How To Complain About TalkTalk

how to complain about talktalk

0843 557 3768

TalkTalk is a British telecom, internet, and television provider. TalkTalk was founded in 2003 as a subsidiary of the Carphone Warehouse but split to become its own company 7 years later in 2010. If you are unhappy with the services you’re provided by TalkTalk you can read the guide below to find out how to complain about TalkTalk.

Call TalkTalk to Complain

The easiest way to file a complaint about TalkTalk is to call the complaints number on 0843 557 3768. Once on the phone, you will be able to speak with a member of the complaints team, you will need to explain what it is you wish to file a complaint about whether that is a service they’re providing you with, customer service you have recently received or another issue you have experienced with the company. You will then need to provide some personal and account information to allow the team member to file the complaint. You should receive an update regarding the complaint within a week via phone call, letter or email whichever option you selected when filing the complaint.

Email to Complain to TalkTalk

If you would prefer to email TalkTalk about your complaint you can do so by writing an email including a description of the issue you wish to file a complaint about, some personal and account information and any details you think would help the complaint such as dates, times, employee names or other details. You can also attach any media files you have that would aid your application. You then need to send your complaint to you should receive a reply within a week.

Send a Letter to Complain to TalkTalk

You can also send a letter of complaint to TalkTalk if you wish to file a serious complaint about the company. You will need to include the description of the problem you have experienced, any details such as employee names, some personal and account information, as well as anything else you feel, would be helpful for your complaint. You then need to send it to the address listed below and you should receive a reply within 2 weeks via post if you wish to receive a reply via another form of contact make sure you include this in your letter.

TalkTalk Head Office
11 Evesham Street
W11 4AR

How to Make a Complaint Against a School

How to Make a Complaint Against a School

Parents, guardians, and other adults usually have the best interests of children at heart. When children are not receiving the education or treatment that they should in school, adults may want to complain and change this. Read this guide to learn how to complain about a school. There are lots of factors affecting how you should complain to a school.

What can you make a complaint against a school about?

There are many causes for complaints against schools. They are normally due to action that the school is taking, or failing to take. Common reasons to complain about schools include:

  • bullying (by pupils or teachers)
  • professional misconduct or incompetence
  • changes in policy
  • not following statutory guidance
  • failing to support children with special needs
  • discrimination
  • unfair suspension or exclusion
  • admissions
  • discrimination
  • breaching data protection
  • misinformation or maladministration

Who do you make a complaint against a school to?

The type of school that the child is attending determines which authority is responsible for handling complaints about them. You can initially make an informal complaint by speaking to staff at the school. This may be your child’s tutor, head of year, or head teacher. You can ask for a copy of their complaints procedure, which every school should have. This will have guidance on how to submit a written complaint and where to send it. You must be factual and concise, and refer to relevant school policies. If you need to escalate it, then you may have to explain your complaint in front of a panel of the school’s governors or trustees.

What happens when you make a complaint against a school?

A member of staff at the school should be responsible for investigating your complaint. They should establish the facts of the situation, including interviewing those involved, and keep a record of it all. You should keep in contact with them to determine what must be done to resolve the issue satisfactorily. An acknowledgement, explanation, and apology might be enough. Or you could request an agreement to review and adjust their policies to reassure you that the problem won’t happen again. The school should carry out disciplinary proceedings if necessary and update you on further outcomes. You may have to escalate it.

How to Make a Complaint Against an Academy or Free School

Approaching a state school or academy with a complaint requires you to contact them directly. You must follow their individual complaints procedure, which you should be able to find on the school’s website. Complain in writing to the headteacher, then to the board of governors or trustees. You can only complain to them directly if your child is attending the school. If you are not happy with the response from an academy, take your complaint to the ESFA (Education and Skills Funding Agency). You can make complaints online to the Department for Education or to Ofsted. This is only after following the school’s procedure.

