Metro Bank

0843 208 2414

Call the number 0843 208 2414 to make a complaint to Metro Bank, who will be able to take details of complaints relating to their services, their branches and more.

Metro Bank Complaint Numbers

Metro Bank Phone Number
Complaints 0843 208 2414
Metro Bank account complaints 0843 208 2415
Metro Bank branch complaints 0844 248 2394
Metro Bank staff complaints 0844 453 0265
Metro Bank Business Complaints 0844 248 2395
Metro Bank safe deposit box complaints 0844 248 2396

Metro Bank Complaints

If you do need to make a complaint to Metro Bank call 0843 208 2414. Please explain the details of your complaint and the call handler will attempt to solve it as soon as possible. If you have a particularly complex complaint or one that needs investigating then your call might need to be transferred over to the relevant department. If this is the case, the operator will inform you of a time you can expect a callback or you may be placed on hold. If you have been told you will receive a call back then, please leave all the relevant details so that you can be reached easily.

Metro Bank Complaints Email

Sadly there isn’t an email address for you to direct your complaint to, instead, you will have to provide details of your complaint online via their complaints form. This is similar to an email, but the form must be filled out with the information they require to process your complaint. Like an email, though you won’t have to speak to anyone, and this can all be done through the computer.

Metro Bank Complaints Procedure

When you submit your complaint to Metro Bank they will do their best to give you a response as quickly as possible. They aim to have more complex issues and complaints resolved within 15 days. However, if they think it’s going to take longer they will let you know about it.

If it is going to take longer, Metro Bank state that it won’t take any longer than 35 days to have your complaint resolved. If it does, at this point you can refer it to the Financial Ombudsman service, which is a free and independent service.

Metro Bank account complaints

You can phone the number 0843 208 2415 to make a complaint about your Metro Bank account. When you call this number they will take details of your complaint about your current account or your online banking account. You might want to call to complain about a breach of security relating to your account, such as if your account has been hacked, or your card has been cloned.

If you find that the switching your account is far more stressful and time-consuming than you were led to believe, you can phone the number above to complain about this and ask why it’s taking so much time and effort on your behalf.

Metro Bank branch complaints

To make a complaint regarding a specific branch you visited you can call the number 0844 248 2394. When you phone this number you will have to provide details of the branch you went to, and provide the reason for your complaint, such as the cleanliness of the branch, what was available at the branch, the accessibility of it, or anything else that might have left you feeling disappointed with the service there.

Metro Bank staff complaints

You can call the number 0844 453 0265 to make a complaint about a specific staff member you came into contact with, whether it’s when you’ve phoned Metro Bank for telephone banking, or visited a branch. When you call this number to explain the situation you will also need to give details of the problem that occurred and where it happened. You don’t need to have the name of the staff member, but a small description of them might help them to narrow down who it was you dealt with.

Metro Bank Business Complaints

If you have a business account with Metro Bank you can call the number 0844 248 2395 to make your complaint about this. When you phone this number you will need to provide details of your type of account, as well as details of the complaint.

Metro Bank safe deposit box complaints

You can get in touch with Metro Bank on the number 0844 248 2396 to make a complaint regarding their safe deposit boxes. You can phone this number if you find that you’ve been overcharged for the use of the box, or that you couldn’t access on a particular day or time that you needed.