Hermes Rearrange Delivery Guide

Hermes Rearrange Delivery Guide

0843 557 5171

If you are expecting a delivery from Hermes, they should alert you by e-mail or text when your parcel is out for delivery. This will depend on the contact information that you gave to the sender. You can track the status of your delivery online by entering your 16-digit parcel reference number. The tracking information will tell you whether they left your parcel in a safe place or they will attempt redelivery the next day. The Hermes courier should leave a missed delivery card with this information for you, too. They will make 3 delivery attempts.

Hermes Missed Delivery

On the day of your delivery, Hermes should contact you with a 4-hour time window. They cannot give you a more specific time, and you cannot change the time window. If you are not at home when the courier attempts to deliver your parcel, then they will either leave it somewhere else or redeliver it the following day. They should leave a card in your letterbox confirming how you can get your parcel. They should not leave your parcel elsewhere if it requires a signature. After 3 failed delivery attempts, Hermes will return it to the sender.

Hermes Contact Courier

Hermes couriers are self-employed and use their own phones. This means that Hermes cannot give you their contact details, and the courier is not obligated to leave their phone number on a missed delivery card. However, they might do so at their own discretion. The courier will have a specific delivery route, so they might not be able to attempt redelivery on the same day. If they provide their number, you can contact them directly to arrange the redelivery. You can provide more detailed instructions on where to leave it if you are not in.

Hermes Divert Parcel

Even if the courier does not leave their contact number, you can contact Hermes customer services on the number 0843 557 5171 to arrange a redelivery. You can request that they leave your parcel with a certain neighbour or in a specific safe place if you are not there to accept the delivery. A safe place is usually a porch, shed, or garage, and should never be a doorstep, garden, or bin. You can access your parcel’s delivery history online using the tracking number, then choose one of the options to divert your delivery. Contact the retailer if you need to change the address.

Hermes Collection

Parcels will only be available for collection from a Hermes ParcelShop if you chose that as the delivery option at the time of ordering. You cannot decide to swap to home delivery, or from home delivery to a collection from a ParcelShop. Hermes depots are not open to the public, so you cannot collect a parcel from Hermes that way either. Instead, you will have to divert the parcel to a neighbour or safe place then collect it from there as soon as you can. Contact Hermes if delivery was not attempted, there was no card, or your parcel is missing.


Parcelforce Rearrange Delivery Guide

Parcelforce Rearrange Delivery Guide

0843 557 3565

If you are expecting a delivery from Parcelforce, it will arrive between 7 am and 6 pm from Monday to Friday. If you paid extra for delivery on a Saturday, it will arrive between 7 am and 1 pm. There are no deliveries on Sundays. Parcelforce requires a signature to confirm delivery of the parcel, so they can’t leave it without one. If you enter your reference number into the Track & Trace tool, the signature should be visible as proof of the delivery. You will have several choices for what to do if your parcel is missing or you were not in at the time.

Parcelforce Missed Delivery

When Parcelforce attempts delivery but nobody is there to sign for the parcel, they should leave a card. This missed delivery card should include the details of your parcel and what you can do next. Parcelforce will automatically attempt to redeliver it on the next working day, unless they leave your parcel at a local Post Office. You will need to contact Parcelforce to arrange an alternative. They will usually only attempt to deliver a maximum of 3 times. Depending on the method you choose, you might have to pay an extra fee for redelivery.

Parcelforce Redelivery Options

If you choose to rearrange a Parcelforce delivery, it is not guaranteed to happen the next working day. It could take up to 3 working days, especially if a Post Office has been holding your parcel. A missed delivery card should tell you whether they will redeliver the next day or leave your parcel in another location. They might leave it at your local Post Office or take it back to the Parcelforce depot. You can collect it from the Post Office or depot after their first delivery attempt if this happens. Or you can contact Parcelforce to arrange redelivery, either to the same delivery address or a different address. Request redelivery by phone on the number 0843 557 3565 or by submitting an online form. You might have to pay any fee due before they will redeliver.

Parcelforce Rearrange Delivery Fee

If Parcelforce leaves a card saying that your parcel will be left at your Post Office or back at their depot, then you should be able to collect it from that location for free on the following working day. A redelivery attempt to the same address should not incur an additional fee. However, if you book redelivery to a new address, you will have to pay £5.50 first. Booking redelivery for Saturday delivery will cost another £12. If you request delivery to a local Post Office branch, it will cost £1. Even if you have paid the fee, it could take three working days.

