TalkTalk Contact Numbers:

TalkTalk Phone Number
TalkTalk Customer Complaints 0843 557 3768
TalkTalk Head Office Customer Contact Phone Number 0843 557 5139
TalkTalk Data and Connectivity Complaints 0843 596 3134
TalkTalk Mobile Complaints 0843 218 9635

TalkTalk head office address:

Department Address
Head Office TalkTalk Head Office
11 Evesham Street
W11 4AR

TalkTalk opening hours:

Day Time
Mon- Fri 8am – 9pm
Saturday 8am – 8pm
Sunday 8am – 6pm

Why might I need to call the TalkTalk Customer Complaints Number?

If you are a Talktalk customer, or you are calling on behalf of someone who is, you may need to call the TalkTalk customer complaints line for any number of reasons. You may be calling to report a problem with data usage or the amount of data you have received, or to dispute an incorrect bill. You may be unable to receive signal on your TalkTalk phone, or find it impossible to connect to Wifi, or you may have been overcharged while using your phone abroad. Whatever your problem, the TalkTalk complaints phone number will be able to connect you to staff who can provide the answers you need, or the resolution you are after. The reasons which you may have for calling the TalkTalk complaints number may include, but certainly won’t be limited to;

  • Reporting a billing error
  • Having problems with mobile data
  • Receiving an unexpectedly high bill
  • Lack of signal on your phone
  • Bills continue to be drawn despite cancelling your contract
  • A poor experience in store or with the customer service department
  • Finding a cheaper deal with another company
  • Inability to connect your phone to wifi
  • Inability to access your phone
  • A phone upgrade which you ordered has not arrived
  • You used your phone abroad and have been overcharged

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TalkTalk customer complaints
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TalkTalk mobile complaints
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TalkTalk Customer Complaints Phone Line

TalkTalk are one of the UK’s most popular and most widely-used telecomms and mobile services providers. They offer affordable pricing, contracts which include the latest and most cutting-edge phones, and diverse pay as you go tariffs that suit whatever needs you may have! Whatever you use your phone for, TalkTalk have the tariff for you. If you are for any reason unhappy, dissatisfied or upset with your service from TalkTalk, you can contact the TalkTalk complaints phone number on 0843 557 3768 between 8am and 9pm, Monday to Friday, or 8am to 8pm on Saturday and 8am to 6pm on Sunday. This number will put you into contact with the TalkTalk head office complaints team directly, with minimal funnelling and the shortest hold time possible, so that you can resolve your complaints effectively. The staff of the contact line are professionals, who are all dedicated to complaints management, and all have access to years of experience and a database of all the information available to TalkTalk, giving them unprecedented ability to answer your questions and problems with relevant information.

In the event that the staff of the complaints help line cannot resolve your issue in a satisfactory way, then the fact that they are based in the TalkTalk head office means that they can easily trasnfer you up to a more experienced member of staff, a more relevant expert or someone with more authority to enact change.

TalkTalk Complaints Email Address

The fastest, easiest and least stressful way to report and resolve complaints with TalkTalk is to call their dedicated customer complaints phone number on 0843 557 3768 between 8am and 9pm, Monday to Friday, or 8am to 8pm on Saturday and 8am to 6pm on Sunday. This phone line connects directly to the complaints hotline staff at the TalkTalk head offices, who will be able to work through the problem with you while you are on the line, providing a prompt answer to your issues.

However, we understand that it is not always convenient, desirable or even possible to resolve all issues over a phone call, in which case alternative contact methods are required. You can get in contact with TalkTalk via email by visiting their official website (this isn’t it) and selecting “contact” on the possible tabs. You will then see an official TalkTalk email address which you can use to contact the complaints department directly.


TalkTalk Mobile Complaints

If you have a tariff with TalkTalk that includes a contract, you will be entirely within your rights to complain if that contract is not upheld. If you are overcharged, or if you are charged for using more data than you actually used, or you don’t receive what you paid for – such as mobile data connectivity or mobile phone signal. Similarly, a pay-as-you-go tariff with TalkTalk will involve quick, easy topping up and only being charged for what you have used. If that is not the case, in either example, then you should call the TalkTalk mobile complaints department on 0843 557 3768 between 8am and 9pm, Monday to Friday, or 8am to 8pm on Saturday and 8am to 6pm on Sunday.

