Barclays Launches £10m Digital Safety Ad Campaign

Barclays Launches £10m Digital Safety Ad Campaign

Barclays have launched a £10million digital safety campaign to combat the number of UK citizens currently being affected by fraud. The campaign includes two adverts, an online quiz to monitor your vulnerability and ‘tea and teach’ sessions in Barclays branches to help inform the public of the dangers they may be facing.

Currently, Londoner’s with a master’s degree aged 25 to 34 are the UK’s most vulnerable group, significantly more than older members of the public, with men in this category seen as slightly more at risk than women. Studies say that nearly a fifth of people who have suffered from fraud or are victims of scam take no further action after the incident to boost their digital defences, leaving them vulnerable to further attacks.

Apparently, only 17% of people in the UK can accurately identify basic digital threats, that can be found in ways like social media messages that are designed to trick users into sharing their personal information details or downloading a malware that will find the information for itself. These leaves many people vulnerable to attempts to steal their personal information and therefore gain access to their lives.

Because of this, Barclays UK Cheif Executive Officer Ashok Vaswari has called for the public, the police and business of the UK to unite in tackling this growing issue. Half of recorded crime in theBarclays Launches £10m Digital Safety Ad Campaign UK at the minute is made up from fraud and cyber offences, with 5.6 million people and companies suffering from its effects. This costs the UK around £11 billion each year. Plus, new research from Barclays shows that a quarter of people in the UK have experienced cyber-fraud or scam in some way in the past three years, with 18% saying they’ve encountered it more than once, meaning that the real victims could be much more than the official figures, as this truly is a growing problem that is desperate for a solution.

This is why Barclays new initiative is so important, as it shows the corporation truly trying to protect not only their customers but the British public in general. Barclays customers now have the chance to instantly switch the function for remote purchases on and off and can set their own daily ATM withdrawal limits with their mobile banking app, meaning that access to their account is monitored by the customers themselves.

Barclays have also created an online quiz that allows people to assess their own digital safety level and gives the customers further tips on how to strengthen their defences depending on how they fare within the quiz. There is also a multi-channel ad campaign screening, with two adverts showing examples of fraud in action. One shows a young man supposedly emailing his family asking for money after being involved in an accident abroad, and the other features a woman in a call centre posing as a bank employee, as she uses a subtle trick that will result in customers giving her their PIN over the phone. Both of these represent current techniques used by fraudsters and help to spread the message of the dangers the public faces.

Along with this, Barclays have begun providing digital safety teach-ins within their branches to help customers learn the correct ways to protect their information and fight against scammers online. This will equip their customers with the opportunity to avoid ever becoming victims to fraud.

There are three basic measures that Barclays estimate would drop fraud levels by up to 75% if people were to follow them. The measures are:

  • Never give out your full online banking PIN, passcode or password to anyone, even someone calling claiming to be the police or your bank
  • Do not click on any link or open any attachments from any emails that you have received which are unsolicited
  • Avoid letting someone you do not know have access to your computer, especially if it is remotely

By following these measures many people could be saved from the trauma of fraud.

Any individual or company that suspects they have been the victim of fraud can call Action Fraud on 0300 123 2040 or contact them.

Amazon Debuts Click and Collect Supermarket with no Aisles or Cash

Amazon debuts click and collect supermarket with no aisles or cash

Amazon debuts click and collect supermarket with no aisles or cash

On Tuesday 28th March 2017, Amazon opened two ‘supermarkets’ in Seattle, where members order their groceries online and pay either online or through the app. Customers can then choose a time to drive and collect their groceries, with amazon staff packing their shopping straight into the boots of their cars.

The company introduces AmazonFresh Pickup as a way to revolutionise grocery shopping, as groceries are the biggest new opportunity in online shopping.

AmazonFresh Pickup

While multiple supermarkets have click and collect shopping available, such as ASDA and Tesco in the UK, it can still become a huge gain for Amazon as it branches out its shopping experience. With around 30 million people using Amazon’s app per month, it has access to dedicated customers who can begin to find all services available to them.

The service also offers access to around 130,000 products, sourced from brands such as Coca-Cola and Kellogg’s. With such an extensive provision, shoppers can find anything they’re looking for from the comfort of their home, meaning grocery shopping as a chore becomes half a job. In the age of instant gratification this, along with other Prime gifts such as free same delivery, keeps consumers satisfied and means they won’t have to wait in for their delivery to arrive.

