Clydesdale Bank

0843 557 3821

Personal Banking

As a personal banking customer of Clydesdale bank, you can use this number to ask questions and discuss things such as current account options, the different ways that you can bank (online, in branch etc), the limits of any transactions that you need to make, your different saving options with Clydesdale (cash ISA’s, instant savings accounts etc) and also what options are available when it comes to taking out a credit card. Clydesdale are aware that personal banking can sometimes be a little overwhelming and complicated and so this number will also provide you with some great financial advice as well. To securely discuss your personal finances with an operator, please call 0843 557 4383.

Private Banking

Clydesdale private banking comes with the reassurance of a personal assistant. When you ring the private banking phone number there will be someone on the phone to give you any advice that you might need and you can rely on the fact that they will focus purely on helping you to make the most of the money that you bank with them. You can call the private banking phone number if you are a private banking customer or if you are thinking of becoming one. There are certain requirements for those that wish to be a Clydesdale banking customer, all of which will be explained by the operator over the phone. If you are a current private banking customer do not hesitate to call with any questions or queries because your relationship manager is there to help you understand where your money is going. As a private banking customer, or if you are thinking of becoming one, please call 0843 557 3821.

Business Banking

Clydesdale is extremely committed to business banking and is a secure space for your business’s finances. To speak to an operator about coming on board with a reliable banking partner then please call 0843 596 4163. Please also call Clydesdale if your business currently banks with them and you have any queries or issues. When calling the number, you will be put straight through to a switchboard where you can press 0 to speak to an operator or 1 as an existing customer. If you are an existing customer, you will be taken through to a professional adviser who will ask you a range of security questions before you will be able to discuss any details of your account. This is just to confirm your identity. You can discuss anything about business banking and the call handler will be expert in everything from general banking advice for business to overdrafts and credit cards. Clydesdale is committing to ensure your business finances are in good shape.

Credit Cards

A Clydesdale credit card is one that comes with the help and support of a professional. If you are currently a Clydesdale customer but are in two minds about whether or not to get a credit card, you can have a friendly, no obligation discussion with a Clydesdale advisor by calling 0843 557 4383. Clydesdale offers two types of credit cards to their customers, both of which work slightly differently and so the call handler can help you choose one that best suits your financial situation. If you already have a credit card with Clydesdale but would like some help and advice, this number can also offer that – just simply tell the operator why you are calling, giving them your name and the type of credit card you are currently using.


This number is available to both new mortgage customers and existing ones. If you need to discuss mortgages with Clydesdale then please call 0843 557 4383. Credit cards can accrue interest rates and charges if not paid on time, in full. If you find that that has happened to you and you would like to discuss your options then please call the number above – you will be able to discuss your next steps with a professional Clydesdale advisor.

Clydesdale Insurance

Call 0843 596 4163 to discuss the different types of insurance options that are available to you as a Clydesdale customer. For convenience, this number works on a switchboard basis so you will be asked to press 1) for home insurance 2) for premier home insurance 3) for car insurance 4) for travel insurance and 5) for life and critical illness insurance. The ‘0’ option is available if you need to speak to an operator to make a claim.

Clydesdale Bank Contact Numbers

Clydesdale Bank Numbers
Credit Cards 0843 557 4383
Mortgages 0843 557 4383
Insurance 0843 596 4163