The contact number for Hermes is available directly from their website at no or lower cost

0330 333 6556

Call Connection, Calls cost 7p per minute plus your standard network charge.

Please ensure you have the bill payers permission before calling.

This website provides hard to find phone numbers as a call connection service, and is not associated with the company.

If you are unhappy with the service you have received from Hermes and would like to make a complaint. You can do so by calling the number above where they can log your complaint and get it resolved quickly.

Hermes Head Office Address:

Department Address
Head Office Capitol House, 1 Capitol Close, Morley, Leeds LS27 0WH

Hermes phone line opening hours:

Day Time
Mon- Fri 8am – 8pm
Saturday 8am – 8pm
Sunday 8am – 8pm

My Hermes complaints

Hermes works closely with the companies that they deliver for and therefore want you to have a great experience from the minute you select ‘order’ to when your delivery arrives at your door. Hermes will, therefore, offer the opportunity for any complaint to be fully investigated by an adviser if you are not happy with the level of service you have received from them. Hermes has a job to act as a middleman and whilst the quality and quantity of a product you are receiving is not the fault of Hermes (same goes for what’s actually inside the parcel), whether it arrives on time and the condition in which it arrives is usually the work of the courier. If you feel that your parcel has not arrived in a condition that you would expect, or that your parcel was left somewhere irresponsible, please call the complaints line.

Speak to someone

To speak to a person at My Hermes you can ring the number above. When you phone this number you will be connected to someone who will be able to log your complaints or feedback straight away. They might not always be able to resolve your issue whilst you’re on the line, but they will explain the process that will happen and give you an indication of when you can expect to hear back from them.

Hermes delivery complaints

Call the Hermes delivery complaints line on the number above where they can help resolve your complaints regarding the delivery of your package.

If you have ordered something from a major online retailer it is likely that Hermes will be the courier that delivers your parcel. Hermes have a tracking service that you can use to see whereabouts your parcel is, and roughly how long it will take before it arrives at your chosen address. You will usually receive a text on the day that your parcel is out for delivery, with an option to choose a ‘safe place’ for your parcel to be left if you find that you aren’t going to be available to receive the parcel. Please note that only items that do not have to be signed for can be left in a safe place. if you return home to find that your parcel has not been left in a safe place, or has in fact not been delivered at all when you have been told that it would be, please call the complaints line. Please also note that all parcels that are left in ‘safe places’ are done so at the parcel owner’s own risk and Hermes will not be liable for any damage that is caused to the parcel once it has been left in said place.

Hermes courier complaints

If you have any complaints about Hermes staff and the way they behaved when delivering your parcel please call the courier complaints line on the number above. When you phone this number it’s useful to provide them with as many details as possible, including the delivery driver’s name if you have it.

Hermes complaints department

The Hermes complaints department are more than happy to deal with customer complaints, with their aim being to ensure each one is resolved to a great level of customer satisfaction. Once you have called the Hermes complaints line and given details of your complaint, it can be solved there and then. Quite often complaints are resolved over the phone, but if you do not feel that the complaint has been resolved to your satisfaction, the complaints line will arrange to have your complaint investigated further. If you are not happy with the outcome of your complaint once it has been investigated, you have the option to appeal this, within five days you will be contacted to be informed whether or not a previous decision that was made with your complaint has been upheld or overruled. Your comments and reviews will also be contributed towards company improvement.

Hermes complaints email

For a quick solution to minor complaints, Hermes recommend that they are contacted by email. You need to email the following address  and provide your tracking number and a contact telephone number for them to get back to you on. This is the best way to ensure a swift resolution for your complaint.

Please make sure that you include details of your complaint, but refrain from entering bank details or account details eg. your password.

Additional Hermes Services:

Hermes Parcel Shop

A Hermes parcel shop is basically local shops that will accept Hermes parcels and so if you would like to return a parcel you can do so via any of these shops. if you are unsure where your nearest Hermes parcel shop is and want to return a parcel, you can visit the Hermes website and thermes parcel returnurn on your location services, they will then let you know which of your nearest local shops has a Hermes parcel facility. You might be surprised how many there are! A super easy way to return parcels.

Hermes Parcel Tracking

If your parcel is late, or you are just simply wondering whereabouts in the world it visits before it gets to you, you can track it again using the Hermes website. Simply enter your tracking number (you will have received this in an email informing you that your parcel had been dispatched) and your postcode and the website should bring up all the details of the whereabouts of your ordered items, when they will be delivered to you, and even the name of the driver driving the delivery van, and so if anything appears to go missing or not arrive on time, you have full details to file a complaint.

About Hermes

Hermes Group are a well-known parcel delivery company, with their central office based in Hamburg, Germany. they also operate in countries such as the UK and Austria. They provide their services to many major online retailers. In the UK alone it is thought that Hermes process 200 million parcels each year, supplying to major companies such as Debenhams, ASOS, John Lewis and the Arcadia group. To date, December 2015 is thought to have been Hermes’ busiest month, with the company processing 30.3 million parcels.

Advice for Calling Hermes Complaints Department

When the Hermes customer services department fails to resolve an issue, you should call them to make a formal complaint. Request an investigation into problems such as missing parcels or failed deliveries. Continue to pursue the complaint if Hermes is not responding quickly enough. Keep a record of all of the details concerning your complaint. This includes reference numbers, tracking history, and any communications you have had with Hermes.