Amazon and food delivery

Amazon has offered fresh food delivery since 2008 to multiple cities within the US. The food delivery service also launched in the UK in June 2016, delivering to 69 central and East London postcodes, although we can hope that once AmazonFresh Pickup has officially kicked off in the States the UK won’t have to wait another eight years for the same service.

A date for reAmazon Debuts Click and Collect Supermarket with no Aisles or Cashgular Prime users has not been released for the Seattle stores yet.

An unconventional supermarket

The company had announced in December 2016 that it would be opening an unconventional supermarket. The plan was to have the stores laid out like typical supermarkets, except the customers would be free to pick up what they wanted and leave, erasing the need for tills. A range of technologies were set to monitor people within the store, track what they had picked up and then charge them automatically through their Amazon account.

The shops had been due to open to the public in early 2017, at first only allowing Amazon employees to use the service. Yet, it was revealed on Monday that the technology had faced difficulty in tracking more than 20 people, which could have ended disastrously for the company.

This way, the AmazonFresh Pickup service utilises functions Amazon already uses, and still allows the company to tap into the online grocery market.

All of these glimpses into a future with advanced technology shows an easier life for many who enjoy quick purchases, but it also raises the question of where the people running the now non-existent tills will be working? The age-old query remains of if we really should embrace so much technology into our lives, and therefore make actual human contact virtually eradicated.

New iOS Update Creates Instant Phone Storage

Apple iPhone

Sick of seeing the ‘storage is almost full’ notification or, even better, the ‘this iPhone hasn’t been backed up in 60 million weeks’ notification that constantly pop up on your iPhone when you’ve taken one too many selfies? You’ve deleted everything you possibly can bar a few important photos and apps and your phone’s storage is STILL ‘almost full’. You are now unsure what Apple actually want from you and you’re pretty sure your brand new phone came out of the shop with multiple gigs of storage already taken by some unknown, mysterious force. We’re pretty sure a lot of people can relate, and whilst we know we should do something about it, we don’t. However, everything could all be about to change with the new Apple update that was available from the 28th March, that supposedly frees up significant storage in the iPhone when it is downloaded. Users that have used the update already have reported that they noticed a significant amount of storage suddenly available on their phones. The new storage is down to Apple replacing their 31-yeard old filing system with a new storage method, which is immediately applied as soon as the phone is updated.

If you want to get technical, Apple has been using a pretty ancient method of storage known as the Hierarchical File System which was a method designed in 1986 for floppy disks. The new update contains a new and improved Apple File System which has been designed with Apple products in mind including iPhones, iPads, Apple Macs and Apple TV’s. The new storage system better integrates storage space across devices so you are not filling it as quickly. It also makes clever use of flash and SSD storage, so all in all, it has greatly improved the iPhone for many users. The system also helps with privacy, producing end to end encryption so that your conversations and data are that little bit safer.

If you have an iPhone and are wondering how to update it, simply head to your settings, select general and go into your software. You should see the update available there. This is the same for iPods and tablets. As well as freeing up significant storage space, the update has a number of other handy features including the find my Airdrops feature which can be found with the notorious ‘Find my iPhone’ – it basically locates your wireless earphones for iPhone 7 users, because we all know how easy they can be to lose. Paying and checking the status of a bill is now also supported by Siri. You can also use the voice assistant to check the fuel level in your car as well as turn on the headlights when visibility becomes poor or activate the horn when necessary.There is also a new and more refined view of your Apple ID account and settings so that it is easier to understand and anything can be changed quickly and easily. Also, sick of not being understood by Siri? Voiceover has improved in a big way with the new update on things such as mail, Safari and your phone.

Whilst the major change is behind the scenes with the extra storage, it is thought that you will not really notice any other major changes happening with your iPhone until the iOS 11 update which is due to come to our phones in September, so sit tight!

The 25 Most Ridiculous Holiday Complaints Ever Recorded


If you have a reason to complain, you should absolutely do so – just call any of our complaints hotlines to be put through to the company that wronged you and sort the problem out as quickly as possible.

