Metro Bank

0844 453 0265

Metro Bank is known as revolutionary in the world of high street banking because it is the only bank that is open seven days a week from early until late. It is a fairly new venture – founded in 2010 it was the first new high street bank to launch in the UK in over 150 years. It aims to have 250 stores open in London and Greater London by 2020. They offer a range of traditional banking services, but then also a range of non-traditional services which are making way for a revolutionary style of banking. If you would like to find out more or need to contact Metro Bank’s head office then please call 0844 453 0265.

Metro Bank Current Accounts

By calling 0843 208 2414  you will be put through to Metro Bank’s current account helpline. Please press 1) if you are an existing customer who would like to discuss their current account or upgrade it or 2) if you are not yet a customer of Metro Bank but would like to switch over to their services. You can guarantee that you will be speaking with an expert advisor who will recommend the best options when it comes to your personal finances. Metro Bank offers one current account with no monthly fee, no minimum balance and 15% overdraft fee.

Metro Bank Savings Accounts

If you are thinking of taking out a savings account with Metro Bank you can call 0844 248 2394 to discuss your options. Discussing them with an expert advisor will ensure that you make the right decision when it comes to choosing an account, and you will be reassured that your money will be in safe hands. When you call the number you will be put straight through to a member of the Metro Bank team. Please then state your reason for calling and the type of account you are interested in opening (the options are explained clearly online). You can also call the savings accounts contact number if you already have a savings account with Metro and have an issue or an enquiry to make.


Whether it’s a residential or buy to let mortgage that you’re after, you can call 0844 453 0265 and make a mortgage appointment in your local Metro Bank branch. Metro Bank mortgages come with a service that is personal to the customer because they understand that taking out a mortgage can be an exciting yet stressful time and one that needs a lot of careful consideration. The mortgage consultants are available seven days a week and as well as advising mortgage rates for first time buyers – they can help you save money on re-mortgaging by presenting a range of cost-effective packages. Simply state your reason for calling when you have dialled the number and an advisor can help.

Safety Deposit Boxes

Metro Bank provides safety deposit boxes at their branches which allows you to store valuables for up to seven days. This is a unique concept and the boxes come in five different shapes and sizes. 0844 248 2395 this number will provide you with all the information you need about hiring a safety deposit box. The operator will tell you where you can find your nearest set of boxes and you can give details over the phone to assign one to your name. The safety deposit boxes are 100% secure and reliable and a great way of storing valuables.

Complaints Department

If you do need to make a complaint to Metro Bank call 0844 248 2396. Please explain the details of your complaint and the call handler will attempt to solve it as soon as possible. If you have a particularly complex complaint or one that needs investigating then your call might need to be transferred over to the relevant department. If this is the case, the operator will inform you of a time you can expect a callback or you may be placed on hold. If you have been told you will receive a call back then, please leave all the relevant details so that you can be reached easily.

Metro Bank Contact Numbers:

Metro Bank Phone Number
Savings 0844 248 2394
Mortgages 0844 453 0265
Complaints 0844 248 2396