How to Make a Complaint Against a Private School

The same process applies to private schools as well. You must consult the school’s official complaints procedure and follow the stages in it. The school will only accept complaints from people who have children attending that institution. Ofsted is not able to investigate complaints about independent schools. Similarly, the Department for Education can’t step in regarding individual complaints. They can only regulate the school and investigate any failure to meet its standards. You might complain about their premises or pupil welfare.

How to Make a Complaint Against a Local Authority School

Your child’s school may be maintained by a local authority. Like schools, all local authorities should have an official complaints policy. They should provide this publicly for everyone to follow. If the local authority does not handle your complaint satisfactorily, then you could complain about the local authority. These escalations should go to the Local Government and Social Care Ombudsman. You should always complain directly to the school before going to the local authority. Parents, carers, and wider community members can complain about a maintained school. Ofsted and the Ombudsman can only investigate certain issues.

How to Make a Complaint Against a School About Special Educational Needs

You may have a child registered at a school which is not supporting their special education needs (SEN). First, you should talk to the school’s SEN co-ordinator, then follow the school’s process for complaints. Then you can complain to your local authority. This applies if your complaint is about an EHC plan for your child (education, health, and care). If the complaint is about discrimination against somebody with a disability, then you can take it to a SEND tribunal (Special Educational Needs and Disability). You must fill out one of these forms and submit a claim within 6 months of the incident. You may have to attend a tribunal hearing.

How to Make a Complaint Against a School to the Department for Education

You must complete the school’s formal complaints procedure before you can refer the issue to the Department for Education. Your communication will need to explain what the school has done and why they have failed to resolve the complaint. It is important to also include any documentary evidence to support your case. The DfE can command schools or local authorities to take a particular action. However, they do not always take up complaint cases. If the DfE does not use its power to help you, then you may be able to turn to Ofsted.

How to Make a Complaint Against a School to Ofsted

Ofsted does not investigate complaints involving individual pupils for them. They will only investigate reports of issues with how a school is run. Valid complaints could be about the quality of education, inadequate support for SEN pupils, neglect of student wellbeing and development, or inefficient management. You can complain to Ofsted online after following the school’s complaints policy. They may contact you for more information. Ofsted has the power to call inspections or parent meetings. They will most likely share your information with the school, which could affect your relationship. If you ask to remain anonymous, this limits what Ofsted can do about the situation. They may only have an informal discussion.

How To Complain To Virgin Mobile

how to complain to virgin mobile

0843 557 3865

Virgin Mobile is the mobile telecoms branch of Virgin Media, Virgin Mobile was founded in the UK in 1999. Virgin Mobile now operates all over the world and currently has around 1,700 employees. Virgin Media has 5.9 million broadband, home telephone and video customers and 3.1 million mobile phone customers.

Call To Complain To The Virgin Mobile Team

You can call the Virgin Mobile team by dialling 0843 557 3865. You can call the Virgin Mobile team to file a complaint about any issue you have experienced with your Virgin Mobile services whether that is billing, an employee, issues with your phone service or any other issue you wish to file a complaint about. You will need to provide your personal and account information to allow the team member to find your account and submit your complaint. You will need to detail the reasons for your complaint including any other information you think is necessary.

Email Your Complaint To Virgin Mobile

You can complain to Virgin Mobile by emailing their customer services team. You need to write an email that includes some personal and account information to allow the Virgin Mobile team to identify your account and allow you to file your complaint. You then need to detail what the issues you have experienced are and why you would like to file a complaint. You can attach any media you have that would aid your complaint. You can include any employee names and other important details that affected the reason you would like to file a complaint. You can complain about a variety of issues via email including issues with mobile signal, issues with the mobile device working, issues with billing or employees. You can send your email to the Virgin Mobile complaint team on

Write a Letter of Complaint To Virgin Mobile

If you would prefer to file a complaint with Virgin Mobile by writing a letter you can do so by writing a letter with all of the relevant information included. You need to start by including all of your personal and account information that is relevant this includes your address as well as a contact email and number. You then need to explain what issue you have been experiencing with your Virgin Mobile account or device that you wish to file a complaint about. You can mention any details you feel are important such as employee names or dates and times that are important for your complaint. You can also print off any photographs you have that aid your complaint. You can send your complaint to the Virgin Mobile customer services PO Box by addressing it to:

PO Box 333
Matrix Court

How to Complain to Google


0843 178 5902

Google is one of the largest technology companies in the world. It is in the top four along with Amazon, Facebook, and Apple. Two PhD students in California created Google in 1998. It began as an internet search engine, but over the last 20 years, there have been dozens of products and partnerships. The most popular Google services around the world are Gmail, Docs, Sheets, Drive, Translate, Maps, Android OS, and their subsidiary YouTube. Google has been launching smartphones, smart home speakers, and VR technology in addition to this.

Complain to Google on the Phone

You can try calling Google on 0843 178 5902 to make a complaint to the customer support team. Due to the number of users and amount of complaints, the phone lines may be very busy whenever you call Google. There are other ways to try to get a response from Google if you cannot get through on the phone. If you do speak to an adviser at Google, you must be comfortable with sharing your account details. However, you should never share your passwords or other security information. Legitimate advisers would never ask you for that.

Complain to Google by E-mail

There is no direct e-mail address for Google because it is such a huge online business. With so many areas and so many people using and involved in operating them, it can be difficult for them to see everything. To complain to Google and report issues, you must go through the online support system. Select the area of Google that you want to complain about and work through the information available. It will provide options to send Google a message or even request a call back from Google if this is possible. Otherwise, follow the support steps.

Complain to Google on Social Media

Google has official accounts on most online platforms, including Twitter and Facebook. You can also find Google on LinkedIn, Instagram, and YouTube, and utilize the commenting or messaging features. There is no guarantee that you will actually get a reply from Google if you complain through social media. However, using social media is a good way to generate attention about a common issue or a severe complaint. This makes it more likely for Google to respond and take action. Just remember not to include personal details in public posts.

Complain to Google by Post

Snail mail is a traditional method of sending complaints to a company, but in this case, it is sadly outdated. Google is an online company, so they are not particularly likely to respond to letters. There is also the fact that even if they did, it would take a long time to send them a letter and then receive a response in the post. This is obviously not ideal for more urgent complaints. If your letter contains sensitive information or documents, there is also a risk of these going missing. If you still want to write a complaints letter to Google, then send it to:

Google UK
Belgrave House
76 Buckingham Palace Road

NHS Complaint Letter Template

NHS Complaint Letter Template

The National Health Service is one of the British points of pride, but sometimes it falls short of the standards that it should deliver. If failures of service have a negative impact on your health, then you have a right to make complaints. The outcome may simply be rectifying the problem and administering the correct treatment. Depending on the severity of the issue, you may want to make a legal claim against the NHS for financial compensation. This is a separate case entirely. If you merely want acknowledgement, apology, and the correct medical approach, then a complaints letter is the way to go. Read this guide to learn more.

What can I complain to the NHS about?

There are lots of areas within the NHS and many services that they offer. Equally, there are a lot of things that you could complain about if they go wrong. These are some examples:

  • NHS or GP services
  • hospital, pharmacy, ambulance, community healthcare
  • a specific appointment (consultation or treatment)
  • the general quality of care or staff attitude
  • difficulties or delays with administration
  • poor communication regarding your care
  • mistreatment or misdiagnosis

You should always keep records of NHS appointments, including the names of staff who are responsible for your care. You will need to explain details such as when, where, and who was involved when you make a complaint. If there has been a case of severe clinical negligence then you may prefer to go to a solicitor instead of the complaints procedure.

When can I complain to the NHS?

Make a complaint as soon as possible after the event occurs. This should ensure that a full investigation can take place into the matter. The sooner that you complain, the sooner you will see results and, hopefully, things will be fixed. You cannot submit a written complaint if you have already made a verbal one and the NHS addressed this sufficiently. You may not realize that you have a cause for complaint until later. This is fine, as long as you make the complaint within 12 months. It is possible to complain on someone else’s behalf if you have their permission. You do not need permission if they are mentally incapable or deceased.