Parcelforce Return to Sender

Parcelforce will hold your parcel for up to 21 days before returning it to the sender if you don’t contact them first. Whenever they leave parcels at a Post Office or Parcelforce depot, they will keep most UK parcels for 16 calendar days. They will keep international parcels for 21 calendar days. When a parcel has no return address, they will hold it for 30 days before disposing of it. They will hold Global Value and HM Forces parcels without a return address at their recovery centre for up to 120 days before disposing of them. The sender might try to contact you if they receive the parcel back at their address and need to issue a refund.

How to Complain to Ofcom Guide

How to Complain to Ofcom

Ofcom is the Office for Communications, which regulates communication services across the UK. They make sure that customers are getting the best out of their TV, radio, phone, mobile, broadband, and postal services. Their duty from Parliament is to represent the interests of consumers of these services. Ofcom protects them from bad practices and promotes competition between the companies they regulate. They make sure that people are able to use these services and that companies provide them with diverse and quality programming. However, Ofcom does not handle individual complaints between customers and their service providers. They won’t be able to help people with their complaints about the BBC licence fee, post offices, premium rate phone numbers, or advertising standards.

How to Complain to Ofcom About Content on the Television, Radio, a Website, or an App

Ofcom’s Broadcasting Code covers several areas. Their regulations include protecting under-eighteens from restricted content, protecting audiences from harm and offence, preventing incitement to hatred, ensuring the privacy and fair treatment of the featured individuals and organizations, and ensuring that programmes comply with rules about product placement. Complain about a broadcast you saw or heard whether it was on the BBC or any other channel. You can also complain to Ofcom if you were in a broadcast programme where they treated you unfairly or infringed upon your privacy. Submit this complaint form if it was a programme on the BBC or this complaint form for any other programmes. For Video On Demand services like BBC iPlayer, their rules are different, but you can still submit a complaint form to Ofcom. All consumers must contact their service provider to complain directly to them first. If the provider will not take your complaint any further, then you can complain to Ofcom. You will need the complaint reference number.

How to Complain to Ofcom About Phone or Internet Services and Providers

If you experience problems with billing from your phone or internet provider, report it to Ofcom. This is for their monitoring only, as Ofcom will investigate a company’s practices if there are lots of reports. Ofcom won’t investigate your individual complaint about your bill. You need to complain to your provider and escalate through their complaints procedure. If you reach a deadlock or 8 weeks pass, then you can take the complaint to the Ombudsman Services or CISAS. The same applies if you have problems with changing providers. You can also let Ofcom know if someone tried to change your provider without your consent or you were a victim of underhanded selling. You should go through the same steps if you have a complaint about your contract. Report the company’s unfair practices and poor customer service to Ofcom. If there is a fault with your phone or internet service, contact the provider for technical support. You may be entitled to compensation for consistent failure of service.

How to Complain to Ofcom

How to Complain to Ofcom About Nuisance Phone Calls and Messages

Nuisance calls and text messages can be annoying, but they can also cause distress. You can contact your service provider to find out how to set up call screening or block phone numbers. If you do take the call, try to identify the caller so that you can contact who they work for and tell them you do not want to receive calls from them. Be careful when giving out your personal details and opting into marketing communications. Spam texts do get frustrating, but fraudsters also use scam calls and messages for financial or identity theft. These issues range from minor to serious and unlawful, so Ofcom does not handle them personally. You can complain about abandoned or silent calls to Ofcom for their monitoring purposes. Report your complaints about unsolicited marketing and telesales to the ICO. If you receive malicious or threatening calls from anyone, this is a criminal offence. Contact your phone company and ask for the malicious calls team. In the case of direct threats to you or members of your family, call the police if you feel that you are in immediate danger.

How to Complain to Ofcom About Postal Services

As always, Ofcom is not able to investigate individual postal operator complaints. Any of the postal operators they regulate will have their own complaints procedure. You can find this on their website or simply contact their customer services department. For example, you should raise complaints about Royal Mail directly to them. If you reach a deadlock with no resolution, then refer your complaint to the Postal Redress Service. Ofcom doesn’t regulate Parcelforce or the Post Office, but you can contact them with complaints or get help from Citizens Advice. This process will apply for any other independent postal operators as well.