However, for some people, it isn’t enough to be resolving an issue. Some people don’t stop to consider what the issue even is that they’re supposed to be resolving; or to check whether it’s really a problem; or to check whether it’s really real at all.

Some people just won’t let reality stand in the way of a good complain – and no-one seems to be as good at it as Brits on holiday. Here’s a collection of the most ridiculous complaints ever compiled, by cruise companies, resorts, hotels, package holiday providers, and confused local people.

1. The Unlucky Balloonists


“There was not a single warning telling people not to go on the hot air balloons if they have a fear of heights.”

2. Local customs are just laziness and should be banned!


“I can’t believe how lazy local people are, closing the shops in “siesta” time. I needed to buy things over that time and couldn’t! Closing for a siesta should be banned.”



“We bought several pairs of Ray-Ban sunglasses from a market stall on the street and they later turned out to be fakes. We paid 5 euros each for them and we want that money back.”

4. What do you mean, the water park isn’t all-inclusive?


“We arranged a trip to a nearby water park but we weren’t told anything about needing to bring our own towels and swimming gear.”

5. “Custard is about as spicy as I can stand.”


“In Goa (India) the food choice was disgraceful – nearly everywhere just sold variations on curry! I hate spicy food!”

6. What’s a cup of tea without a proper biscuit?


“It should be explained in the brochures and websites that none of the shops here sell proper biscuits like custard creams and digestives.”

7. “They’re everywhere. We’re surrounded by foreigners.”


“I can’t believe how many people here are Spanish. The hotel staff are all obviously Spanish, even the food is all Spanish style! Far too many foreigners here.”

8. The sand is a lie


“The sand was shown as yellow in the pictures online, but is sort of a yellowish-white colour in real life. It threw off a lot of our photos.”

9. More preferential treatment for the Americans


“The flight home was nine hours! The Americans made it back in three! Why do they get such preferential treatment?”

10. Terror From The Deep


“We weren’t told that the sea may have some fish in it. Our children were very spooked.”

11. A Perfectly Good Holiday, Destroyed by Breasts


“I can’t believe topless sunbathing hasn’t been banned. My holiday was ruined. My husband kept looking at other women’s shapely breasts.”

12. If your hotel staff put up a sign which takes you hostage, call the police at your earliest convenience.


A woman called the police because she believed the “do not disturb” sign provided on the handle of her hotel room door was a command to remain in the room. She believed she had been wrongfully imprisoned.

13. Don’t compare your manhood to a bull elephant’s


A sightseer at a top-end African game lodge with a fantastic view of a watering hole registered a complaint that his honeymoon had been completely ruined by a randy bull elephant, which made him feel “inadequate as a man”.

14. The Song of the Sea

“I understand that this is a cruise ship but it must be possible to do something about the noise of the sea. It is unbelievably loud.”

15. When you saw the word “Cruise” and assumed it meant “Tom Cruise”


“Your company is called “Celebrity Cruises.” There was not a single celebrity on board, despite the obviously misleading name. I would like a refund as I have been lied to.”

16. When the Arctic Circle turns out to be chilly


“The so-called “Summer Cruise” in Alaska was nowhere near as warm as I expected it to be.”

17. When there’s a lack of cataclysmic lava explosions on your holiday


“We were led to believe that the resort was next to a volcano, but when we got there we saw that it was just a regular mountain. There wasn’t even any lava or magma anywhere. It wasn’t even smoking.”

18. When the stealthy animals turn out to be hard to see


“I was on safari for bloody ages and didn’t see any decent animals like a lion or anything, just loads of impalas everywhere.”

19. There’s always the guy who claimed Disneyworld was “too touristy”


That’s all there is to this one. Some dude literally lambasted DisneyWorld for being too touristy.

20. Don’t compare your manhood to bull elephants, and certainly don’t compare your looks to the locals


“The women there were too good looking, I started feeling really ugly and down”

21. “How do these Germans read all this German nonsense?”


“All the street signs are in German! I can’t believe people manage to find their way around.”

22. The appearance is more important than the reality.


“The animals at the zoo all look so depressed and worn-down. It was so depressing that it made our children cry. Can’t they train the animals to look happy or something?”

23. Try not to let your critics get to you – even if the circumstances of that critique are extremely unlikely.


A man claimed he had been “rendered impotent with embarrassment” and unable to perform sexually after a hotel maid walked in on him, “giggled to herself at [his] small size” and walked out.

