website. For mortgage complaints, call the complaints number.