Harvester Complaints

With over 200 restaurants in the UK, Harvester is a family orientated restaurant. Much like Wetherspoons, Harvester is themed around old English pubs, and offer a range of meals and drinks for their customers.

Other Harvester Connection Numbers

Department Number Opening Hours
Harvester Complaints 0843 320 9673 9am-7pm
Head Office 0843 816 6121 9am-7pm
Food and Drink 0843 816 6122 9am-7pm
Bookings 0843 816 6123 9am-7pm
Harvester Kids 0844 826 8006 9am-7pm
Take Away 0843 816 6118 9am-7pm
Customer Services 0843 320 9673 9am-7pm

Harvester Complaints 0843 320 9673

This is the complaints helpline for Harvester in the UK. You can use this helpline if you have a complaint to make. You can complain about a number of things with Harvester, below are some of the reasons you may want to call the Complaints Helpline for Harvester:

  • A meal from Harvester has given you an illness
  • The quality of your experience at Harvester is below average
  • To complain about a member of staff who you believe has mistreated you
  • To complain about the hygiene of a Harvester that you have visited recently

If you have another reason to complain, you can still use the number above! Calling 0843 320 9673 will connect you directly to a member of the team who can further your complaint. If you would like to write a letter of complaint, then you can do so by address it to the Harvester Head Office, the address for which can be found in the green table at the top of this page.

Head Office 0843 816 6121

This is the connection number for the Head Office for Harvester. Calling this number will connect you to a member of the head office team. You can use this number for a range of reasons. For example, if you feel as though your complaint has not been registered correctly with the complaints helpline, then you can call the head office contact number for Harvester in order to speak to someone else who can progress your complaint further.

If you would like to write a letter to the head office for Harvester, you can do so by addressing it to the head office address:

27 Fleet Street, Birmingham, B3 1JP

If you don’t receive a reply within one month of sending your letter, then we suggest you call the head office team on the contact number above.

Harvester Complaints NumberFood and Drink 0843 816 6122

If you have any dietary requirements, or you would simply like to know more about the menu at Harvester restaurants throughout the UK, then this is the number to call. If you are vegetarian or vegan and would like to know which items from the generic Harvester menu that suit your diet, then you can use this number to find out. Simply call the number above and speak to a member of staff from the Food and Drink department at Harvester.

If you would like a drink with your meal, Harvester restaurants around the UK offer a wide selection of drinks for you to choose from. From the average pint of fosters to new and exciting cocktails, why not enjoy something tasty with your meal?

Bookings 0843 816 6123

If you would like to a make reservation at your local Harvester, then this is the number to call in order to do so. If you are arranging a party at Harvester, and need to book a table for multiple people, then we suggest calling this number well in advance in order to save the best space for you. If you’re trying to make last minute reservations, then this is also the number to call. The busiest times at Harvester restaurants on weekdays is between 6-9pm, and on the weekends you can expect Harvester restaurants to be quite busy throughout the day.

If you have made a booking with Harvester which has then been cancelled, you can call the complaints number above in order to speak to a member of the team further.

Harvester Complaints NumberHarvester Kids 0844 826 8006

If you’re taking young children to a Harvester restaurant, they have a great choice of foods to choose from thanks to the Harvester kids menu. For only £5.99 kids can choose a main meal, a dessert, a drink and can help themselves to unlimited salad from the salad bar! There is also an extensive range of main meals to choose from, from healthy options to the perfect beef burger, your kids will be more than satisfied with the Harvester Kids menu.

As well as an amazing menu, young kids will also receive an activity pack for them to explore and enjoy throughout your restaurant stay. From colouring books to small toys, the activity packs from Harvester are sure to keep your little ones entertained long after their Harvester experience.

If you would like to make a complaint about an experience you have had with the kid’s menu at Harvester restaurants, then you can use the Complaint number for Harvester, which can be found at the top of this page.

Take Away 0843 816 6118

Unlike its competitors such as Wetherspoons, Harvester restaurants offer a takeaway service for their customers. To make an order for collection, you can visit the Harvester website, found at the top of this page, in order to order your perfect meal and have it ready for you in under 45 minutes. All of the harvester menu is available to order with this service, including the kid’s meals with can be bought under their £5.99 offer.

If you’re ordering for a lot of people, why not take advantage of the takeaway order. This way you can enjoy your meals from the comfort of your own home! If you are ordering for a lot of people from Harvester, we suggest doing so well in advance. This way your order can be made swiftly, and you will not need to wait needlessly throughout the day for your order.

Customer Services 0843 320 9673

This is the number for the customer service team with Harvester. If you have a generic question about the Harvester brand, or you would simply like to talk to someone about your local restaurant, then this is the number for you.