24. “The resort really should implement some sort of vetting process.”


“The beach was overrun with fat people, it was very unpleasant.”

25. “Seriously, the resort needs to vet out some of these unsightly people, they’re making us feel unwell.”


“It was impossible to enjoy our otherwise incredible view on your tours, as the tour guide was so ugly. It’s ridiculous that someone so ugly is sent to distract from such a gorgeous view.”

As you can see from this list, it’s possible for a holiday to go badly wrong. It’s possible for your holidays – where the most stressful thing you do includes drinking a martini in the sun or floating on a lilo in a swimming pool surrounded by ancient Roman ruins – into a deeply stressful experience.

M&S Accused of Ruining Mother’s Day

M&S flower arrangement

Flowers are pretty much everyone’s go-to gift when it comes to Mother’s Day. From extravagant bouquets to classy roses and modest daffodils and tulips, there is a huge array of types to choose from and no matter what you pick, they’re are almost definitely a guaranteed mum-pleaser. Supermarkets all over the UK have fresh flowers day in day out displayed in their stores and so if some look like they’ve seen better days, you can choose a bouquet that looks full of life and like it will last a good while. However, if for whatever reason, you couldn’t be with your Mum or loved ones this Mother’s Day, you might have chosen the option of ordering flowers online and having them delivered. And this is where the disasters begin. Marks and Spencer are usually a reliable choice when it comes to quality. Often slightly higher in price, it is a firm favourite with those that believe the whole ‘you get what you pay for’ mantra that is quite often true. Not this time.

Dramatically accused of ‘ruining Mother’s Day’, angry customers have been taking to social media to complain about the shocking quality of the flowers they bought for their Mother’s, expressing their outrage at the poor shelf life of some of the most expensive arrangements. One user uploaded a photo of a pitiful bouquet with only a few flowers in the bunch, looking like they were already dying. He claimed he had bought them for £30, and anyone seeing the picture could agree that the quality simply was not good enough. One of the biggest issues was that the pictures of the flowers online looked nothing like what customers were receiving. Many photos were pictures of droopy, squashed, broken or simply dying flowers that were a far cry from the fresh, full and colourful bouquets that could be seen on the website. A further complaint was that the flowers were not delivered on time, which, seeing as Mother’s Day only happens for one day a year, this is pretty disastrous. The shop had advertised their free Mother’s Day delivery deal on flowers for a few weeks prior to the event but it seems that they struggled to stick to promises and many customers (and mothers) were left disappointed.

Some customers even went as far as to blame M&S for the breakdown in their relationship with their mothers, with some saying that their mothers were accusing them of ‘not caring’ or ‘forgetting’ about Mother’s Day because of the absence of a gift. Whilst this might be a slight overreaction, if you pay for a service, then you expect to get it, and on this particular occasion, many didn’t. One particular failure was the M&S ‘Flowering Barrel’ which featured in more than one social media complaint. Pictured on the website as a beautiful woodland flower arrangement, when it arrived there were a few measly looking flowers inside the barrel, with overturned soil everywhere. The difference was laughable and definitely left M&S with some serious explaining to do. Another customer ordered a potted plant and when it arrived, the pot was in pieces. It seems that the ‘stunning hand tied bouquets’ that were advertised on the website were definitely too good to be true.

As well as quality issues, there were also a fair few delivery issues, with many customers complaining that M&S had used delivery giant Yodel, a company notorious for late and lost deliveries. A lot of people had pre-ordered flowers in the weeks before Mother’s Day, for them to arrive on the day. Even though some customers ordered flowers as early as the beginning of March, their mothers will still empty handed come the 26th. An M&S spokesperson has said that Marks and Spencer pride themselves on the quality of their Mother’s Day flowers as well as the efficiency of their delivery services and are deeply disappointed that people feel let down. They have encouraged people to get in touch with their customer service team immediately if they are dissatisfied with the service. A Yodel spokesperson, the company that was responsible for the deliveries, also echoed the comment, urging anyone to get in touch that did not receive their parcel on time.