TalkTalk Complaints Department

The TalkTalk complaints department is located in each of their head offices, and operates semi-independently of each of those offices to achieve the best possible results for the customer. Operating with a reasonable level of autonomy, the complaints department at TalkTalk is able to work on behalf of the customer, liaising with whichever department is most likely to help provide a worthwhile solution to the issue, and whichever one is most likely to resolve the issue satisfactorily. They may need to work with technical assistance, troubleshooting and software experts, the billing department, the communications department, or any other aspect of the TalkTalk family to ensure that whatever the customer’s issue is, it is quickly resolved.

In addition to this, the complaints department team is made up of dedicated complaints staff, whose only job is to resolve complaints properly, and who have years of experience in every possible complaint, problem, issue or cause of dissatisfaction among customers. They all operate in conjunction with a computer system which connects them to the most complete database of TalkTalk information in existence, allowing them immediate access to customer information, troubleshooting help, data of problems and resolutions, and the best practice standard operating procedures used by TalkTalk to approach a huge variety of problems. With this arsenal of knowledge at their fingertips, they have the answers to any question that could possibly be thrown at them.

As well as knowledge, the TalkTalk complaints staff are equipped with its natural counterpart and partner – power. The complaints staff in the head office at TalkTalk are empowered to make changes within a certain framework, to accommodate the needs of customers as efficiently as possible, and stops both present and potential future problems.

As members of head office staff, they also have access to the unique ability to transfer any problem or conundrum that is beyond them further up the ranks. If any problem is too impenetrable, it can be passed up to a member of staff with more experience and more expertise. If a problem can only be solved by making a large change or exercising a lot of authority, an appropriately senior and powerful member of staff can be contacted to take over the complaint and make the necessary changes. Whatever the issues are, the TalkTalk head office will be able to solve them, one way or another.

If you need more information or you have decided to get in touch with the TalkTalk head office complaints phone number, you should call the TalkTalk mobile complaints department on 0843 557 3768 between 8am and 9pm, Monday to Friday, or 8am to 8pm on Saturday and 8am to 6pm on Sunday.


TalkTalk Contracts

TalkTalk provide a wide range of contracts and tariffs to suit any customer’s unique situation and needs. The most popular product provided by TalkTalk is the monthly-paid contract, which exchanges payment of a monthly bill for a phone, mobile data, texts and minutes. For the full range of TalkTalk contracts, you can visit the TalkTalk website (this isn’t it) or call them on 0843 557 3768 between 8am and 9pm, Monday to Friday, or 8am to 8pm on Saturday and 8am to 6pm on Sunday for a chat. There is a wide range available, depending on whether you want a phone to be included, how many minutes of telephone conversation you want, how many texts you need and how much data you want, as well as a wide range of additional possibilities, like using your phone abroad regularly or whether you need high-speed, powerful streaming data. An upgrade programme is usually available for those contracts that involve phones, so tech-loving customers can have the newest, most cutting edge phone every year as part of their contract!

About TalkTalk

TalkTalk, or, as it known in its group form, TalkTalk Group or TalkTalk Telecom Group plc, is a company which provides telecommunications services, internet provision, and media services across the UK. It specialises in mobile phone networks, internet access, telecomms and pay-subscription television, and other communications and media services, and was founded in 2003 to provide these services as a subsidiary of the larger parent business Carphone Warehouse. After 7 years of operation, it had expanded enough to demerge from Carphone Warehouse and establish itself as an independent entity, establishing itself in 2010 as TalkTalk. It based its head offices in London, the hub of UK telecomms and big business, and has continued to expand since then.

When it started out, TalkTalk was a provider of fixed-line telephone services only, but with the advent of the mobile phone revolution, it quickly adapted to offer mobile phone network services, phone hardware and internet connectivity to its customers, and even set up a dedicated business brand under the name TalkTalk Business, providing business-scale broadband access and telephone services. Unlike many British telecomms companies, the majority of which depend on aging BBC national grid infrastructure, TalkTalk has invested in its own data exchange infrastructure, which it calls the “Local Loop Unbundling” system. As of 2012, 92% of its customers operate on this system, which allows TalkTalk to compete with Virgin Media as the UK’s second-ever quadruple play service – that is, a service which offers television, fixed-line telephone services, mobile phone services and broadband internet connectivity.

TalkTalk was first floated on the London Stock Exchange in 2010, and still actively trades there. It is also listed on the FTSE 250.