How to Complain About Ofcom

Ofcom tries to meet the needs of consumers and businesses and all viewers and listeners. Sometimes they may fall short of their own standards to carry out their duties. Of course, this means that Ofcom has a complaints procedure of its own as well. Ofcom carries out consultations so that those affected by an issue can share their views. These are taken into account along with other evidence before Ofcom decides on the course of action to follow regarding the issue. You can complain to Ofcom about the management of a consultation, but not the substance of proposed policies. Send an e-mail to with your feedback or suggestions about Ofcom consultations. If you are not satisfied with the response from Ofcom, contact the person handling your complaint. Should they fail to resolve your concerns, you can escalate it to the Secretary to the Corporation. Send an e-mail to outlining your grounds for complaint and why it has not been resolved yet. They will aim to send you a clear reply within 20 working days.

How to Complain About the CSA

How to Complain About CSA

CMS (Child Maintenance Services) replaced the CSA (Child Support Agency) in 2012. Both of these are essentially the same service. Child maintenance is the financial support that the other parent must provide after the child’s parents split up and one of them has custody of the child. The parent who doesn’t raise them most of the time or full-time must contribute to the child’s everyday costs of living. Some ex-partners make a ‘family-based arrangement’ privately without involving CMS. If the parents can’t agree, CMS will create an arrangement.

Contact the CSA to Make a Complaint

In the first instance of a complaint, contact your caseworker. This is the person assigned to you at the centre which deals with your case. You should have their contact number, or you can contact the centre to reach them. They will look into any problems first and attempt to resolve them. If they can’t and it is up to the CSA to resolve it, or you need to dispute their decision, contact them by calling 0843 178 4621. Here are some of the reasons to complain:

  • unreasonable delays in issuing the relevant forms to both parents
  • inappropriately issuing forms to the wrong person (not the non-resident parent)
  • excessive delays in the assessment of child support maintenance
  • errors or delays in enforcement action
  • delays in liability reviews resulting in overpayments from the non-resident parent or the loss of child support maintenance

How to Complain to the CSA

Ask the office dealing with your case to contact the CSA Complaints Resolution Team or call them yourself and explain the cause of your complaint. The CSA could take up to 15 days to investigate the complaint and inform you of the outcome. If the issue is more complex, they will agree on a timetable for resolving it with you. Chase the complaint if they don’t stick to the schedule and there are further unreasonable delays. The CSA should apologize, find the reason for the issue, and put things right by making necessary changes as soon as possible.

You can escalate to the Complaints Review Team for further consideration if you’re still not happy with the complaints handling process. They will also take 15 days to review the issue. After that, you can contact the Independent Case Examiner, then write to your local MP and ask them to refer your case to the Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman for you. These are all the stages you must go through if you do not receive a satisfactory resolution.

Can Parents Get Compensation from the CSA?

The CSA or CMS will usually negotiate a repayment schedule if they agree that maintenance is owed. You should complain about the harmful effects on your welfare and the child’s if the payments are far too low. They or the parent who owes maintenance might propose a part-payment of areas with a final settlement. Once you agree to this, you cannot change your mind later. In some cases, the CSA might write off arrears or offset payments instead.

Beyond this, you may want to emphasize the inconvenience or distress caused by the CSA’s actions or lack thereof when you make the complaint. You don’t automatically have a legal right to compensation, but the CSA will consider offering it on a case-by-case basis. This will normally be when maladministration occurs, such as serious mistakes, processing delays, and incorrect information. This negligence can cause parents to lose money and negatively affect them and the child. You should provide some evidence of the impact on your health or examples of repeated inconvenience or embarrassment if you’re expecting a consolatory payment as well. These are two different payments considered separately, but sometimes the CSA might pay both. In some cases, they may not grant either, but you can keep asking.