How to Complain to the NHS

Every NHS service provider should have a complaints procedure of its own. You should contact them directly at first to determine the correct steps to follow. The provider might be your GP, a hospital, a pharmacy, or your dentist. They should give you a copy of their complaints procedure. Otherwise, you can contact the commissioner for the NHS service. For primary care services, this will usually be NHS England. It is better to make complaints in person first, and then escalate should they fail to take adequate action. If the complaint is already in progress, then do not make a duplicate complaint. They should inform you of their progress during the formal complaint investigation and issue a final written response.

NHS Complaint Letter Template

If you choose to write a complaint letter to the NHS, it must be concise but contain all of the necessary details. Avoid using emotional language or including irrelevant comments. You should separate your complaint into points and order them according to their importance. Discuss all of the facts regarding every concern that you are raising in the letter. Be firm but not aggressive, and include photocopies of supporting documents rather than the originals. You should also photocopy the letter to keep a copy of it for your own records. Post this to the appropriate address, which you can ask the NHS provider for, using recorded delivery.











To Whom It May Concern,


I am writing this letter to make a complaint about my experience with your services. On [DATE] I [attended a consultation appointment with/received treatment from STAFF NAME at LOCATION NAME]. I was not happy with the quality of care that I received here because [REASON: the staff member behaved unprofessionally/there were long delays/the diagnosis or treatment itself was not carried out correctly/etc]. This was not acceptable because [DETAILS: the staff member was discriminatory towards me/I was left waiting for X amount of time/I was given inaccurate information/improper care resulted in further problems]. It should not have been the case that [SPECIFICS: e.g. I was ignored while waiting to see the doctor for 3 hours].

I spoke to [STAFF NAME] regarding this issue on [DATE] but unfortunately, they failed to address my concerns. In response to my complaint, I am expecting an explanation and an apology for this. I expect you to investigate this issue and provide an appropriate response in line with the NHS Complaints Procedure. I also expect action to be taken to ensure that this does not happen again. Please contact me in writing at the above address or [YOUR E-MAIL ADDRESS]. If you would like to discuss the matter on the phone or arrange a meeting to discuss it in person, then please call me on [YOUR PHONE NUMBER]. I look forward to receiving acknowledgement of my complaint and your further responses regarding this.

Yours sincerely,




How to Complain to Pizza Hut

how to complain to pizza hut

0843 557 3606

Pizza Hut is an American pizza and American-Italian food chain with restaurants all over the world. Pizza Hut was founded in 1958 and in 2018 it had more than 18,000 restaurant locations which made it the world’s largest pizza chain in terms of restaurant locations. If you have recently visited a Pizza Hut and you were not happy about the experience you had you can read the below guide to find out how to file a complaint.

Complain to Pizza Hut Via Phone Call

The easiest way to file a complaint to Pizza Hut is to call their complaints number which is 0843 557 4347. When you call the number you can explain that you were unhappy with the experience you recently had at a Pizza Hut restaurant or with the Pizza Hut delivery service. You will need to provide information regarding the restaurant you attended or ordered from, information about employees if relevant, the date and time of the incident, what the issue was and any other information you feel is relevant. If you have photos or other media that would back up your complaint you can ask the Pizza Hut complaint team member for an email address for you to send the media for them to view in relation to your complaint.

Complaint to Pizza Hut Online

If you would prefer to complain via the internet to Pizza Hut, you can do so by clicking here. The link will take you to the Pizza Hut contact form that you can fill out to file a complaint. You first need to choose whether you visited a restaurant or received a delivery, you then need to enter information about the restaurant you visited or ordered from so they can identify your order, you then need to select the option ‘dissatisified’ and select what you were dissatisfied with. There will be a space for you to explain what you were dissatisified with, here you should include all details of your complaint. You will then need to enter the date and time of your visit or order, the groupsize, order number, order amount & order type, then some personal information to finish off the complaint. After you have filled in all relevant information you can send the complaint and you should receive a reply via email within a few working days.

