• Business Name: Superdrug
  • Complaints Number: 0844 248 2684
  • Opening Times: Monday to Friday from 8am to 7pm , Saturday 9am to 6pm, Sunday 9am to 5pm, Bank Holidays: 10am to 5pm
  • Head Office Address: 51 Sydenham Road, Croydon, CR0 2EU
  • Website:

Superdrug Complaints Number - 0844 248 2684

All contact numbers for Superdrug can be found on this page.

Reasons for complaining:

  • You have recently visited a Superdrug store and were unhappy with the service you received
  • You purchased an item from Superdrug and are unhappy with the quality
  • You have a complaint regarding a member of staff you encountered in a Superdrug store recently
  • You believe you have been overcharged for a product or service you purchased in Superdrug

Superdrug Contact Numbers

Superdrug Numbers
Complaints 0843 557 5439
Head Office 0844 248 2684
Pharmacy Complaints 0843 557 5439

Superdrug Head Office Address

Superdrug Address
Head Office 51 Sydenham Road, Croydon, CR0 2EU

Superdrug Opening Hours

Superdrug Opening Hours
Head Office Monday to Friday from 8am to 7pm

Saturday 9am to 6pm

Sunday 9am to 5pm

Bank Holidays: 10am to 5pm

Superdrug Complaints Procedure – 0843 557 5439

If you have recently visited a Superdrug store or ordered from their online site and are not happy with the service you have received, there are multiple routes you can take to have your complaints heard. If you wish to make a phone call to leave your complaint directly with a member of the Superdrug team you can call 0843 557 5439 where your complaints will be heard. The hours that their phone lines are open can be found above, to ensure that you call in a time frame that is suitable.

If you were hoping to make your complaint online there are several routes you may take. Firstly, you can email your complaint any evidence you may have to: where your issues will be dealt with as quickly as possible. There is also an online contact form you can use at where you can enter your personal details and the details of the product that you are unhappy with to make sure that they can have a comprehensive idea of where your issue lies. Lastly, you can make an online complaint by sending a tweet to their Twitter account at @superdrughelp where their customer service team will reply to you quickly and give you an idea of how your problem can be solved.

However, you may choose to send your complaint physically through postal services, in which case you can send any comments or complaints you may have to

The Superdrug Customer Team
51 Sydenham Road
Croydon Surrey

where your issues will be considered quickly and you will have a reply as soon as possible.

Superdrug Makeup Complaints – 0843 557 5439

Superdrug sells products from over 50 makeup brands within their stores, including their own personal brand ‘Superdrug’ which sells items like BB and CC Creams and nail polish, along with makeup brushes and makeup removers. All products sold within Superdrug stores are aimed to be of the highest quality, so it would be surprising and a problem if you were to find that a product you have bought is faulty, unhygienic or mis-sold. If you are unhappy with a makeup item that you recently purchased either from a Superdrug store or from their online website, you can leave a complaint with the Superdrug team by calling 0843 557 5439 where there will be a member of the Customer Services team happy to help you with any problems you may have had.

Superdrug Pharmacy Complaints – 0843 557 5439Superdrug Complaints Number - 0844 248 2684

Along with selling beauty products, many Superdrug stores have a pharmacy within them where you can enter any prescriptions you may need filling or book to see a nurse who can help you to monitor any minor health problems you may have. All pharmacy staff are well trained and the stores offer the best range of pharmaceuticals that their local customers may need. However, if you believe that you have been treated badly by one of Superdrug’s pharmacists, or you received a service that did not offer you the correct outcome for your health, you can call 0843 557 5439 to be put in contact with a Superdrug staff member who can help you to rectify any issues you may have encountered.

Popular Questions about Superdrug

Which Superdrug products are vegan and animal-friendly?

Several products within Superdrug stores are vegan and cruelty-free, however, it is not always easy to be able to see which products are. To help clarify and stop people’s confusion, multiple brands and organisations have found ways to certify their products. The Vegan Action non-profit organisation has the ‘Certified Vegan’ logo which you can find on products that have been labelled as vegan-friendly by them, and the leaping bunny program that is formed by multiple animal protection groups have created the ‘leaping bunny’ logo which can be found on products that are cruelty-free. However, if you’re still unsure about a product, your best bet is to contact the company that produces it. If respond immediately informing you that their products are completely safe for you to use then you can proceed with your purchase, but if they don’t respond or their response isn’t clear then you may be best avoiding the product in question. All of Superdrug’s own brand products are completely cruelty-free.

Who does Superdrug use for delivery?

Superdrug delivers all their online-ordered items for home delivery with Royal Mail couriers, with options for next-day delivery, premium delivery or ordinary delivery that will ensure your products reach you within 3-5 working days.

When does Superdrug sale start?

Superdrug has multiple sales throughout the year, including their main bank holiday, Boxing Day and January sales. Any other sales are decided by the store and information is released shortly before their start date. If you sign up for the Superdrug newsletter service you can be kept up to date with any deals, offers and upcoming sales information by the company.

What are Superdrug’s opening hours?

Opening hours for Superdrug stores vary on the store’s location. If the store is a smaller shop based in a town centre then its opening times usually fall somewhere between 8:30am-5:30pm, whereas if the store is based inside a city centre then the opening hours extend to between 8am-8pm. This isn’t applicable for every town or city they have stores within, so you are best using their store locator to find your nearest store and find the opening hours for that specific store.

How to spend Health & Beautycard points?

To earn points on your Superdrug Health & Beautycard you can log in to your account online before ordering and purchase your intended products as usual. Once your order has been dispatched the points you have gained will automatically be added to your account. If you are visiting a store your points will be added at the cash register while you purchase your products (you must have your Health & Beautycard with you for points to be added to your account). To spend the points you’ve earned you must go to the check out on a new order and continue as normal until you reach the payment stage, at which point there will be an option for you to use your points. Similarly, when in a store you can request to purchase your order with your points, as long as you have enough points on your card for the purchase.

How to get a job with Superdrug?

If you are looking to start a career with Superdrug you can find any information on their jobs on the jobs section of their site. Here you can search for multiple career paths, like in retail, beauty, healthcare, head office, distribution and apprenticeships. This means that there a multitude of jobs you can apply for or search through until you find the perfect career for you. When visiting the site there is a section that displays multiple job titles you could apply for and also advertises how many vacancies there currently are for that job.

While you are searching for a job with Superdrug you have the opportunity to create an account on their website, where you can upload your CV and register your interest in a specific job type, meaning that you’re more likely to hear about jobs you can apply for with them. By visiting the job site you can find more information on Superdrug as a company that can help you develop your opinion on whether you think you would like to work with them. Along with this is also information on the type of benefits you can receive while being an employee at Superdrug, which can help you make your decision to join their team.

If you would like to apply for a job with Superdrug and would like more information on how to apply with them, or you already have applied for a job with them and are interested to find out how your application process is going, you can call the Superdrug head office number on 0844 248 2684.

About Superdrug – 0844 248 2684

Superdrug is a health and beauty retailer in the United Kingdom and is the second largest in the country as it reaches just behind Boots. The company was founded in 1964 and has been a subsidiary of A. S. Watson Group since 2002. Superdrug trades from nearly 900 stores across the UK and Ireland and released intentions of opening up to 100 new stores over the next few years. The company has around 14,000 employees and has around over 220 stores with pharmacies with consultation rooms, nineteen of which contain nurse clinics.