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Airbnb Contact Numbers

Airbnb Phone Number
Airbnb Complaints 0844 248 2567
Accommodation Complaints 0843 208 2321
Customer services 0843 208 2325

Airbnb Head Office Address

Department Head Office
Head Office Airbnb London Office
2-4 Great Eastern Street
London, EC2A 3NW
United Kingdom

Airbnb Phone Line Opening Hours

Department Opening Hours
Complaints 9am-5.30pm, Monday to Friday

Reasons to call the Airbnb Complaints Line:

  • I have arrived and my accommodation is not what I expected
  • I don’t feel my host has treated me fairly
  • My host has cancelled my accommodation last minute
  • The accommodation is different to what was described on the listing
  • I have been overcharged for my accommodation
  • My guest has cancelled and is refusing to pay the cancellation fee
  • I don’t feel that my guest has left my property in a suitable condition
  • I don’t feel that my guest has treated me fairly
  • my guest has not arrived at the time they specified

Airbnb Complaints

Airbnb is a popular accommodation site that allows travellers to book a room inside a host’s house, or rent an entire home for a set amount of time, paying the host per night. Airbnb has a review system so both host and guest can see what each other are like and whether or not they have been recommended by previous Airbnb users. The creators of Airbnb themselves have said that the whole system operates on trust, and whilst it continues to grow in popularity as a sound choice for budget accommodation, using the site does not come without its issues. You may find that you have arrived to unsuitable accommodation, or are having issues with payment for your bnb. Similarly, if you are hosting and you are having issues with your guest or the aftermath of their stay you may feel slightly let down by the service that Airbnb promises. The Airbnb complaints line is open for any issues you may have using the Airbnb service. You can also call the complaints line if a host has rejected your request to stay somewhere without giving a reason, or cancels your booking, leaving you little time to find an alternative. Similarly, if you are a host and your guest breaks the cancellation policy rules, you can call the complaints line to see what your rights are. Hosts can choose from cancellation policies ranging from flexible (cancellation for a full refund up to 24 hours before your booking), moderate (full refund if booking cancelled five full days prior to travel date) and strict (can only receive a 50% refund at the most). All bookings are subject to fees from Airbnb and these are non-refundable no matter what the circumstance.

Airbnb Complaints procedure

For Guests

If you have an issue with your booking, it is recommended that you try and contact your host to resolve the issue first of all. To contact your host, simply visit your booking and select to message them. If you find that they are not responding to your query or complaint, you can head over to your itinerary and contact them using the mobile phone number or email address that is listed here. If your host remains unresponsive to your complaint, your next step will be to contact Airbnb directly either by calling the complaints line or visiting the resolution centre on the Airbnb website where your issue will be looked into. You are protected by the Guest Refund Policy that states that if you experience a travel issue that affects you Airbnb booking, you may be entitled to a refund (if you are not able to sort these issues out with your host already). Eligible travel problems include the accommodation being unsanitary or unsafe, the host listing the accommodation incorrectly, eg. number of people living in the house, the number of rooms the accommodation has etc. If you are unable to gain access to the property because the host has not made this feasible then you will also get a refund. In order to get a refund, you need to follow a procedure that involves you submitting a valid claim within 24 hours of the dispute. Part of this claim will involve placing a hold on the host’s payment until the dispute is resolved. You must co-operate and answer any questions during this time.

For Hosts

Hosts too, are protected by a guarantee and a protection insurance to ensure that your service runs as smoothly as possible. If you do have a complaint, either calling the complaints line or visiting the resolution centre on the Airbnb website will mean it gets resolved as quickly as possible. The Airbnb host guarantee means that hosts are covered with a large sum of money should they return to find that their property is damaged or not in the same state that they left it. However, the guarantee does not cover valuables so Airbnb recommends that these are secured before the guests arrive. Visit the Airbnb website or call the complaints line for further information should you find yourself in this predicament.

Airbnb Complaints E-mail

There is not a direct email address for Airbnb complaints so aside from calling the complaints line you can message your guest/host directly and then message Airbnb via the resolution centre. Alternatively, you can post a letter with the details of your complaint to the Airbnb UK Head Office which is listed above.

Airbnb Online Complaints

The Airbnb resolution centre is an online hub which can deal with complaints and resolve any issues you may have whilst using the service. To access the resolution centre, simply visit the Airbnb website and select to resolve an issue of your choice, whether it be an issue with hosting, an issue with accommodation or an issue you have as a guest. Airbnb guarantees that their online service will give you an answer right away. Issues that you may want to bring up in the resolution centre include; contacting hosts, reservation requests and payment methods. If you have submitted a complaint online and have not received a response within two weeks, please call the complaint line so that your issue can be dealt with quicker.

Additional Airbnb Services:

air bnb appAirbnb App

The Airbnb app is the perfect solution for travellers wanting to book accommodation on the go. Simply download the app to your iPhone or Android and create your Airbnb profile (if you don’t already have one) this will mean that your identity is confirmed to any hosts that you might be staying with. You can view listings for pretty much any location all over the world, simply by typing your chosen destination into the app and selecting how many guests you will be travelling with. You can also use the app to select whether you would like a single room or an entire home accommodation. The app provides things such as maps to help you locate where you are staying, as well as a direct messaging service which makes it easy for both guest and host to contact each other at any given time. If you do not know where you would like to travel next, you can select the ‘discover’ option on the app which will bring up some top class accommodation for you to choose from. You can then review your hosts after your stay is over. Hosts can also review their guests. The Airbnb app is free to download.

Airbnb Discount Codes

Occasionally, Airbnb will offer discount codes for accommodation in certain locations both on their website and their mobile app. Be sure to check their homepage to see if there are any available before you go ahead and book your chosen place.