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0344 561 1234

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There are many methods in which you can make a complaint to Currys. You can contact them via email, online form, social media and in-store. However, for the fastest response, we recommend you call them on the Team Knowhow telephone number.

Contact Numbers for Currys

Department Opening Hours
Complaints Monday- Friday 8am-8pm
Saturday 8am-6pm
Sunday 9am-6pm
Speak to a Person Monday- Friday 8am-8pm
Saturday 8am-6pm
Sunday 9am-6pm
Currys Knowhow Complaints Monday- Friday 8am-8pm
Saturday 8am-6pm
Sunday 9am-6pm
Currys Delivery Complaints Monday- Friday 8am-8pm
Saturday 8am-6pm
Sunday 9am-6pm
Currys Installation Complaints Monday- Friday 8am-8pm
Saturday 8am-6pm
Sunday 9am-6pm
Currys Store Complaints Monday- Friday 8am-8pm
Saturday 8am-6pm
Sunday 9am-6pm

Speak to a Person

To speak to a person at Currys, call the number. Be proactive and speak to a Currys representative directly about any problems you are experiencing with their products or services. Whenever you want to get a resolution to a problem as quickly as possible, call this number to speak to somebody at Currys. They can tell you everything that you might need to know and what you can expect from the customer contact procedures at Currys.


You may need to contact the complaints team regarding an appliance or electrical device that you purchased from Currys, about a Currys warranty or a Currys repair, a member of staff or a Currys store, about Currys credit options or about a delivery. Occasionally things may go wrong when you order an item from Currys. The item could arrive damaged or broken, you could receive the wrong item or you could have a complaint about the delivery driver. If you purchased your product in the store, you may have issues with the staff in the store or with the store itself. For both online and in-store purchases, you can call to speak to a member of the complaints team.

Currys Knowhow Complaints

If you’d like to make a complaint about Curry’s Team Knowhow you can phone the number. When you call this number you can make a complaint about their in-store experts, repair experts, on-call experts or delivery and installation experts. When you phone this number it can be really helpful to have the name of the person you’d like to make a complaint about, as well as the store you visited, or the location you live in if they came out to you. You can phone this number to make a complaint regarding the service provided, or the treatment of the expert towards you. If you felt like they belittled you, or at all made you feel uncomfortable or intimidated, then phone the number above to make your complaint.

Currys Delivery Complaints

If you’ve been left feeling disgruntled with the service you received from Currys Delivery you can phone the number to make a complaint regarding this. When you call the number you can complain about deliveries that have arrived late or before your time slot. You might also wish to phone this number to report a missing delivery that still hasn’t turned up. If your delivery has arrived and it has come with missing items, the wrong products, or damaged items it’s important to call this number straight away to make a complaint about this and get the problem sorted as soon as possible.

Currys Installation Complaints

Call the number to make a complaint regarding the installation of a Currys product. You can phone this number if you’d like to make a complaint about an installation that has left your home damaged in anyway, or an installation that hasn’t been performed correctly and now the product isn’t working either completely or partially. If you are upset with the damage caused to your home, or the mess left behind from the installation, you can phone this number to ensure your complaint is resolved, and if you can send pictures across to prove what has happened in your home.

Currys Store Complaints

You can phone the number to make a complaint about a Currys store you have visited. You can complain about a specific member of staff who you dealt with whilst at the store, or if you’d like to make a complaint about the store in general, such as the layout of the store, the cleanliness of it, the products available there or the facilities available or not available, you can phone the number above. When you call the number to complain, just make sure you provide details of the store you visited.

Currys Complaints Compensation

You can certainly express that you would like to be compensated for your complaint, either with credit for the store, or a refund of your money or partial refund on your product, when you phone to make a complaint. However, this can’t always be guaranteed and depends on the situation you’re in.

Currys Complaints Email

If you’d prefer to send your complaint in writing, you can email it to Currys at the following address: When you email your complaint, to ensure that they can answer it quickly, it’s best to include as much information as possible regarding the complaint, as well as personal details such as your name, address, a phone number, an order number or other purchase details you have.

Currys Complaints Procedure

When you phone to make a complaint to Currys they will take details of the complaint and ask you a series of questions to keep on your file. The customer advisor will try their best to resolve the complaint whilst you’re on the phone to them. However, this isn’t always possible and your complaint may need further investigation. In the event of this, the customer service team member will ask for the best way to contact you, and the best times of day to do so, and they’ll get back to you in due course with a resolution for your complaint.

Currys Head Office Address

Department Address
Head Office DSG Retail Ltd, 1 Portal Way, London, W3 6RS

12 thoughts on “Currys

  1. Bought an LG TV at Currys Cumbernauld branch and it has been faulty from the beginning but stopped working altogether recently (Just 4 days over the warranty date). Head office agreed that a TV worth £850 should last longer than that and that Currys should fix or replace. Currys Cumbernauld branch now closed and took TV to Coatbridge branch who said they would see if they could fix for £85. Two weeks later no response no TV. Went in today and husband had to fork out another £114 as they said they could fix it as it is a software problem. To my mind that is faulty goods and should be replaced immediately without cost to us. Absolutely livid at this treatment and to add insult to injury we wont get our TV back till next year. Poor show Currys. Will have to take this issue further if I do not have a valid explanation as to the why this should cost so much. We never broke the device, it was faulty goods.

