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Thomas Cook

The Thomas Cook Group is a British travel company founded in 2001. They developed through the merge of the Thomas Cook AG group and the MyTravel group. These companies joined so that they could make a huge saving between them, which added up to around £75 million. Thomas Cook have around 31 planes in their fleet that fly to and from around 20 destinations, as well as working with 25 cruise lines so that they can provide the best possible holiday for their customers. Throughout their 10 staff centres in the UK they have around 2,500 employees, and during the 2016/17 period, Thomas Cook unveiled plans to introduce 11 new As21 planes to their fleet that could include premium services and refurbished cabins for their passengers.

Thomas Cook Complaints Number

To get in touch with someone from Thomas Cook’s complaints number team then you can call 0843 557 4347 and you’ll be able to talk to someone about any issues that you may have experienced while using Thomas Cook services, including if you are unhappy with the holiday that you have recently been on, or if you have had trouble booking your holiday with the company.

Thomas Cook Complaints email

The fastest way to get your complaint logged is by phoning the number above, however if you wish to get in touch with them through email you can do. However, they don’t have an email address to get through to, instead you have to fill out their customer complaint form on their website. From this they will get back to you on email.

Customer Services

If you want to talk to someone in Thomas Cook’s customer services team then you can call 0843 557 5066 and you’ll find someone who is ready to answer any queries you might have about Thomas Cook and their services, including offering you solutions to issues you have had while using their website, or even answering any questions you might have that revolve around the places and locations that they offer holidays in.

Baggage Complaints

If you have recently flown with Thomas Cook and believe that your baggage was damaged or even lost throughout your journey with the company then you can make a complaint when you call 0843 596 3078 and you’ll find someone who will try to help you with your problem and make sure that any damage or loss of property is dealt with in a reasonable manner.

Cruise Complaints

You may have recently been on a Thomas Cook cruise and found that the experience wasn’t what you were looking for and you’ve been left disappointed. If this is the case, then you can leave a complaint with a member of the team by calling 0843 816 6095 and they will make sure that they can find a way to help you with the situation and resolve any dissatisfaction that you may have with Thomas Cook.

Airlines Complaints

If you have flown on a Thomas Cook flight recently and are unhappy with the service that you received throughout your flight, or are displeased with the way that the airline is handled then you can leave a complaint with someone at 0844 453 0236 and they will try to help you in any way that they can.

Staff Complaints

If a member of Thomas Cook staff has recently left you feeling unhappy with the way that they have treated you while you used a Thomas Cook service, you should register a complaint regarding the staff member by calling 0843 816 6096 and someone will make sure that the issue is dealt with directly.

Contact Numbers for Thomas Cook

Thomas Cook Contact Number Opening Times
Complaints 0843 557 4347 8am-10pm, 7 days a week
Customer Services 0843 557 5066 8am-10pm, 7 days a week
Baggage Complaints 0843 596 3078 8am-10pm, 7 days a week
Cruise Complaints 0843 816 6095 8am-10pm, 7 days a week
Airlines Complaints 0844 453 0236 8am-10pm, 7 days a week
Staff Complaints 0843 816 6096 8am-10pm, 7 days a week

Thomas Cook Complaints Address

You can also write them a letter that can be addressed to:

Thomas Cook Group plc,
3rd Floor,
South Building,
200 Aldersgate,

Other ways to contact Thomas Cook

If you need to get in contact with Thomas Cook there are so many ways that you can get in touch. As well as calling them you can also reach them via the internet, including by using their live chat feature on their website, or even by speaking to them through their Facebook. Or you can message them in other ways, such as through their Twitter account or by using their customer relations form that will allow you to fill out a complaint if needs be.