How to Complain About HMRC

How to Complain About HMRC

HMRC (Her Majesty’s Revenue & Customs) is the department of the UK government which handles tax collection and the payment of some state benefits. Most UK citizens will need to pay some form of tax and/or will receive state benefits at some point in their lives. These are the primary taxes which HMRC collects payments from individuals and businesses for:

  • Alcohol Duties
  • Capital Gains Tax
  • Child Benefit
  • Construction Industry Scheme
  • Corporation Tax
  • Fuel Duty
  • Income Tax & National Insurance
  • Inheritance Tax
  • Insurance Premium Tax
  • PAYE Scheme
  • Pension Schemes
  • Property Taxes (Stamp Duty Land Tax)
  • Self Assessment Tax
  • Soft Drinks Industry Levy
  • Tax Credits
  • Transport & Environmental Duties
  • VAT (Value Added Tax)

Contact HMRC to Make a Complaint

If you deal with HMRC regarding any of the above, you might need to complain about them. You might be very unhappy with the way they are handling your tax or benefits, especially if HMRC owes you money. If you think you are entitled to a higher amount of child benefit or tax credits, you might have to appeal against their decision. This is different from making a complaint. Otherwise, here are some valid reasons for anyone to complain about HMRC:

  • mistreatment by HMRC staff (rudeness or unfairness)
  • illegal discrimination by HMRC staff (exclusion because of age, disability, native language, race, religion, gender, sexual orientation etc)
  • misleading information from HMRC (being given incorrect advice)
  • HMRC’s failure to act on information (for example, if you report a change in circumstances or make a new claim which HMRC fails to process)
  • administrative errors by HMRC (resulting in paying/receiving too much/too little)
  • HMRC taking far longer than reasonable/beyond their guideline timeframes to process forms or to action payments and repayments
  • HMRC online services are not working or you are unable to access or navigate them

How to Complain to HMRC

To complain about any of the taxes or benefits above, contact HMRC by calling 0844 248 1688. Before you call, make sure that you have all of the details ready that you will need to provide. The most important information is the relevant reference number. This will either be your National Insurance Number, Unique Taxpayer Reference, VAT number, or employer reference number. You will also need to give your full name, address, and phone number to match HMRC’s records. They will need this to confirm your identity and locate your files.

Once you are through to the right department and past the security stages, you can raise your complaint. You will need to explain what happened and when. If possible, provide the name of the person who dealt with your case or who you spoke to about it. Let them know what effects these actions from HRMC had on you. Definitely tell them if you experience emotional distress, physical illness, or financial hardship as a result of the issue you are complaining about. Outline what you expect HMRC to do to resolve this matter for you.

How Do HMRC Handle Complaints?

When you make a complaint to HMRC, they should handle the complaint fairly and keep it confidential. They will investigate thoroughly and provide contact details for the complaint handler so you can keep in touch and check their progress. You should allow 4 – 8 weeks for them to investigate and provide a suitable resolution for your complaint. However, they should be notifying you of updates along the way. Call to chase them if you don’t hear back from HMRC. You should make payments due in the meantime as normal to avoid interest.

After investigating, HMRC should come back to you with an apology and an explanation. They will explain what went wrong and why, and what they are now going to do to put things right and make sure that it doesn’t happen again. If they owe you money, they should pay this back promptly and in full. In some cases, they might also consider extra payments to cover your expenses. This is why you should request reimbursement of reasonable costs concerning your complaint, or a consolation payment due to distress.

Can You Get Compensation From HMRC?

Ask HMRC to repay you for any costs incurred in the process of making your complaint. For example, postage, phone call bills, or professional service fees. You can also ask HMRC for financial compensation if dealing with them about this put undue stress on you and your family. This could be the case if it caused financial strain which then had a negative impact on your physical or mental health. It especially applies if there were long delays in getting a resolution. You might have to provide receipts to support your requests for compensation.

If HMRC does award a compensatory payment, this will be tax-free and should not affect any government benefits you might be receiving. Such payments are made in apology and in recognition of your circumstances and poor treatment. The amount is not assigning a value to your level of distress, but you can push for more if your suffering due to HMRC’s actions was severe. HMRC will only compensate you for time spent pursuing the complaint if you can prove that you lost earnings from it. You may be able to reclaim tax adviser costs.

DWP Complaints Procedure

0843 178 4215

If you would like to complain about the DWP and their services you can find out on this page about complaining to the DWP and their policies and procedures regarding complaints. The DWP is the Department for Work & Pensions.

dwp complaints procedure

Reasons to Complain About the DWP

You can complain about the DWP for a number of reasons such as if they have made mistakes regarding your case or your benefits and it has impacted your everyday life, you have experienced unreasonable delays with your case or for decisions to be made, you feel you have been treated unfairly or discriminated against, you have not been kept informed about the progress of your case or decisions that have been made or for any other reasons you feel you need to file a complaint about.