  2. Read this on Facebook. Shame on you Curry’s Poole Ireland. I am in Australia and read this!
    9 hrs · Dublin, Ireland ·

    Popped into Curry’s yesterday and whilst waiting to speak to someone I overheard the conversation going on in front of me. It was an old guy sat in a zimmer frame/walker trying to get across to the employee that his internet security he bought wasn’t working. The currys assistant was totally uninterested and told the pensioner that if he needed help with it he would have to pay £35 to have it installed. The pensioner retaliated that he wasn’t stupid but couldn’t get it to work and could the know how guy just explain how to do it as he had spent the whole day previously trying to install it!! The know how guy refused!!!!??? This is when I stepped in and said to the employee, could he not find it in his heart to help this guy? I said come on he just needs a little advice!! Again No!! UNBELIEVABLE?? The old guy shuffled himself off very deflated!! I made a formal complaint about this employee only to find out that he was a MANAGER????? Since when should kindness, humanity and assistance be a financial consideration!!????? I caught up with the old guy who was sat in his car quite upset and spent an hour with him trying to resolve the issues. He told me he was 88 and a Nuclear physicist!! Worked all his life and gave back to society only to be treated like he was worthless!!! SHOCKING AND HEART BREAKING!!! SHAME ON YOU CURRYS POOLE!!! Utterly disgusting customer service!!! Please share because I hate this kind of thing so much and we can’t let it happen!! Name and shame.

  3. FAO: Customer Services Director, Currys/PC World, Re: Misleading Information given to Secure Sales.

    Order number: CUR1850316066
    Item: VAX – Power Compact Pet CCMBPCV1P1 Cylinder Bagless Vacuum Cleaner – Silver & Blue
    Product Code: 190808
    Cost: £59.99
    My Details: Khemraj Singh
    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I wish to make a serious complaint about misleading information I have been given by your customer services department in order to obtain sales.

    I called the customer services department on Saturday 13 January about an item I was interested in purchasing using a flex cash/easy saver gift card.

    I had used this card in your Basingstoke store previously to make other purchases but was unable to use it for an online purchase so I called and spoke to one of your representatives who told me that the card I had could not be used on the Currys website.

    The person I spoke to knew exactly what the card was when I described it to him and told me that if I wanted to use the gift card to pay for the item I would need to complete the purchase with him over the telephone using a credit or debit card then when I collected the item from the Basingstoke store I could ask them to refund the purchase to my credit/debit card and buy it again straight away using the flex cash/easy saver gift card.

    I asked him to make sure this would be acceptable and check whether it would cause any problems and I was told several times that it was perfectly fine and there would be no problems at all, so on that basis alone I went ahead with the purchase using my credit card.

    I then went to collect my item yesterday evening at the Basingstoke store (CURRYS BASINGSTOK​E, UNIT 6 BRIGHTON RETAIL PARK, BASINGSTOK​E, RG22 4AN) and was told by the staff there that Currys do not accept the gift card I had been advised I could use by customer services, and furthermore they would not refund the item “because I had bought it online”.

    I told them that the customer services team told me that I could use the gift card and I will be able to refund and buy the item again in store, however the store manager came to the refund desk to help and said to me that “Customer services say yes to absolutely anything in order to get sales, so I shouldn’t believe what they tell me.”

    I found this incredulous and asked the manager why this was, but he just repeated the same thing again telling me that I needed to call customer services again and sort the matter out with them.

    I asked if this could be done while I was at the store and the manager did call Customer Services but there was no answer, then after about 20 minutes he returned and said that since your systems do not accept the gift card I wanted to use anyway it would be pointless speaking with Customer Services because even if they did confirm what I had been told there was nothing he could do to process the payment on your systems using my gift card.

    I said I could use another Currys/PC World gift card asked again if I could get a refund but was still told no, because I purchased the item online, I then explained (once again) that it was the customer services member that made the purchase, not me, and it was over the telephone, not online, but this made no difference and I was still refused a refund.

    As the store was closing I had no choice but to leave the item mainly because I could not be assured that I would be able to refund it if I took the item away, so I am now without my product and without a refund.

    The store manager did put the item in a cupboard with a note on it saying a customer had purchased it but did not collect it to ensure that it was not sent back to your warehouse, but he did nothing further to find out why I was misled in such a way by your customer services team other than to repeat once again what he said earlier about them saying yes to anything.

    I would therefore like to register a formal complaint because I was clearly given incorrect information in order to secure a sale, and this has been confirmed by your store manager [several times] when he said “Customer services will say ‘yes’ to anything just to make sure they get the sale.”

    I intend to report your company’s misleading practices on your social media sites as well as to your local council’s Trading Standards department and ask them to investigate this matter formally, but I wanted to give you a fair chance to do something to make this right first.

    I have clearly been misled and so far have had an entire evening of my time and a trip to the Basingstoke store wasted. I would therefore like to ask for adequate compensation for these inconveniences as well as a refund for the item I purchased.

