0843 208 2378

Get in contact with the Gumtree complaints department by calling 0843 208 2378. Gumtree is an online marketplace for everything including property, cars, jobs, services and household furniture.

Contact Numbers for Gumtree

Gumtree Contact Number Opening Times
Complaints 0843 208 2378 Mon-Sun 9am-8pm
Customer Services 0843 208 7679 Mon-Sun 9am-8pm
Seller Complaints 0843 208 7680 Mon-Sun 9am-8pm
Buyer Complaints 0843 208 7681 Mon-Sun 9am-8pm
Services Complaints 0843 208 7682 Mon-Sun 9am-8pm
Staff Complaints 0843 208 7683 Mon-Sun 9am-8pm

Gumtree Complaints Department

You can call the Gumtree Complaints department on 0843 208 2378. You can get in touch regarding any of their services that you are generally unhappy about whether it is regarding their website, their sales options or another issue that have had with the site. Once you have called the number explain that you would like to file a complaint and you will be able to file a formal complaint about what it is that is making you unhappy.

Gumtree Customer Services

To get in touch with the customer services team call 0843 208 7679. You can call the customer services team to find out more about the complaints procedures and policies, to get some assistance with using their services, help buying or selling on the site, some advice about the legitimacy of a seller or the product they’re selling, to report a fake listing or for any other inquiries or issues you’re facing with the services.

Seller Complaints

If you have some complaints about a seller on the Gumtree website call 0843 208 7680. You can call regarding fake listings, a seller being rude or discriminatory or if you believe they are using the site incorrectly. If you have met up with a seller face to face and felt endangered you can also call but you should also contact the police if something more serious happened when meeting up with a seller from Gumtree.

Buyer Complaints

If you are selling on Gumtree and you have some complaints about a buyer on the site call 0843 208 7681. You can call if you have met up with a buyer to sell them an item and they took the item without sending the money, you believe a buyer is spamming people or you believe they shouldn’t be using the site. If something bad happened when you met up with a buyer from Gumtree you should contact the police before contacting Gumtree.

Services Complaints

If you have some complaints about the services offered by Gumtree you can call 0843 208 7682. You can call if you’re unhappy about any aspect of the Gumtree services whether that is one of the website categories, the website in general or one of the other website features. Complaining about whatever is making you unhappy about the site will allow Gumtree to improve their services.

Staff Complaints

If you are unhappy about an experience with a member of Gumtree staff you can call 0843 208 7683. You can call if a Gumtree staff member was rude to you, unhelpful or made your experience contacting customer services negative for whatever reason. You will need to give a description of what happened, identify the employee by providing their name or giving the date and time it happened to narrow down who it could have been and provide contact information to allow them to keep you updated with the progress of the complaint.