First Utility

0843 557 3813

If you are having issues with your gas and electricity supply, or you’d like to switch to a new supplier, call First Utility on 0843 557 3813. This will put you through to the customer service department, who will be willing to help you answer your call.

First Utility Contact Numbers

Department Contact Number Opening Hours
Customer Service 0843 557 3813 Monday-Friday: 8am-8pm
Saturday: 9am-4pm
Sunday: Closed
Meter Readings 0843 557 5194 Monday-Friday: 8am-8pm
Saturday: 9am-4pm
Sunday: Closed
Billing 0843 658 0675 Monday-Friday: 8am-8pm
Saturday: 9am-4pm
Sunday: Closed
Tariffs 0844 826 8069 Monday-Friday: 8am-8pm
Saturday: 9am-4pm
Sunday: Closed
Moving Home 0844 453 0203 Monday-Friday: 8am-8pm
Saturday: 9am-4pm
Sunday: Closed
Broadband 0843 290 7096 Monday-Friday: 8am-8pm
Saturday: 9am-4pm
Sunday: Closed

Customer Service

If you are currently a First Utility customer or you’re looking to switch to being one, you can speak to the customer service department by calling  0843 557 3813. When you call the customer service department, you can discuss any aspect of your First Utility account including payments, your energy supply or making a complaint. When you call the above number, you’ll be presented with a range of menu options. If you wish to provide a meter reading, press 0. If your call relates to your current energy tariff, press 1. If you are moving, press 2. If you are switching to First Utility press 3. If you are currently a customer, press 4. If you can smell gas or there’s an issue with your supply, press 9.

Meter Readings

If you wish to submit a meter reader to First Utility for a more accurate bill, call the First Utility customer service team on 0843 557 5194. When you call this number, press 0 to provide a meter reading. You’ll be put through to an operator who will be able to assist you in reading your meter and providing an accurate reading.


If you are having trouble with paying your energy bill or you believe that your bill amount could be incorrect, you can contact First Utility to speak to them about this. To do this, simply call 0843 658 0675 and press 4 for current customers. This will get you through to the customer service department, where you can speak to the billing team and get assistance with your query. If you are ever struggling to pay a First Utility bill, it’s best to tell them before you let yourself get into debt, as they may be able to help set up a payment plan.


If you are wondering whether you’re currently on the best value tariff for your money, or you want to swap to a different tariff, you can do this by calling 0844 826 8069. When you are presented with the menu options, press 1 to speak to the tariff team. They will be able to determine whether there is a better tariff for your needs and budget.

Moving Home

Moving home, or just moved into a property serviced by First Utility? Call 0844 453 0203 to speak to the moving team. They’ll help you get your supply up and running as soon as possible, to ensure you’re never without energy. They can also help with any questions about your first or final bill. When you call, press 2 to speak to the moving team.


First Utility also offers broadband services alongside their energy services. If you are looking for a new broadband supplier, or you are an existing customer of First Utility, call the broadband team on  0843 290 7096. The team will be able to advise you on the different types of broadband usage available, and how to get your broadband connected timely and efficiently. You can also use this number if you have a complaint to make about the broadband service, such as a loss of supply or a slow connection.

Other ways to Contact First Utility

You can write to First Utility at the following address:

Customer Services
First Utility
PO Box 4360
CV34 9DB

Or follow them on Twitter @FirstUtility

You can get online support here.