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UPS Contact Numbers

Department Contact Number
UPS Complaints 0843 557 3634
Head Office  0843 557 5203
Tracking  0843 557 3634

UPS Complaints Line Opening Hours

Days Opening Hours
Monday- Friday 9am-9pm
Saturday 8am-4pm
Sunday 8am-4pm

UPS Head Office Address

Department Address
Head Office UPS in UK
Forest Road
Middlesex TW13 7DY
United Kingdom

About UPS

UPS is a courier whose full name is United Parcel Service. It is the largest parcel service provider in the world. It is a global logistics company, that, overall is headquartered in Sandy Springs, Georgia in the United States. Their UK head office is in Middlesex. UPS was first established in 1907, and today it delivers more than 15 million parcels per day to over 220 countries. It has nearly 9 million customers. It is known for their brown delivery trucks which have become somewhat of a trademark for them. Main competitors for UPS include FedEx and Royal Mail.

Reasons to call the UPS Complaints Line

  • My order appears to have gone missing
  • I am having difficulties tracking my order
  • I want to complain about the customer service I received from UPS
  • I want to complain about one of UPS’s van drivers
  • I have forgotten the log in details to my UPS account
  • I have spotted a mistake on the UPS website
  • UPS have delivered my parcel and it is damaged
  • UPS say they have delivered my parcel when they haven’t
  • UPS left my parcel in an inappropriate place
  • I have been unable to get in touch with UPS in the past.

UPS driverUPS Tracking Complaints

A lot of major companies use UPS as a courier, simply because they are the biggest in the world. You can find put all about them and the type of services that they supply by visiting their website. The most used feature on their website is probably their tracking page which allows you to see exactly whereabouts your delivery is if you are expecting a parcel. Please ensure you agree to the terms and conditions before tracking a parcel. There are a number of different ways that you can track a parcel on the UPS website you can either track by reference by selecting the shipment type (freight, package or mail innovations) and entering the ‘shipper account’ which is unique to each parcel.You can then enter the destination country and the destination postcode to find out whereabouts your parcel(s) is. Alternatively, you can track by email. This is a helpful way of locating parcels if you have posted multiple items at any one time. You can track up to 25 small parcels by entering all of your tracking numbers into the one email and emailing it over to To track one single tracking number, simply enter the number into the subject line of the email and a detailed response will be sent to you. If you want to track multiple parcels, you can enter multiple tracking references into the email. For your convenience, there is also the SMS tracking feature that will give you direct updates on the status of your parcels, right to your mobile phone. You must first opt into the service on the Tracking Detail page and you must provide your mobile number to begin receiving the text messages. You can allow the system to remember your mobile number for the next time you need a parcel to be tracked. Of course, tracking parcels is a handy way to make sure anything that you send will be delivered on time but only if the tracking is accurate or even works at all. If you have any complaints to make about the tracking system provided by UPS, perhaps you cannot find your parcel on the system or the system is stating that your parcel has been delivered when it hasn’t, then please call the complaints line.

UPS Order Complaints

UPS deliver parcels for a number of different companies. If you have ordered something from a website that have used UPS as a courier and you have experienced problems during the delivery process, please call the UPS complaints line. Issues may be that the parcel got lost or did not turn up on time, the parcel arrived damaged due to reckless handling by the delivery driver or you experienced rudeness from a member of UPS staff during a delivery or collection at your home. If any of these things have occurred and you would like to make a complaint then the UPS complaints line is available during the times listed above.

UPS Collection Complaints

If you have a shipment that needs collecting, whether it be from your home or office, you can arrange this with UPS to be at a time that suits you. Doing this is easy, simply log into your UPS account and select ‘shipping’ at the top of the page. You can then select to ‘schedule a collection’ using the left-hand side tab. If you have not collected shipping labels then you can do so now, and print them from your computer. If you are returning a parcel and returns are accepted from the company you purchased it from, you will find a pre-paid return label in the package that can be attached to the front of the parcel. State the number of packages that need to be collected and enter a phone number or email address so that you are contactable should your UPS driver need any further information. Finally, select ‘next’ and you will receive your collection confirmation including a date or time. Please print this page to obtain for your records should you need to make a complaint about a collection not going according to plan.


If you are a regular user of UPS you will have a UPS account that you can log into and see any order history details as well as track any orders and arrange any collections. The account will be secure with an email address and password of your choice. If you have forgotten any of these details or have noticed any unusual activity on your account then please call the complaints line to have your issues looked into.

UPS Support

If you don’t want to report anything over the phone, you can use the UPS online support system which includes a list of answers to Frequently Asked Questions such as; ‘how many days will it take for my parcel to be delivered?’ and you can also browse handy guides by topic if you feel you are struggling to understand anything about how UPS works. You can also enter your own individual question into the box available and the search system will help to find your answer. If you have had no luck using this support service, please call the complaints line.