How to File a Complaint to the DWP

To file a complaint with the DWP you can call their complaints department on 0843 178 4215. Once you are on the phone to the DWP you will need to provide your National insurance number, full name, contact numbers, address, what benefit you’re complaining about, what has happened, how it has affected you, when it happened and explain how you would like things to be put right. The team member will inform you of the steps that will be taken.

What Will Happen After Your Complaint

If the DWP did make a mistake they will immediately fix it and apologise for the impact the mistake has had on you. If you have suffered financially or you have received unfair treatment they may give you some financial compensation. If you are not satisfied with the response you have received and you would like the DWP to investigate the issue further you can take your complaint to the Complaint resolution manager by calling the number again and request a call back from them. They will then contact you to discuss your complaint and agree on a plan to investigate the issue, they will then contact you again within 15 working days to discuss the outcome or inform you of when you can expect a response if it is taking longer to investigate.

Fast Food Options for Vegetarians

Fast Food Options for Vegetarians

It’s a common misconception that all you can eat on a vegetarian diet is vegetables. Unlike veganism, being a vegetarian allows you to still eat bread, dairy, and other products. While it is easier to eat more healthily when you cut meat out of your diet, everyone craves some junk food now and then. However, it’s not so easy to find something vegetarian-friendly on the menu. Going out for a quick bite to eat with friends can be difficult. Even dining at fast-casual restaurants and pubs can become a frustrating ordeal. Most vegetarians will be no stranger to trying to assemble a meal from side dishes. But it’s 2018 now, and retailers are finally paying attention to demand. Plenty of places are expanding their vegetarian offering.

Fast Food Favourites

Whether it’s the Drive-Thru or a late-night residency at an indoor table, McDonald’s is an international junk food staple. Over in America, they use beef flavourings when cooking fries. Luckily for us in the UK, they use a separate fryer for fries and veggie products. This means you can tuck into a large fries anytime. If you order a veggie burger with no mayo, it’s also suitable for vegans. Unfortunately, McDonald’s removed the cheap egg & cheese wrap from its breakfast menu and increased the price of an egg & cheese McMuffin. You could still get porridge, a toasted bagel, or a hash brown. Or treat yourself to a McFlurry.

The fries at Burger King are also suitable for vegetarians and vegans. You might think that a chain whose branding features a giant meat burger wouldn’t be the best place to go. But if your friends drag you to Burger King, you can get a Veggie Bean Burger. Sadly, their veggie patties are not vegan as well. Depending on your tolerance for chicken, you could even go to KFC with friends. Some restaurants offer a plain salad pot with no meat. Some also offer a Veggie Ricebox. This may be too healthy to satisfy your junk food cravings, though. Their fries are sometimes cooked in the same oil as the chicken, so taking that risk is up to you.

Fast Food Options for Vegetarians

Fast-Casual Choices

Some restaurant chains offer higher-quality fast food at a slightly slower pace and higher price. These chains are also catching on to catering to a growing demographic. Around 3% of British adults are completely vegetarian, which is almost 2 million people. The veganism trend has seen the British vegan population grow from 1% in 2016 to almost 7% this year. It’s about time these groups had more menu options. It may be a chicken restaurant, but vegetarians can still go for a cheeky Nando’s. There are burgers, pittas, or wraps available with fillings such as sweet potato and butternut or mushroom and halloumi, as well as the “supergreen” or “beanie” options. There are also vegetarian sides, like sweet potato mash.

Pizza Hut is an excellent choice if you crave something savoury and high in calories. There are vegetable pizza options, but you can’t go wrong with a classic Margherita anyway. Even vegans can enjoy a pizza with Violife dairy-free cheese. Vegetarians can go all in on mac and cheese or garlic bread. The desserts are all vegetarian-friendly, too. For more pub-like fare, you can visit a Harvester or Brewers Fayre safe in the knowledge that they have vegetarian and vegan menus. These are the best places to go out to eat with friends because there is something for everyone. From veggie burgers to halloumi and chips instead of fish, there are also a variety of meals such as noodles, lasagne, quiche, roulade, tagine, and jambalaya.

