Tesco Direct

 0843 557 4354

You can get in touch with the Tesco Direct complaints department by calling 0843 557 4354 you can complain about the closure, service or customer services and more. Please note that Tesco Direct is no longer offering its services and that all calls to Tesco Direct with go through to Tesco.

Department Contact Number Opening Times
Complaints 0843 557 4354 Monday-Friday: 9am-5pm
Customer Service 0843 320 9671 Monday-Friday: 9am-5pm
Closure complaints 0843 596 3325 Monday-Friday: 9am-5pm
Product complaints 0843 596 3326 Monday-Friday: 9am-5pm
Delivery complaints 0844 826 1930 Monday-Friday: 9am-5pm
Website complaints 0843 596 3327 Monday-Friday: 9am-5pm


You can get in touch with the Tesco Direct complaints team by calling 0843 557 4354. You can get in contact with the complaint team to file a complaint regarding any aspect of the Tesco Direct service whether you’re unhappy with the closure, you were unhappy with a product you experienced rude customer service from a member of the Tesco Direct team.

Customer Services

The Tesco Direct customer services team can be contacted by calling 0843 320 9671. The customer services team can be called if you have any questions or problems with the Tesco Direct service, they can inform you of the complaints policy or process as well as investigate any issues you have had with the service. You can also inquire about the stock or services that are in your local Tesco store as well as locate the nearest Tesco to you.

Closure Complaints

If you are unhappy about the closure of Tesco Direct services you can contact the closure complaints number on 0843 596 3325. You may have used the services once or relied on it for regular deliveries, no matter how times you used the service you can call the complaints line to complain about the closure of the service and let Tesco know about the inconvenience made to you.

Product Complaints

If you have purchased a product from the Tesco Direct services and it arrived broken, it ruined or broke quickly after purchase or it was not what you expected you can call the product complaints team on 0843 596 3326. You may be asked to provide evidence of purchase such as the order confirmation email details or your personal/account details.

Delivery Complaints

If you have recently had a delivery from Tesco Direct and you feel it was unsatisfactory due to the condition the products were delivered in, the delivery staff were rude to you or the delivery wasn’t made at all/some items were missing you can get in touch with the delivery complaints team by calling 0844 826 1930. You may need to provide your personal details and details of the delivery.

Website Complaints

Tesco Direct operates through its website, if you were recently using this website and you experienced some issues at check out or whilst browsing or you noticed something was broken on the site you can make a complaint and report it to the Tesco Direct team by calling 0843 596 3327.