Halfords Stereotypes Car Drivers…With Interesting Results

female car driver

Of course, in day to day life, Stereotyping is wrong. But when it comes to car drivers, the make of car that they have can sometimes be a tell-tale sign of their personalities. I’m sure we all know a Mercedes owner that thinks they’re a bit of alright and that Landrover owner? Yep, they’ll park across two bays. Guaranteed. What about that girl driving the Fiat 500? She’s just been to get her nails done and has a Costa Coffee in the cup holder. Fact. Like it or not, there are a lot of stereotypes when it comes to drivers and Halford have used YouGov data to build these stereotypes even further.

Halfords have used 12, 000 pieces of data and also surveyed 2000 drivers nationwide to generate stereotypes of drivers of particular cars. When it comes to a car driver’s love life, Halfords reckon they have got it down to a T, and you can tell who is a love rat and who is a hopeless romantic, just from the car that they’re driving. According to the data that has been released, Lexus drivers are the most likely to cheat. This doesn’t mean that allll Lexus drivers jump into bed with the first person they see, but according to the data a huge 43% of Lexus drivers have admitted that they cheat or have cheated in the past. Many admitted that the encounter was with a friend and one in three said it was with a work colleague. In fact, according to Halfords, there’s a stereotype for every motorist and you can find out yours just by the car that you drive.

Male motorists confessed to cheating the most, with one in five even being totally honest and admitting to having an affair. A huge 40% of Alfa Romeo drivers also admitted to cheating but more of these said it was with someone random rather than someone closer to home. 21% of Audi drivers were not found to cheat but definitely admitted to fancying someone that they worked with. The worst for cheating in the work place were Mazda drivers, with 67% admitting they’d done the dirty with a colleague!

When it comes to good looks it seems that Land Rover drivers win that one hands down gaining an average score of 8/10 for their appearance. However, finding one that isn’t hard to get is a near impossibility, with 86% claiming that they stay loyal. Fiat drivers, on the other hand, gained just 4/10 on the attractiveness scale. Who knew that a car could say so much? The survey has been so successful that it has now become an actual feature on the Halford’s website. Simply head to and click on ‘you are your car’ to enter your name and the type of car that you drive. Halfords will then generate what they think you are like as a person and will even say what you are likely to be up to at the weekend. The generator will tell you what you are looking for in another person, give you an ‘attractiveness score’ (despite never seeing you before), tell you what you like to eat, what you’re wearing, what you are most likely to spend your money on and whether or not you’re an inconvenience to road users. If you haven’t already, I’d say take this one with a pinch of salt…

Burger King Cuts Cruelty to its Poultry

Burger King Cuts Cruelty to its Poultry


Burger King Cuts Cruelty to its Poultry

Burger King has pledged to significantly change their policy surrounding the welfare of the chickens they use in their products. This ensures they meet welfare standards set out by Global Animal Partnership (GAP).

Burger King and their parent company Restaurant Brands International (RBI) worked with Mercy For Animals, an international farmed animal protection organisation on the new policy. Mercy For Animals works on the front-line for fighting for farmed animal protection. They take many approaches to “expose cruelty, prosecute abusers, and inspire consumers to make compassionate food choices.”

Burger King has been aware of their consumer’s interest in the welfare of their food for a while, Michael C. Appleby notes. He wrote: “a senior executive of Burger King commented in 2002 that their customers expect them – the restaurant company – to ensure that the animals supplying them with food are properly looked after.”

GAP Standards

GAP standards will require chicken suppliers to breed strains of chickens in high-welfare conditions, making sure that the stocking density of the birds is reduced. They also require that there are higher quality barns for the birds to grow in with improved light sources and better litter quality to ensure higher values of life. And when it comes time to slaughter, standards ensure there is controlled atmosphere stunning to ensure birds are unconscious.

Burger King Cuts Cruelty to its PoultryRBI has also vowed that along with meeting GAP standards by 2024, they will also transition to cage-free eggs in the US, Canada, Mexico and Latin America. The organisation has also committed itself to sourcing pork globally from suppliers that do not use gestation stalls.


Brands following GAP standards

These policy changes follow a lead in farmed animal-friendly policies started by McDonalds in 2015. The fast food chain pledged to use cage-free eggs for its US and Canadian restaurants by 2025. McDonalds also pledged to source pork from suppliers free from gestation stalls by the end of 2022.