Fast Food Options for Vegetarians

Quick Cooking

Sometimes even if you aren’t going out to eat you just want something quick and filling. For people with no dietary restrictions, they have free reign of the ready meal aisle. The choices for anyone else have long been limited. Fad diets may be annoying, but the benefit of their popularity is that supermarkets follow the money. Demand for vegetarian, vegan, and even gluten-free products has led to retailers selling wider ranges. Ben & Jerry’s vegan ice cream recently came to the UK. Big brands supporting dietary needs like this keep paving the way for future developments. At the moment, you can still do a shop at a local supermarket and satisfy your ready meal needs. Just remember that “free from” does not mean meat-free!

A great place to buy vegetarian ready meals is Morrisons. Whether fresh or frozen, you can pick up a variety of pasta and potato dishes. A quick turn in the microwave or oven and you can indulge in layers of cheese and pasta with a vegetable lasagne. Quite a few of the year-round party food options at Tesco are vegetarian. They also have an own-brand meat-free section, though they keep discontinuing items (hashtag bring back spinach and courgette frittatas). Asda has more options for pasta and vegetable ready meals than the others do. It’s worth alternating between shops to choose between their individual own-brand ranges.

The downside of shopping as a vegetarian is that the alternatives can be expensive, though they are not as costly as vegan ones. In general, though, the own-brand meat-free ranges are fairly priced. There will usually be some kind of deal, such as 2 items for £2.50. A quick tip: there is always at least one Quorn product for £1. They tend to change every week, so you might have to wait a while for your favourite to be on sale again. Even the pricey Linda McCartney range has items on sale every few weeks. Frozen food can take longer to cook, but you can make a meat-free fry-up whenever you have the craving for something greasy.

How to protect your phones and devices from the cold weather

How to protect your devices from the cold weather

The Beast from the East has arrived and with it is freezing temperatures that we’re struggling to carry out day-to-day activities, and our phones and devices are struggling too.

When temperatures plummet to below 0 your Apple devices can begin to malfunction, ranging from annoying problems to the serious ones that cause it to just stop working.

When your phone gets too cold it might struggle to detect your fingerprint on the home screen, which can be very irritating, your battery can deplete a lot more quickly, and if the temperature gets really cold it can just stop working.

The reason your devices don’t fare well in the cold is all down to the battery, the products are running on a Lithium-Ion battery, which does have some advantages, but they don’t work particularly well in the cold.

Apple says that their devices work best and most efficiently when the temperature is between 0 ºC and 35 ºC. And the iPhone will shut down in certain conditions, such as really cold temperatures.

Let’s hope we don’t actually get that cold this week.

What can we do to stop our devices from stopping working?

The cold can be a real problem for our phones and devices, but thankfully there are a number of things that we can do to help stop it from malfunctioning and cease to work.

Keep them sheltered

Quite simply keep it in your bag or pocket when you’re outside. This will not only benefit the phone and device, but also your hands. Obviously there might be necessary times when you need your phone, but other than those moments, keep your phone protected and keep it warm and tucked away. Your Instagram scrolling will have to wait till another time.

Get a case

Just like you wouldn’t imagine going out without a coat in this weather, keep your phone protected with a case. This will help to protect it from some of the elements.

Richard Mavers who works at Envirofone says that now we know that the iPhone’s battery is affected by the cold, it’s important that we don’t subject them to extremely cold conditions. It’s important that we keep them protected and warm where possible.

What to Do When Yodel Fails to Deliver

Yodel Delivery Complaints

With Christmas creeping up, delivery companies will be feeling the strain this time of year. More and more people are buying their gifts online, relying on the courier chosen by the retailer to deliver their orders in time. Whether ordering presents to their own addresses or sending them to the recipient, customers will expect delivery conditions as promised. However, some couriers frequently let retailers and their customers down. Due to the increase in demand, it’s likely to only get worse at this time of year.

The Problem With Yodel

Despite consistently negative feedback over the last several years, many retailers still use Yodel to deliver their goods. Yodel won the not-so-coveted title of Worst Parcel Delivery Firm in a poll of 11,000 consumers on following the Christmas 2016 period. There’s been no end of news coverage for ridiculous scenarios involving incompetent Yodel workers. Sometimes there can be some humour in the situation, like leaving a parcel “under the doormat” as a safe place. Most of the time, customers are left dismayed by the shoddy service, and empty-handed as parcels often go missing.

