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0121 498 4000

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Call the number to make a complaint to Harvester, you can phone this number to make complaints about the new menu, their restaurants, takeaway, food and more.

Harvester Complaint Numbers

Department Opening Hours
Complaints 9am-7pm
Harvester New Menu Complaints 9am-7pm
Harvester Restaurant Complaints 9am-7pm
Harvester Takeaway Complaints 9am-7pm
Harvester Offer Complaints 9am-7pm
Harvester App Complaints 9am-7pm

Harvester complaints

Get in touch with Harvest to make a complaint to them on the phone number. When you call this number their customer complaint advisor will take details of your complaint and explain what’s going to happen now. They’ll let you know if your complaint will need to be looked at further, or they will try to give you a response there whilst you’re on the phone. If they need to investigate the complaint, they’ll take some contact information from you and explain how long it’s likely to be when you hear back from them.

Harvester Complaints Email

There isn’t an email address for you to send your complaints to Harvester, however, you can use their feedback form on their website to express your dismay. Simply selecting the Harvester you visited, and filling out the contact form with all of the information needed will send your complaint to Harvester in a similar way to an email.

Harvester Complaints Address

If you’d prefer to send your complaint in a letter, you can do so by sending it to the following address. It’s important to remember that sending a letter can take a couple of days, so their response to you might take a little longer than phoning on a number from above, or filling out their feedback form.

Harvester New Menu Complaints

To make a complaint about the new menu from Harvester you can phone the number. When you call this number you can complain about any of the specific items that are included on the new menu, the variety of the options available, or the lack of meals that are targeted for people with allergies, or choice of vegetarian or vegan meals.

Harvester Restaurant Complaints

Call to make a complaint about a specific Harvester Restaurant you have visited. When you call this number they can take complaints about the restaurants you have eaten at, and they’ll take details about the layout of the space, the cleanliness there, or the facilities that are available or aren’t available in this area. You can make complaints about the lack of space for visitors using a wheelchair, or accommodation for prams or a lack of high chairs available for babies and toddlers. You can also use this number to complain about the staff members who you dealt with at the restaurant.

Harvester Takeaway Complaints

Get in touch with Harvester on the phone number to make complaints about their takeaway service. The takeaway service allows you to order online and pick up from your nearest restaurant. However, if you find that your order doesn’t get processed, your order is wrong or incomplete, the standard of takeaway food wasn’t up to scratch or any other reason you’d like to complain, phone the number above to find out what they can do for you.

Harvester Offer Complaints

To make a complaint about a Harvester offer you can phone the number. When you call this number they’ll take details of complaints regarding offers that didn’t work, or weren’t honoured without a valid reason in a restaurant.

Harvester App Complaints

You can call the number to make a complaint about the Harvester app, you can phone this number to complain about any issues you’re having with the app, the navigation of the app and the usability.