• Business Name: Nando’s
  • Head Office Number: 0844 248 2695
  • Opening Times: Head office: 9am – 5.30pm
  • Head Office Address:  Erico House, 93-99 Upper Richmond Road Putney SW15 2TG
  • Website:
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Famous for its trademark peri-peri chicken, Nando’s is a popular restaurant chain that was first established in South Africa in 1987. Since it was first established, it has grown significantly and it now has 1000 outlets in 30 different countries. It is extremely popular and it is not uncommon to see a queue outside, particularly during the weekend. Now, not only is it a chain of restaurants, they also sell their famous sauces and marinades in popular British supermarkets such as Tesco, ASDA and Morrisons so you can recreate a Nando’s dish, at home. Specialising in flame-grilled chicken, Nando’s serves its chicken in wholes and halves as well as in wraps, burgers and pittas. Their menu is fairly extensive and you can also choose the intensity of spice on your dish. Its first UK restaurant opened in 1992 in a West London suburb  – they now have over 280 branches in the UK and Ireland and around 60 of these are Halal.


Nandos Departments Number
UK Head Office 0844 248 2695
Customer Service complaints 0843 208 1753
Food and drink complaints 0843 208 1754
Delivery and collection complaints 0843 208 1755
Black Card Enquiries 0844 248 2695

 UK Head Office – 0844 248 2695

The Nando’s UK head office is based in Putney and is where all decisions for UK based Nando’s are made, such as new items on the menu and whether any new Nando’s establishments are going to be built around the UK. There are a few reasons as to why you might decide to call the Nando’s head office, one being to locate your nearest Nando’s (if you are in a major city in the Uk the chances are there will be one within your vicinity, they are also often next to cinemas or in shopping complexes). You might also be job searching and would like to begin a career at Nando’s – you can gain additional career information from ringing the head office as well as information about any existing or up and coming opportunities within the Nando’s team. Nando’s is best known for its Peri peri chicken but they do have a range of other things on the menu. They are also constantly developing their food options and bring out new dishes fairly regularly so if you would like further information about new Nando’s dishes then you can call the head office to see what creations the team are cooking up! As stated above, around 60 of Nando’s UK restaurants are Halal approved  – please call the head office if you would like to know where these restaurants are located. The head office will also be able to answer questions about the facilities at your local restaurant, as well as opening times and nutritional information about anything on the menu. If you have any severe allergies it is always advised that you call the head office to double check anything you are unsure of ingredients-wise, or double check with your server before ordering.

Customer Service Complaints  – 0843 208 1753

When you visit any restaurant, you expect to receive the customer service that you have paid for and if it is not up to standard, you can call the complaints line. Poor customer service may be in the form of a rude member of staff or it may be that you were waiting for longer than is acceptable for your food and feel that the issue was not rectified. You may have also been charged incorrectly for your meal. Maybe you complained in the restaurant at the time but felt your complaint was not dealt with appropriately and you now wish to take it further. Whatever the reason might be, the customer service complaints line is there to deal with problems quickly and efficiently. When visiting Nando’s, you are required to order your food at the counter and pay before your meal, it is then served to you. If you receive the wrong order whilst in a restaurant, the best thing to do is to alert a member of staff and if the issue is not rectified quickly, you can call the customer services complaints number.

Food and Drink Complaints – 0843 208 1754

Obviously, the best part about Nando’s is their menu – whether you are after a full or half a Peri Peri chicken, a wrap or pitta, a burger or even a steak roll there is something for everyone. The menu also does a range of great, healthy choices, so you can enjoy a Nando’s, without breaking the diet. Vegetarian options are also available on the Nando’s menu and they include the spicy soya and tomato burger available on a burger bun, pitta and a wrap and the spicy bean wrap. A vegetarian burger alternative is also available in the form of a portabello mushroom and grilled halloumi. Nando’s also offers a range of sides to have with your main meal. From regular sides such as chips with Peri Peri salt, spicy rice and garlic bread to ‘Fino’ sides such as sweet potato wedges, sweet potato mash and chargrilled veg. The options and meal combinations available off the menu really are endless and all of the fizzy drinks are bottomless, meaning you buy one and you can refill as many times as you like. Whilst this might all look great, if you have eaten at Nando’s and were less than impressed with the food you were served, then you can call the number in the heading above. Nando’s are keen for feedback from their customers so if you are not satisfied with something you have eaten, they would really like to know about it. Maybe you received something that didn’t appear fresh or maybe you suspected that something was undercooked. Perhaps you have tried a new dish and didn’t think the flavour combinations worked together or perhaps you have noticed incorrect nutritional information on the Nando’s menu that needs to be corrected.

Delivery and Collection Complaints – 0843 208 1755

Nando’s delivery is still a fairly new concept that is being trialled in certain parts of the UK, however, the collection service has been around for quite some time. You can order your Nando’s takeout online or over the phone and then head to your local restaurant to collect it and enjoy it at home. If you have done this and feel that the service was poor or if you received the wrong order and didn’t realise until you got home, the collection complaints line is the correct place to report this issue. If you are lucky enough to have a Nando’s delivery service in your area then you might want to file a complaint about the attitude of the delivery driver or report that your delivery did not show up at the time you were told on your delivery confirmation. If you have a complaint about the food once you have collected it or it has been delivered, call this number straight away and anything not up to standard can be replaced. Nando’s is very keen to ensure that the quality of their food does not slip during their delivery service.

Black Card Enquiries – 0844 248 2695

The Nando’s ‘high five’ black card is an exclusive card that entitles its owner to unlimited free chicken. However, the card is extremely exclusive and it is not exactly clear how to get hold of one. Nando’s do have an excellent loyalty system though and a loyalty card is a lot easier to find – simply apply for one online or pick one up next time you’re at a restaurant. The card is marked every time you make a trip to Nando’s and you will be offered ‘rewards’ every time you purchase a meal. Once you have enough points, the ultimate reward is a free full chicken plus two sides of your choice! If you have used this service and have not received the rewards that you are entitled to, then please call the enquiries line above.