Burger King also joins large chains such as Starbucks and Chipotle in working with GAP, meaning that more chickens raised for meat (broilers) will not be put through horrific abuse. Broilers are typically bred to grow so quickly that they are usually crippled by the unnatural amount of weight that they are carrying. This means that many of them spend most of their lives sitting in their own excrement, unable to stand due to the unbearable leg pain their weight causes. The animals are usually covered in painful sores and losing feathers due to being continuously covered in wet litter. After all of this, they are taken to a slaughterhouse where many chickens are executed by being hung upside down and having their throats cut, while many are still fully conscious.

With these big food chains taking control of monitoring their food sources it is easy to be hopeful that this way of thinking relating to food production will catch on, and many more animals will be saved from the pain of living a torturous life for the food industry.

Mercy For Animals’ final line of thinking in relation to the policy change is “the best way for individual consumers to help end this cruelty is to leave animals off their plates.”


Ryanair Schedule Site Shutdown

Ryanair flights

Ryanair has scheduled a site shut down and the world has gone into complete meltdown. You may or may not be familiar with Ryanair’s check-in policy which supposedly allows for things to run a lot more smoothly and reduces airport queues. If you don’t check in online with Ryanair before your flight, you will have to pay £45 when you arrive at the airport to check-in at the desk. Understandable, you might say. Who doesn’t have access to the internet these days? Who doesn’t check in online before a flight anyway? Does anyone even queue at the check-in desk to have their boarding passes printed anymore? With all this in mind, Ryanair’s policy might seem like a sensible one….except when the site goes down and everyone gets charged. Not so sensible now.

If you are planning on flying with Ryanair this week, you might want to check in as soon as you can to avoid being stuck when the site goes down and save that £45 for holiday or duty-free spends. From 6.30pm tonight (22nd March) and part of tomorrow as well, the airline has scheduled for the site to go down at 6.30 pm. They have given warning to all of their customers to make sure they check in before this time if they are flying in the next couple of days, but in case you haven’t yet got the memo and are blissfully packing your suitcase, planning to check in once everything is packed away, then you might want to get a shift on. Just to be on the safe side, Ryanair has said that any flights taking place in the next 48 hours will not be able to check in online after 6.30pm. And don’t think you can be clever and get around it by trying the handy mobile app – ‘cos that ain’t gonna work either.

If you are travelling Ryanair in the next 48 hours, or if you are going to be affected by the site shut down, you will have been contacted via email by the airline themselves. The reason for the site closure is so that important upgrades can take place so the site can become, in the words of a spokesman ‘the Amazon of travel’. Wow. The message you will be faced with when you try to access the site will be something along the lines of ‘sorry, website is unavailable due to scheduled maintenance.’ Que the angry Tweets and emails, Ryanair…

Flash Sale?

To add insult to injury, Ryanair added one of their infamous ‘flash sales’ onto their website where flights go for as little as £5…right before that shut the site down for ‘maintenance’. This, obviously, caused quite the uproar as potential passengers got more and more excited at the prospect of a £5 flight seat, only to find that when they had hurriedly selected their destination and headed to pay, the site had gone completely down and they were unable to book their bargain, last minute holidays. Oh well, saved yourself a fiver at least. It is thought that the flash sale was met by another type of technical issue as people were unable to buy the flights even before the scheduled maintenance was due to take place (6.30pm). Some even mused whether or not it was just one, big, cruel, early, April Fool.

If you missed the flash sale due to the ‘scheduled maintenance’ that took place early last night, then don’t fear, a Ryanair spokesperson has confirmed that another flash sale will take place ‘very soon.’ We await with baited breath…

Nike Plus Size – Why Plus Size Activewear Matters

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last year, you will have seen the latest Plus Size Clothing Range released by Nike. Available in both the US and the UK on their respective sites, Nike is neither the first or the last brand to embrace plus size ranges. With companies such as Fabletics and Adidas offering some Plus Sizes, Nike has finally caught up and brought out their own stylish range of clothing for the larger lady. They don’t scrimp on style either. Unlike many Plus Size Activewear Brands, or should I say, everyday brands that stock larger sizes in literal black bin bags, Nike offer stylish, figure hugging items. This is great if you’re all for self-love and showing off what you have at the gym.

