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It’s inevitable at some point that you will need to make a complaint to a company. Whether it’s because you bought a product that wasn’t up to scratch, you saw a TV programme which you found to be offensive or you feel that you were mis-sold a service. Calling a contact number dedicated to complaints ensures that your complaint reaches the relevant department and a record is made of it. Your complaint will either be solved there and then by the advisor, or they will take note of it and investigate if necessary. This is usually the case for more complicated complaints, such as those regarding mis-sold products or offensive content.

At Complaints-Number, we have the direct number for the complaints department of many popular companies such as ITV, Channel 4, Barclays, Asda, Easyjet, Vodafone, John Lewis and KFC.

Here are a few of the more common causes for complaint:

  • You purchased a product that was out of date or otherwise unsatisfactory.
  • You visited a store and the employee was rude to you.
  • You feel that you have been mis-sold a product or service, or it hasn’t met the description you were given.
  • If you were a victim of food poisoning, injury or illness as a result of the actions of a company.
  • If you travelled on a flight which was delayed for an excessive amount of time or cancelled.
  • You were expecting a delivery and the order did not turn up.
  • You had personal information stolen as a result of the company website.

Contacting the complaints department over the phone is usually the quickest way to get your complaint resolved. This is because the advisor is often able to resolve your complaint there and then. It does help if you have an idea of what you would like the outcome of the complaint to be- a refund, compensation or something else.

Making a complaint, over the phone, is also a secure way to file your complaint, as you don’t have to worry about data being compromised over the internet. However, you may wish to record phone calls in case of further disputes should your complaint remain unresolved.

Complaints Number is call routing website and is not directly linked to the companies that are listed on the website. You can find the phone number for all of the companies listed on the Complaints Number website in the public domain.