• Business Name: Wetherspoon
  • Complaints Number: 0844 248 1488
  • Opening Times: 9-5.30pm weekdays
  • Head Office Address: Wetherspoon House, Reeds Crescent, Watford, WD24 4QL
  • Website: www.jdwetherspoon.com

Wetherspoon Complaints - 0844 248 1488

All contact information for Wetherspoon can be found on this page.

Reasons for complaining to Wetherspoon:

  • You recently visited a Wetherspoon pub or hotel and were unhappy with the service you received
  • You were served food that you didn’t think was acceptable
  • You believe you were treated badly by a staff member
  • You think you were overcharged in the pub or hotel
  • You used the order & pay app and were unhappy with its service

Wetherspoon Contact Numbers

Wetherspoon Number
Complaints 0844 248 1488
Head Office 0844 826 8002
Drinks Complaints 0844 248 1489
Food Complaints 0844 248 1503
Hotel Complaints 0844 248 1504
Jobs 0844 248 1586

Wetherspoon Head Office Address

Wetherspoon Address
Head Office Wetherspoon House, Reeds Crescent, Watford, WD24 4QL

Wetherspoon Head Office Opening Hours

Wetherspoon Opening Hours
Head Office  9-5.30pm weekdays

Wetherspoon Complaints Procedure – 0844 248 1488

If you have visited a Wetherspoon pub or hotel recently and have left feeling underwhelmed by your experience and would like to report whatever it is that has left you feeling perturbed by the visit, there are a number of ways that you can contact the Wetherspoon team that will help you with any problems you may have had. If you were hoping to speak to a member of the team over the phone, you can call the number above to be put in touch with someone who can help you to discuss your issue and try and fix it. If you were looking for communication through the internet you can use the Wetherspoon online contact form that can be found here which will allow you to fill in all of the details following your issue and attach any evidence you feel is relevant to your complaint, where someone will then analyse your complaint and give you a response as quickly as possible.

If you would prefer to leave your complaint in person you can visit the relevant pub or hotel at any time and ask for the manager, where you will be able to register your complaint and they will work to help you reach a resolution immediately. If you were hoping to write a letter to the company, you can write specifically to the pub or hotel that you visited by searching on the site for the relevant site and find the address you can direct your letter to. You can find this information here.

Wetherspoon Hotel Complaints – 0844 248 1504

Wetherspoon hotels are award-winning facilities that provide unlimited WiFi in all bedrooms, 24-hour reception and Freeview TV. They aim for the highest customer service possible, but if you have recently stayed in one of their hotels and have left feeling less than pleased after your visit then you can leave any complaints you may have with the team on 0844 248 1504. If you feel like the service you received was not at the level you were expecting, or you were unhappy with the room you were given to stay in you can make sure your complaints are heard and they will be resolved as quickly as possible.

Wetherspoon Food Complaints – 0844 248 1503Wetherspoon Complaints - 0844 248 1488

Wetherspoon has a wide range of food offers within their pubs and hotels, including weekday clubs such as the steak club, chicken club, curry club, fish Friday or Sunday brunch. Along with this they also offer an incredible range of low-calory meals and provide useful dietary information for anyone who may have specific allergies or intolerances. However, even though they put a lot of thought into making sure all of the meals they offer are of a top standard, there may still be issues that you have found on your most recent visit. If you feel that your food was ill-prepared or over-priced, or if you received it in poor time then you should leave a complaint at 0844 248 1503 where there will be a member of the Wetherspoon ready to help you with any issues you may have.

Wetherspoon Drink Complaints – 0844 248 1489

Each Wetherspoon has a wide drinks range in each pub and hotel, with many old favourites such as your typical lagers and ciders, along with cocktail deals, real ales and craft beers. Their vast menu has an option to suit anyone visiting the bar, however, if you feel like your recent visit left you displeased with the range you were offered or the service you received while ordering your drinks, you should definitely make your voice heard. Whether you would like to complain about the absence of a specific drink from the menu, or you believe you were overcharged for your drinks order then you should call this number 0844 248 1489 to make sure your complaint is registered and the correct measures can be taken to fix any issues you may have reported.

Wetherspoon FAQ’s

Where are Wetherspoon hotels?

Wetherspoon hotels can be found by visiting the website and using the ‘Find a pub or hotel’ option that will allow you to search specifically for hotels in your local area. This will give you a list of Wetherspoon venues that offer hotel services, meaning that if you’re travelling to a specific area and would like to stay in a Wetherspoon hotel you can search for that location and find the pub nearest to where you will be hoping to stay.

Do Wetherspoon pubs and hotels permit dogs on the premises?

Many Wetherspoon pubs only allow dogs within the premises if they are registered assistance dogs and are wearing the recognisable leashes or harnesses. They may also require you to provide sufficient documentation to prove that your dog is an assistance dog, with which you will be free to have your dog accompany you within the pub.

However, some Wetherspoon locations may allow dogs on lead within the garden or other external areas, only at the manager’s discretion. If you would like to bring your dog with you to sit outside while you visit the location, please make sure to contact the pub beforehand and clear with the manager that it will be okay to do so.

What time is food served in Wetherspoon?

Breakfast is served between opening time until noon and then the full menu is served until 11pm, meaning that you can have access to ordering food for almost all of the day. Each pub has a different opening and closing time, so it is best to check for this information while you consider what time you will visit the pub for your breakfast. Not all pubs serve alcohol immediately and some will have certain rules where children are not allowed within the bar after a specific time, which means that whilst all of the pubs are family friendly it is best checking with one of the members of staff if they have any time restrictions on the presence of under 18’s.

Jobs with Wetherspoon – 0844 248 1586

If you have been thinking about applying for a job with Wetherspoon and are wondering how to go about your way entering an application with the company, you can visit the careers section of their website here. Here you can have the chance to find a job that you would be best suited for, in positions like staff, management and head office roles. They also outline the training you can undergo that will help you climb the ladder within the company, showing that you can start as an associate (bar staff, kitchen staff etc.), move up to be a team leader, a shift leader, a manager, a pub manager and eventually work with head office. Each section of the ladder shows how long it can take to train you up to this role, which can help you understand the kind of work and time you will put into earning these roles.

While visiting the Wetherspoon website you can have a look at the kind of benefits employees can access, with different benefits applying to each role within the company (associates, managers, pub managers and head office). You can also search for any new pubs that have been opened by the company to see if there could be new positions available near you. The Wetherspoons website allows you to browse through staff opportunities so that you can see what kinds of jobs they currently have available and possibly find a position you may be able to fill. They also have the option to search specifically for management roles for anyone who has experience in that field. They also display head office roles which again, helps people to find the perfect role for them to fill.

If you have any queries surrounding the application process for Wetherspoons, or you have applied for a job with the company but haven’t had a reply yet, you can call 0844 248 1586 where you will be put in touch with a member of staff who can answer any questions you might have involving careers with Wetherspoons.

About Wetherspoon – 0844 826 8002

J D Wetherspoon plc, branded as Wetherspoon is popularly known as Wetherspoons and is a pub chain found within the UK and the Republic of Ireland. The chain was founded in 1979 and now runs throughout nearly 1,000 outlets. Along with running pubs it also includes hotels in multiple locations and operates the Lloyd’s No. 1 chain of bars. Wetherspoon is known for converting unconventional premises into usually very large and open plan bars, which all feature individual designs. Wetherspoon is listed on the London Stock Exchange and has a total revenue of around £1,959.2 million for 2106. The company hires around 37,000 employees as of 2017 within all of their locations.