Plus bodies are becoming more and more mainstream (See: She Might be). Take a look at H&M and New Look, their plus and curve ranges have increased their annual profit by over 10%. It’s refreshing to see brands embracing a national average. Especially since your everyday woman totalling a size 16-18, it’s not hard to see where the money is in terms of affordable and stylish clothing. Notice here how I don’t use the term “real women”. This is important. Every woman is a real woman. However, in recent years the plus size stigma has always included a baggy, dull, and “back of the store” aesthetic in their ranges. Now, with bloggers and Nike Plus Ambassadors such as Gracie and Danielle, this definition is changing for the better. Women around the UK are becoming more and more body positive. In the last year, there has been an influx of Plus Size Bloggers offering fashion advice for those of a similar build. It’s refreshing to see the backlash of women who have had enough of what the media tells them is the “norm”.

Nike embracing this current era of plus size fashion is a step in the right direction. Fashion and activewear should be inclusive of all bodies, and this is something that a representative for the company noted when asked to comment:

“Nike recognises that women are stronger, bolder and more outspoken than ever… The days where we have to add ‘female’ before ‘athlete’ are over. She is an athlete, period. And having helped fuel this cultural shift, we celebrate these athletes’ diversity, from ethnicity to body shape.”

Amazing. It should be known that larger women hit the gym. “Thin” does not equal health, just as “Fat” does not equal unhealthiness. Everyone is different, and companies should adapt to the changing definitions of what it means to be authentically female. Embrace the change.

You can find Nike’s Plus Size Range on their UK website or in stockist stores today. Plus Sizes range from X-3XL, and the size guide available on the Nike website can help you decide which is the best fit for you.


More Complaints as Npower Overcharge their Customers

Npower energy bill

We all know what can happen if you don’t submit meter readings and end up with an estimated bill from your energy provider – you are likely to be overcharged. However, Npower have recently come under fire (and not for the first time) due to the enormous extent to which they are overcharging their customers. Even when meter readings have been submitted, there have been unexplained cases where customer’s have seen their regular energy bills rocket, for no apparent reason whatsoever. Of course, if you notice this happening, you should immediately contact your energy provider to find out the cause, but what if it’s too late in the game and you have been overpaying for, well, years?

The case of David Redfern is particularly extreme. As a homeowner who has their energy provided by Npower, David was shocked to discover that in true Npower fashion, his bills had suddenly rocketed from £60 per month to £500 and he found himself trapped in a lengthy dispute with the company to try and find the cause of the sudden increase in his outgoings. For fear he would be cut off and find himself completely without gas or electricity, Redfern had little choice but to continue paying the bills, although it was becoming a struggle. Trying meticulously to use less power and reduce his astronomical £478.89 bill was also proving difficult. David has spoken of how, as a result of Npower’s mistake, his and his partner’s living habits had to be completely changed and David did whatever he could to save energy, such as replacing regular bulbs with LED’s that are known to significantly reduce energy consumption. In the meantime, he was in a constant war with Npower to try and get them to reduce their charges. When fitting a consumption meter himself, he had the realisation that his business wasn’t even using as much. It was time that something was done.

David’s problems came to a head when he persuaded Npower to install a new meter for him at his home – and he now wants to warn others of the overcharges that might face when using Npower. He warns that people should look into their reasons for being overcharged rather than just accepting it and paying more than you need to. Once David was successful in getting Npower to switch over his meter for him, he suddenly saw a drop in his bills from £500 right down to £40-£60. Claiming that Npower’s ignorance is ‘detrimental to people’s lifestyles’ he uploaded a screenshot of his account onto social media, where it has been shared over 4,000 times. Redfern was charged so much whilst he was receiving incorrect bills that when the problem was eventually rectified he found himself in nearly £20, 000 worth of credit, and after a few calculations figured he wouldn’t have to pay another bill for 33 years. There has been no comment from Npower on the matter and they are unsure of ‘how the charge came about.’

If you are now sat wondering if you are paying too much on your energy bills, according to UK Power, the average monthly bill for a house of medium size should be around £89 based on an average gas usage of 12,500 kw/h and electricity of 3, 100 kw/h. This is based on information that is approved by Ofgem. Npower have stated that they will be visiting David’s home to identify the root cause of this enormous billing issue – so if you are in the same situation don’t give up – help from your energy provider will come…eventually.