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Paypal Complaints Number


A Few Useful Paypal Contact Numbers:

Paypal Phone Number
Head Office Contact 0843 557 4395
Customer Services Contact 0843 557 4395
Complaints Service 0843 557 4395

Paypal Complaints Line Opening Hours

Department Opening Hours
Head Office Monday – Saturday: 8am – 9pm
Sunday: 9am – 9pm

Paypal Head Office Postal Address

Department Address
Head Office Paypal Headquarters
2211 N. 1st St.
San Jose

Complaints About Paypal

You may want to make a complaint against Paypal for any number of reasons, including, but not in any way limited to:

  • Your Paypal account is not responding to your commands
  • Your account has unusual activity on it
  • The Paypal servers were hacked, leading to theft of your details along with millions of others, despite assurances that that wouldn’t happen
  • Money won’t go out of your account to make a payment
  • Your account won’t receive incoming transactions
  • Transactions are too slow
  • You receive the wrong transaction or wires cross and you receive the wrong item

That said, most of Paypal’s one hundred and eighty eight million customers have been with the company for years and never had any reason to complain. For many, it truly is the honest, safe and simple financial guard that it claims to be.

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Paypal Complaints Email

The fastest, easiest and least stressful way by far to contact Paypal for a complaint is by calling their complaints hotline,  0844 826 8070. This line is available from 8am to 9pm from Monday to Saturday, and operates the reduced opening hours of 9am to 9pm on Sunday. So it’s reduced, but not by a lot. Since these lines are open so often, you will be able to get through quickly and easily, and since the complaints department is situated in the Paypal head office, you’ll be able to speak to whichever member of staff is most able to resolve your problem.

If your complaint has to go all the way to the top – it can! You’re already on the phone to the head office. Transferring up through the ranks is just a button push away.

However, we understand that sometimes calling the customer complaints line isn’t necessary, or isn’t what you want to do – it may not even be possible! In these cases, you’ll need an alternative contact method, and what better contact method for an online juggernaut than email?

To get the Paypal complaints email address, simply go to the official Paypal website (which this is not) and click “Help & Contact”. You’ll be prompted to log in, and if you can, it is highly recommended. Otherwise, many aspects of your account cannot be discussed for security reasons.

Paypal Complaints UK

To make a paypal complaint UK, you can call their regional head office complaints department on 0844 826 8070. There are a number of advantages to calling the UK regional head office, and not just because the accents will be a little more familiar. You’ll be able to converse in Greenwich Mean Time, which is a considerable boost to knowing when the centre will be open and what time the head office execs will be available to discuss your problems.

Paypal Complaints Department

The Paypal complaints department operates as a subsection of the head office, working semi – autonomously to provide as flexible a service as they can while still allowing the authority of the Head Office to come through where necessary. As a result, they can work around the customer and adapt to any complaint or issue you may be having, and can also effortlessly connect you to a senior executive in the head office if your problem becomes too much for them to handle.

Paypal Complaints Procedure

Paypal complaints procedure is wonderfully simple – it needs to be, to process the potentially limitless stream of information it receives and still make sense of everything. Huge reams of data are worthless if you can’t decipher them, and Paypal’s complaints procedure is no exception – everything is laid out in logical, organised ways and makes sure that no essential information gets left behind. At the same time, the process is as quick and easy as it possibly can be, making sure the entire process is completed effortlessly and making sure no-one is discouraged from contacting Paypal.

About Paypal

Paypal Accounts

You paypal account is linked ot both your email address and your bank account, making it easy to send and receive money online. This is a huge boon for online retailers and ecommerce sites, as well as fans of online shopping and artisans looking to connect to scattered markets. Your details are kept safe by a password and username, and any unusual information in your account will prompt immediate notification using your email address, with the option to freeze your account to avoid theft.

Paypal Sign-In

The sign-in process for paypal is as easy as can be. Just pop onto the site, press “log in” and enter your username and password. Easy!

Paypal Business

Paypal can link easily with businesses to allow for the easiest possible access by both the business and the customer. An ecommerce site or online retailer can link up with Paypal to smooth over the payment process and provide greater security for both customer and business – to do this, all they need to do is call the Paypal phone line and ask to be set up!

Paypal Credit

Paypal credit is the world’s first “Virtual Credit Card” allowing paypal customers to buy now, and pay later. Perfect for pre-payday splurges or big payments that must then be paid off in instalments, the Paypal Credit “card” is an invaluable edge to any online shopper.

More about Pay Pal

Paypal is a US-based international company operating entirely online, under the aim of making online transactions safer and easier for all buyers and sellers on the internet. With 188 million customers world-wide, they strive every day to eliminate scammers and keep good people safe.

To create a paypal account, you first have to register with an email address, which will be used to confirm that you are a human customer and not a shoddy conman robot. Once that is done, you’ll be asked to choose a username and a password, which will be associated with your account. Afterwards, you will be prompted to attach a bank account to your Paypal account, which is used to establish a balance of creidt that you can use to make purchases online, after which the money will be withdrawn from your account.

If you are to be the recipient of a transaction, you can give the beneficiary your username, and they will be able to effortlessly and safely transfer money to you.

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