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Scottish Power phone numbers:

Scottish Power Phone Number
Head Office 0843 218 4725
Scottish Power complaints department 0843 218 4725
Scottish Power Tariffs 0843 557 5038
Scottish Power Boiler Cover 0843 557 3378
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Scottish Power head office address:

Department Address
Head Office Scottish Power Energy Retail Ltd
1 Atlantic Quay
Glasgow G2 8SP

Scottish Power opening hours:

Day Time
Mon – Fri 8am – 9pm
Saturday 8.30am – 6pm

Reasons to call the Scottish Power complaints number:

  • You are having issues with your boiler/hot water
  • You are having issues with your electricity
  • You have paid your bill but your supplies have still been cut
  • You have had more than one payment taken out of your account
  • You have been billed incorrectly for the month
  • You have cancelled your agreement with Scottish Power but they have continued to take money from your account
  • You have changed tenancy but are still being billed from your old property/place of residence

Scottish Power Complaints Department

Scottish Power promises to supply top quality, efficient gas and electricity to your home and so if you feel this has been compromised, or the service is not meeting your satisfaction, then you should call the complaints number and any issues will be resolved quickly. Whether your electricity has gone off or your boiler is playing up, there will be someone to help. You should also call the complaints number if you are not happy with the customer service you received from one of Scottish Power’s call center operators.

Scottish Power Boiler Cover Complaints

Scottish Power offer an affordable boiler cover plan that is supposed to save you money in the long term. If you find that you are not receiving the service you have paid for when it comes to boiler cover, please call our complaints line. Scottish power offer a range of boiler covers, all of which have a duty to help you in times of need (when your boiler no longer works) and will not leave you without heating or hot water. A complaint should be made if you find that the cover you are paying for has not lived up to its promise, which is a round the clock, 365 annual service.

Scottish Power Complaints procedure

If you want to submit a complaint about Scottish Power there are a number of ways you can do this. You can call the complaints line or alternatively:

  • Go online to the Scottish Power complaints section of their website and complete the complaints form.
  • Write to the Scottish Power customer services department at; ScottishPower, Customer Services, PO Box 3857, Cathcart Business Park, Spean Street, Glasgow, G44 4BE

Scottish Power believe a complaint is resolved when a mutual agreement is reached that all issues have been dealt with. They will always aim to provide a prompt response to any of your concerns and will treat any personal details or financial information that is handed over as a result of the complaint, with confidentiality. The procedure usually works so that a complaint is resolved quickly, but if the issue is ongoing, Scottish Power may hand you a complaint reference number, you will then open your own individual complaints case with a complaints handler. Scottish Power are confident that the customer care team will be successful in resolving your complaint to total satisfaction, but if it is not fully resolved by your complaints handler, you will then be sent a letter that outlines Scottish Powers final offer or solution, this is known as deadlock and is the final stage of the complaints procedure.

Additional Scottish Power Services:

Scottish Power tariffs

All of Scottish Power’s Tariff information can be found online. To calculate what you will be required to pay for fuel you can visit the Scottish Power website and enter your location details such as your home address and postcode. You can then select how you will be paying for your bills from a list that includes ‘monthly direct debit’, ‘monthly cash’ and ‘monthly card payment’. There are also occasional online discounts that are available for you to use so be sure to keep an eye out for them. If you are unsure of what is the best tariff for you, you can get a quote online or over the phone, so you can decide which available one is suited to your budget. Please note that there is a different number for both existing and new customers, with further information displayed on the website.  Scottish Power are now offering a pay as you go service which is preferred by many people as you can see exactly what you are using and when.

Scottish Power onlineScottish power online

If you are a customer of Scottish Power, you will be able to visit the website and log into your account. This is a handy way of keeping all of your data in one place and means that you can log in and view your usage and bills at any time of the day. You can sign up for an account when you switch to Scottish Power as your energy provider. The website will also supply handy tips and tricks on how you can keep your bills to a minimum both at home and in the workplace. As well as a website, Scottish Power also now have an app that can be downloaded both to iOS and Android. The app allows you to control your heating on the go, to help you save and not use gas when it isn’t necessary to do so.

Scottish Power moving home

Scottish Power appreciates that everyone moves home and this means that they are not always going to keep customers. If you are moving home and are an existing Scottish Power customer you are asked to inform them two days before you move so that they can tie up any loose ends. They will then need to close your account which won’t take long. If you are moving home but are planning on staying with Scottish Power, there are just a few details that you need to confirm with Scottish power such as your current address and new address, as well as the name of the person that is now going to be occupying your current address (if this is applicable/you know the answer to this). If you have moved into a home that is supplied by Scottish Power then you will need to take a few minutes to hand over your details. The account can be set up online providing you have the following details to hand:

  • Meter readings for your new home on the day you moved in
  • Your bank account details
  • Your new address
  • The date you moved into your new home

Scottish Power meter readings

It is important that you provide Scottish Power with regular meter readings so that you are paying an accurate bill rather than an estimate. Your meter readings can be entered online just by logging into your account, or if you are even more tech savvy, enter your meter readings on the go with the Scottish Power mobile app ‘YourEnergy App.’ This is the most convenient way. However, if you are not sure about submitting your meter readings online and want to speak to someone about them you can always call the contact number. If you have received a bill that you believe is incorrect, please call the complaints number where you can give new meter readings to generate an accurate bill.

Scottish Power My Account

When Scottish Power start to supply your energy you will be set up with an account that can be viewed online. To access your account you will need your email address and password which would have been generated upon creating the account. Registering for an online account is free and very easy.

Scottish power wind farmAbout Scottish Power

Scottish Power is a major energy company that has its headquarters in Glasgow, Scotland. It supplies to areas and cities within Scotland, Merseyside and North Wales. The energy supplier was first established in 1990 and was known as the largest of the two Scottish energy companies (the other being Southern Energy Group). It had the advantage of being both a generator and supplier of power. Their most recent scandal was an investigation into customer complaints, where they had reached an £18m agreement with OFGEM, the government gas and electricity market regulator.

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