    Ideally I would like to buy the item again using the gift card I tried to use, or failing that another Currys/PC World gift card, but if you are unable to process this or allow me to refund and buy the item again at the current sale price of £59.99 then I will just require a refund and adequate compensation for my troubles.

    Please can you reply via email or call me on the number provided above to discuss what you are going to do to make this right.

    I am available at any time but would stress that I want this matter to be resolved urgently and if I do not hear from you in the next 24 hours I will proceed with my complaint to your local Trading Standards department.

    Khemraj Singh.

  4. I informed team know how the Beko fridge Freezer purchased from them is buckling and appears to be overheating hrs after purchase via recorded delivery letter and email informing them they are entirely to blame if it catches fire despite this they have not replaced the appliance and ignore complaint this is apalling,neither have they refunded in full the £30 discount ! i want this addressed within 10 days it is very serious

  5. Won’t be shopping at Curry’s again, elderly mother purchased a Samsung Bubble washing machine 3 years ago with myself present, advertised with a five year warranty from Samsung, machine flooding water now from door, so I telephone Samsung this morning who say “as product wasn’t registered within promotion time frame they cannot honour, and to contact Curry’s”. Curry’s never advised that On line registration was required, which I would have done, although don’t think an 80 year old customer would have done. Furthermore when machine was delivered all the instructions were taken away with the packaging, after which I returned to Store to obtain re print manual. Have just spent 30 minutes ringing a Curry’s premium rate complaints number, 083 only to speak to someone who tells me she will put me through to the delivery dept, when I said they won’t be able to help with this complaint I was transferred to store of purchase, which ended up call waiting again, no answer so I have hung up, obviously fobbed off, I do hope I get a return call for feedback re call. Curry’s should take notice there name service and reputation is failing

  6. Very frustrated customer waited in all day for a dishwasher to be delivered and at 1700 hours I called customer service to be told that they came and no one was in. I had taken a day off booked the date on line so why would I not be in !!!
    I don’t think this company think that the customer placed the order for the goods to be delivered take time if work and then to be told crap is just not acceptable.
    I will be shopping at john Lewis in the future as they have better customer service and deliver on the date and time also do price match.
    No more Currys they need go with commet..

  7. CURRYS Newtownabbey.
    I was in yesterday looking to buy a new kettle. As I was looking I couldn’t help but notice an animated cartoon character masterbating on a television screen on the front of a fridge freezer. A young assistant asked me if I needed help and I asked him if he thought that was appropriate. He looked at the video and said it’s not his department or problem and continued working. I couldn’t believe this so I asked him to get his manager. He reluctantly walked over to another assistant who came back with him and turned off the inappropriate cartoon pornography that was blasted through the store at 2pm during the Easter holidays. For the next 10 minutes that I was in the shop, no manager approached me. I am very disappointed and will never shop in Currys again. I have already told all my friends and family. Disgraceful

  8. Hi purchased a zannusi cooker in Nov in January the grill kept cutting off in the middle of cooking called out your engineer really lovely bloke said he thinks the wrong parts were originally in the cooker and he changed one valve used it again cut off half way through cooking came again cut off half way through cooking contacted you again and you refused to exchange the product and I will have to have yet another call out .firstly could you tell me were it states your policy is you have to have 3 call ours for the same problem before exchanging the product your staff have been really helpful but not really very happy that within 2 months a product breaks down and also the inconvenience of waiting food and waiting in for an engineer call out me and my husband work full time and are management in retail and really do not understand if a product is faulty why this product cannot be exchanged not really very happy with this policy
    Louise Powell

  9. I ordered a new dishwasher from Curry including installation and it was simple, even paying them £500 was simple and they took this faster than you could print the word money. When I printed my order I suddenly noticed that it was being delivered to my bowls club. I believe the last time I used Curry was to buy a fridge for them, although they subsequently refused to deliver it anyway, because the road was too narrow? Anyway, noticing my error I tried to change on-line, but no chance. I tried several numbers, pressing 1, 2 & 3’s only to hang on for 35 minutes with no answer. I tried Know How & after another 40 minutes was put through to a talking person. I explained my mistake and as it was not being delivered for another 4 days, could they change the address. No they said. I said well they will not deliver to my bowls club because the road is too narrow. She said this is not my department. In the end I said please cancel my order and I now have to wait 5 days for my money to be returned, before I can order a new machine – not from Curry I might add.

  10. We purchased a Kenwood fridge freezer on the 9th of April 2018 after 2 months it packed up, we had to wait another 4 days for the repair man to come out he said it was the condenser, a manufacturer fault, 4 days later report still not in, then another 3 days of phoning before we got someone to book a pick up, 8 days of waiting for our money back phoned up another apology because until I phoned it hadn’t been pulled up, so another 5 days of waiting in this really hot weather luckily we still had our old fridge freezer. Currys you are disgusting the wzy you treat people. Shame on you. Don’t buy from these people.

  11. Donot buy from these !!
    Lies upon lies told !!
    I bought a washing machines me beko was promised I would never be without one if it broke down it has and saying a week or more to fix !! Total utter con !!

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