Scottish Power

0843 218 4725 

Call the Scottish Power customer services team on 0843 218 4725 if you need assistance with your energy supply.

Customer Service

If you are currently a customer of Scottish Power, and you need to speak to the customer service department for any reason, a convenient way to do this is to contact the call centre by calling 0843 218 4725. You can use this number for any queries relating to your Scottish Power account or supply, such as billing or a loss of power. When you call the above number, you’ll hear an automated message which will thank you for calling Scottish Power. You will then be asked if you’re calling from the property you wish to discuss – press 1 for yes, or 2 for no. From there, you’ll be asked to input your Scottish Power account number for security purposes, followed by the hash key.

Smart Meters

If you currently have a smart meter installed in your home or you are looking to get one, you can contact the smart meter team by calling 0843 218 9638. If you are having issues reading your smart meter, you can also call this line to get advice on how to read the meter to submit an accurate reading for your bills. Smart meters are designed to make your life easier and the majority of them do supply readings to Scottish Power automatically, however, you may find that you might need to give a manual reading from time-to-time.


If you are not yet a Scottish Power customer, or you are a current customer and you’d like a quote for an additional service, call the quotes team on  0843 557 3861. You can also use this number to get a new quote for an existing service if you feel that you could be saving money elsewhere. When you call, be prepared to input your customer number to get you through to the right department for a more efficient call.

Online Account

Are you having trouble logging into your online account? You can get technical support over the phone by calling the Scottish Power online account team on 0843 596 4179. An online account enables you to view and manage your bills online, as well as submit the necessary meter readings to receive an accurate bill. You can make payments online too. To register for an online account you will need to know your account number and postcode.


If you need to make a complaint about Scottish Power’s service, whether that’s your supply or the way they have communicated with you, you can do this by calling 0843 596 4180. There is a three-stage process in place to resolve your complaint – the initial contact from you to Scottish Power, then their efforts to resolve it, followed by ensuring you’re happy with the solution – Scottish Power aims to solve complaints within 8 weeks but if you are still unhappy you can take your complaint to the Ombudsman Services.

End of Tariff

If you are coming to the end of your deal and you’d like to stay with Scottish Power but you feel like you could be on a better tariff, call the customer services team on 0843 596 4181. The customer service team will evaluate your current circumstances, such as your energy usage and how much you pay, to see if one of their other tariffs may be better for you.

Scottish Power Contact Numbers

Department Contact Number Opening Hours
Customer Service  0843 218 4725 Monday-Friday: 8am-10pm
Saturday: 8.30am-6pm
Sunday: Closed
Smart Meters  0843 218 9638 Monday-Friday: 8am-10pm
Saturday: 8.30am-6pm
Sunday: Closed
Quotes   0843 557 3861 Monday-Friday: 8am-10pm
Saturday: 8.30am-6pm
Sunday: Closed
Online Account  0843 596 4179 Monday-Friday: 8am-10pm
Saturday: 8.30am-6pm
Sunday: Closed
Complaints 0843 596 4180 Monday-Friday: 8am-10pm
Saturday: 8.30am-6pm
Sunday: Closed
End of Tariff 0843 596 4181 Monday-Friday: 8am-10pm
Saturday: 8.30am-6pm
Sunday: Closed

Other Ways to Contact Scottish Power

Login to your Scottish Power online account here, or follow Scottish Power on Twitter @SP_EnergyPeople.