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0800 056 5275

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Paddy Power is an online betting company. If you would like to speak to Paddy Power about a bet or to make a complaint please call.

Paddy Power Contact Numbers

Paddy Power Opening Hours
Head Office Monday – Saturday: 8am – midnight
Sunday: 9am – midnight
Customer Services Monday – Saturday: 8am – midnight
Sunday: 9am – midnight
Complaints Monday – Saturday: 8am – midnight
Sunday: 9am – midnight
Online Betting Complaints Monday – Saturday: 8am – midnight
Sunday: 9am – midnight
Calculator Monday – Saturday: 8am – midnight
Sunday: 9am – midnight
Login Monday – Saturday: 8am – midnight
Sunday: 9am – midnight

About Paddy Power

Paddy Power is an Irish Bookmaker that conducts business both through a chain of betting shops and online. People can place bets either in the stores or on their website. If you have some questions about Paddy Power you can call the head office team to discuss any inquiries.

Customer Services

You may need to contact Paddy Power customer services team regarding a mistake on the Paddy Power website, a bet you have won yet received no payment into your account, you cannot access your online account with Paddy Power or you have forgotten your log in details, you feel you have lost a bet unfairly, you were offered a discount as a new customer but it was not applied and your account was not credited, you think your Paddy power account has been hacked, you are on the Paddy Power website and it has crashed, you have experienced bad customer service from Paddy Power or you have previously complained to Paddy Power and received no response. To resolve any of these problems or if you have some questions you can call the customer service team.


Paddy Power essentially focuses on their customer services, and so if you are upset about the service you have received either in a Paddy Power establishment or whilst using their website, then contacting the Paddy Power Complaints Team is a great way of having your voice heard and your issue resolved quickly. Complaints made against  Paddy Power should be taken seriously at all times, especially as there can potentially large sums of cash involved. Aside from a customer service or staff complaint, there may be other reasons why you would want to complain to Paddy Power, such as an issue with a bet that you have placed, a hacker in your account or money that you are owed. If you are betting online, you will be required to create an account under your name on the Paddy Power website. If you see any unusual activity on your account, you can call the complaints team to see if anything should be done about this. Similarly, if you spot a mistake on the Paddy Power website, please report this as they could be having issues setting the odds. It is important that Paddy Power’s information on responsible gaming is read thoroughly before using the service. There is advice on helping minors and tips to stay in control. If you are playing a roulette or casino game online, you should notice that your balance updates with every win or lose you make. If you think that this is not working properly, again, call the complaints team. There is also a live chat available to dispute these issues but please note that these chats are scripted and may only be helpful with resolving minor complaints. To contact the complaints team via phone call please call to speak to a member of the team about your issues. Alternatively, you can email them your grievance, if you would like your issue to be in writing. The email address you need to send your complaint to is

Online Betting Complaints

Complaints about the Paddy Power Online Betting system can be viewed online. Betting with Paddy Power online can be straightforward and enjoyable, but when something goes wrong it is important that the issue is brought to light, either by calling the complaints number or contacting a member of the Paddy Power team via the live chat service. Issues that online betters may come across that will not occur in a Paddy Power store may include account suspension or an incorrect balance. Usually, these things are due to a technical issue but it is important that you get in touch all the same. If you find that your account has been suspended and you are unsure why, please be sure to check that there is not another account already opened in your name. If this is the case, even if it is an old account, you will be in breach of duplication rules and your account will be suspended – any money won will be lost. There are online promotions and free bets that are offered regularly from Paddy Power, but please note that the company do reserve the right to remove any online discounts at any time. If you feel you have been treated fairly and an instance such as this has occurred, please call the online complaints team.


Visit the Paddy Power website to bet online and create your account in the process, which makes online betting a whole lot easier. Please note that you can only register one account at a time. Once your account has been registered, you will be able to log in using your username and password. If you have forgotten these details, please call to retrieve them. When you bet £10 with Paddy Power as a new customer, you are guaranteed to receive £30 worth of new bets. Terms and Conditions apply. Call if you are having any issues as a new customer at Paddy Power or you are having trouble logging in.


The Paddy Power calculator is a free service that allows you to calculate how much money will be returned to you on a specific bet, which can help you decide whether or not to place it. How much money you will get depends on the odds of the bet that you are putting money on, and the amount of money that you are betting. Call if you are having issues using the online calculator.

Paddy Power Head Office Address

Department Address
Head Office Unit 1-4, Belfield Office Park, Power Tower, Beech Hill Rd, Roebuck, Dublin 4, Ireland