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Halifax is a British bank which works as a division of the Bank of Scotland. It was first established as a building society in 1853 and became Halifax plc in 1997. In 2009, Halifax made significant changes to the current accounts that it offers to its customers by getting rid of all debit and credit interest rates. If you are a Halifax customer with a question or enquiry, or if you would like to begin banking with Halifax, then you can contact them by calling 0843 557 3774.

Bank Accounts

Halifax have a range of different current accounts, each designed to suit different financial situations. When you call 0843 557 3774 you will have the opportunity to discuss switching to Halifax as well as compare the different types of accounts that Halifax offers. You can press 1) for information about the current account 2) for the reward current account, 3) for the student account and 4) for the basic account. Press 0 to speak to an operator if you are unsure about which account is best for you and would like to discuss your finances with an advisor.

Credit Cards

Credit cards can be beneficial in many ways and if you want to take one out with Halifax, then you should call 0843 557 3576. The call handler will explain which credit cards are available from Halifax and advise which one would be best for you. You can also call this number if you already have a Halifax credit card and would like some help and advice. Simply state to the operator what type of credit card you currently have and explain your issue. An example of some Halifax credit cards is the clarity credit card, the 0% balance transfer and the Flexicard credit card. There are seven available in total and you can find out more by ringing the number above.


There is a lot of online information about taking a loan out with Halifax but sometimes the process can be a little daunting and it can be hard to know which one to take out for the best. This is where it can be handy to be able to speak to a Halifax adviser over the phone. By calling 0844 248 1018 and simply explaining your situation, not only will you be able to gather information about the different type of loans available at Halifax, you will also be able to receive some expert financial advice about how to repay loans to avoid high-interest charges.When you call the number, state to the advisor how much you would like to borrow and how you would like to stretch your monthly repayments (over 1-7 years). If you have already received a quote online, please let the call handler know.


To hear about the latest range of mortgages available from Halifax, or to make an appointment for a confidential discussion in your nearest Halifax branch, call 0844 248 3646. There are a few requirements when it comes to taking out a mortgage with Halifax, all of which will be explained to you by the operator on the phone. You can also ask any questions or explain any reservations you have about taking out a mortgage as Halifax understand it can be an exciting but stressful time! If you are looking to book a mortgage appointment, please state your availability over the phone and an advisor will find you the next available time in a branch that is local to you. Whether you are a first-time buyer or even if you are looking to re-mortgage, you can call the number above to begin the process.


Call 0844 248 3647 to a secure discussion about cash ISA’s at Halifax. There are different ones available and when you call the number you will be put through a switchboard. The switchboard will ask you to press 1) for a cash ISA, 2) to discuss an investment ISA, 3) and three for shares ISA’s. If you already have an ISA with Halifax but would like some professional advice then please press ‘0’ where you can speak directly with an operator.


Halifax Contact Numbers:

Halifax Phone Number
Credit Cards 0843 557 3576
Loans 0844 248 1018
Mortgages 0844 248 3646