The poor service even led to the creation of a website named “Yodel Hell” which documents the company’s worst offences. Recently, Yodel made the news yet again for more delivery driver shenanigans. These included dumping a parcel over a fence and shattering the contents, as well as carelessly trying to throw a parcel onto a balcony. It seems like Yodel drivers didn’t learn after one threw a parcel onto a roof two years ago. Last Christmas, a Yodel driver even stole other parcels when delivering to a customer’s address.

If the problem is the behaviour of the drivers, then should the company itself be getting all this bad press? Well, yes, because no matter how many customers complain, Yodel does not seem to care. The company doesn’t appear to have made any effort to improve either their delivery services or their hiring and training process. Many people who complain using the customer service helpline feel the response was inadequate. An apology or a bouquet of flowers doesn’t fix a broken or missing item.

Know Your Consumer Rights

So, when Yodel’s delivery service inevitably fails to impress, what do you do? A lot of the time, Yodel refuses to claim responsibility in the case of a missing parcel. If they refuse to help, what you need to remember is that your contract as a customer is actually with the retailer. When the delivery service damages the goods or fails to provide them, the retailer will be liable to refund you or provide a replacement.

The founder of, Martin Lewis, says customers need to “complain to the retailer and make them justify why they use firms with dire reputations. If they won’t, we must stop buying online from firms using crap services.” However, this isn’t always an option. The specific item you want to buy may only be available from a retailer who uses Yodel. Retailers usually choose Yodel to keep their costs down. Yet in the long run, the amount these companies pay out in refunds and replacements surely must create a loss. Not to mention the poor service putting customers off ordering from them ever again.

Remember that you also have the right to return goods for a refund within the seller’s returns policy. Whether you ordered from Amazon, Argos, Boots, or any other retailer using Yodel, always contact the retailer directly to inform them of your situation. Even if the goods aren’t damaged, but the packaging was, you should still be entitled to some kind of compensation. Sometimes, unfortunately, retailers won’t accept your word that you never received your parcel. If Yodel marked it as delivered, even though there’s no sign of it, you may end up out of pocket.

In the case of a missing parcel and no support from the retailer, you’ll have to escalate your complaints. The website Resolver will give you information on your rights and how to complain to Yodel. If you’re not having much luck, follow MoneySavingExpert’s useful guide for complaints escalation. Even if you end up taking them to small claims court, you deserve compensation. Don’t let careless companies ruin your Christmas! If you need to make a complaint to a delivery service besides Yodel, you can find out how here.

What to do if you parcel doesn’t arrive in time for Christmas

Like most people, you are probably ordering many if not most of your Christmas gifts online this year and it’s almost inevitable that at least one of your Christmas gifts won’t arrive when they are due to leave you very stressed and worried. Below is a list of how to complain and inquire about missing packages with different courier companies.

man wearing a Christmas hat with parcel and alarm clock

Royal Mail

If your parcel is due to be delivered by Royal Mail and it has not arrived yet you can track your delivery on the Royal Mail website here. If there is no information available when you enter your tracking number or if you didn’t receive a tracking number you should contact Royal mail by phone call on 0844 826 8010 or by filling out the claims form here.


You can also track your parcel if it is being delivered by Hermes as they should also send you a delivery tracking number which you can enter onto the site here. If your parcel hasn’t arrived or it arrived late you can contact Hermes by the online chat option here or by calling 0843 208 2273 to speak to someone from customer services about finding your parcel in time for Christmas.


For parcel that was meant to be delivered with Parcelforce, you can track your parcel here. If you have no luck tracking your parcel it is best you call Parcelforce on 0843 557 4879 to speak to a member of the customer service team about finding your parcel or to ask about receiving compensation for a late or lost parcel. If you would prefer to not talk on the phone to customer services you can contact the customer service team on the help form available here.


As DPD is one of the main courier services, you will most likely end up using it for one of your deliveries this Christmas – if your delivery has not arrived on time or it has not arrived at all you can contact DPD by calling the customer service team on 0843 557 3392 to find out where your parcel may be. If you haven’t already you can try and track your parcel here.


If your parcel has not arrived and it was due to be delivered by UPS you can try to track your parcels whereabouts here or you can directly contact UPS regarding you late or missing parcel by calling 0843 557 3634 to speak to a member of the customer service team about your package. You can also contact them by using the online chat feature here.


If you need to track down your yodel parcel you can do so by entering your tracking code here on the website. Alternatively, if you believe you need to speak to a member of the customer services team regarding your package you can call 0844 556 4733 or use the chat feature on the website here.