American Airlines

The contact number for American Airlines is available directly from their website at no or lower cost

0207 660 2300

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Call the number to make a complaint to American Airlines, you can phone this number to complain about travelling with them, their loyalty programme, employees, or any other issues that might have arisen when dealing with the travel company.

American Airlines Complaints

American Airlines Department Opening Times
American Airlines Complaints 24/7
American Airlines Travel Complaints  24/7
American Airlines Employee Complaints  24/7
AAdvantage Complaints  24/7
American Airlines Hotel Complaints  24/7

American Airlines Complaints

If you’ve been left disappointed with the service you received from American Airlines you can call the number to make a complaint regarding this. When you phone this number to complain, you’ll have to provide your ticket number or record locator, an email address, as well as your flight numbers, origin and destination cities, as well as your dates of travel.

If you call to make your complaint, the American Airlines operator will take details of the complaint and let you know whether they can provide a resolution for your complaint then, or let you know if they’ll have to investigate it further. If the latter is the case, they’ll take some contact details from you and get back to you at a later time with their response.

You can use the number above to get in touch with the American Airlines Corporate office to register your complaints and get them sorted quickly.

American Airlines Complaint Email

There isn’t a direct email for you to send your American Airlines complaint to, instead, there is a contact form on their website which is a similar thing. You simply fill in the form with the details of your complaint, and they’ll let you know what exact information they need in relation to your travel, and they will get back to you once one of their customer service team has had a chance to look through your email.

American Airlines Complaints Compensation

If you make a complaint to American Airlines it’s likely you’ll receive some sort of compensation, and the amount this is all comes down to the severity of the situation that’s individual to you. It’s likely that you’ll receive compensation money off your next flight, rather than a refund of cash into your account. But again, the amount that you receive will depend on your situation and what happened as a result of this.

American Airlines Travel Complaints

Call the number to make a complaint about travelling with American Airlines. You can phone this number to make complaints about delayed flights, missed connections, cancelled flights or anything relating to travel with American Airlines.

You might wish to complain about the treatment of your luggage on one of their flights. Such as if your luggage went missing and its return to you was delayed, or if you find that your luggage has been damaged in transit.

American Airlines Employee Complaints

To make a complaint about an American Airline employee you can phone the number. When you call this number you might want to complain about rude or unhelpful staff that you come into contact with on a flight, or at an airport. If you find that the American Airline staff don’t do enough to help you to find your gate, they don’t help in instances where you’ve missed a connecting flight, or they provide assistance when you’re on a plane, then you can call this number to complain about the staff member. You will need to give as much detail relating to the incident, as well information on the airport or flight it happened in, and if you have the staff member’s name, this can also be helpful when making your complaint and getting it resolved.

AAdvantage Complaints

If you’d like to make a complaint to American Airlines regarding their loyalty programme, AAdvantage you can call the number. When you call this number you can complain about your Elite Status in the club, issues you might have with earning or redeeming miles, or anything else. You can phone this number to complain about miles that haven’t been credited to your account, or a reduction in your miles without a reason why.

American Airlines Hotel Complaints

Call the number to complain to American Airlines regarding their hotel bookings. You can phone this number to complain about any issues that you have with bookings for hotels, or you might wish to complain about the standard of the hotel when you’ve arrived. If you have issues with the accessibility, the cleanliness or the staff at the hotel, you can phone this number to register your complaint.