Complain to Pizza Hut Via Social Media

If you would prefer to contact Pizza Hut to file a complaint via social media you can do so with Twitter or Facebook. You can use Twitter to get in touch with the Pizza Hut customer service team by writing a tweet or private message to the office Pizza Hut twitter account. If you will be writing a tweet to the Pizza Hut twitter make sure you do not include and private or sensitive information as this will be a public tweet. If you willl be writing a private message to Pizza Hut you can include any person and complaint information necessary, this also applies for Facebook messages. You can contact Pizza Hut through Facebook by going onto their page and selecting the ‘message’ button.

Financial Ombudsman Complaint Letter Template

Financial Ombudsman Complaint Letter Template

The Financial Ombudsman is an official independent dispute resolution body for financial services. If you make a complaint to a financial service provider and they fail to resolve it, then you can ask the Ombudsman for help. The Financial Ombudsman can investigate the complaint and liaise between company and customer. It is impartial, so it will consider both sides of the story. They will ensure that the company is acting fairly and make a final ruling. The company must then follow the Ombudsman’s order to take particular action, including paying compensation to the customer. This guide tells you how to write a complaint letter.

What kind of complaints can I write to the Financial Ombudsman about?

The Financial Ombudsman only handles complaints about financial service providers if the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) regulates them. They should tell you if this is the case, as well as having this information on their company website. These are things they help with:

  • Bank accounts (direct debits, charges, transaction disputes, cheque clearing, administrative errors or delays)
  • Credit cards (unfair charges, unexplained interest increases, Section 75 claims)
  • Irresponsible lending and debt collection (payday lenders, harassment)
  • Insurance (mis-sold policies, rejections, delays, not paying claims)
  • Investments (with-profits, whole-of-life, unit-linked bonds, stockbrokers)
  • Mortgages (loans, affordability, arrears)

When can I complain to the Financial Ombudsman?

You cannot complain to an Ombudsman without contacting the company first. Whether it is a bank or insurance provider, they must address your complaint. They will have 8 weeks to provide a final response before you can go to the Ombudsman. You may be able to contact the Ombudsman sooner than this if the company sends a deadlock letter. This will basically say that the company will not change their response, and provides some contact details for the Ombudsman if you are still not happy with this. You will have 3 to 6 years to complain.

How to Complain to the Financial Ombudsman

Once it has been 8 weeks from your first complaint to the financial service, or if you receive a rejection letter from them, then you can get in touch with the Ombudsman. You need to print off and fill out their official complaint form. Then you must post this to the Financial Ombudsman. They will investigate the case and pass a final judgement, which the company must uphold. However, this can take 3 to 9 months. The sooner you send your complaint to them, the better. You could also write a complaint letter and send that along with the form.

Financial Ombudsman Complaint Letter Template

Use the complaint form as a guide to gather all the information that you will need. Then follow this letter template and post both of them to the Financial Ombudsman’s address.



Financial Ombudsman Service
Exchange Tower
E14 9SR


To Whom It May Concern,

I am writing to refer a complaint against [COMPANY NAME] which the company has failed to resolve. I made the initial complaint on [DATE] by [METHOD: e.g. calling up on the phone, sending an e-mail, contacting a representative on a social media site]. The company’s response to my complaint was not satisfactory because [REASON: e.g. they did not fix the problem, or they refused to acknowledge their responsibility for the issue].

It has now been [AMOUNT OF TIME] since then and the issue is still ongoing. I do not believe that this is fair treatment or appropriate customer service from [COMPANY NAME]. Their mistakes and failure to rectify them have had negative consequences, which they should also be held accountable for.

In the accompanying form, I have explained what went wrong and what [COMPANY NAME] did and did not do about this, as well as the action I expect to be taken. I am hoping that the Financial Ombudsman can obtain a fair resolution and enforce the correct standards of behaviour. Please find my contact information on the form if you require further details or supporting evidence from myself.

Yours sincerely,



How To Complain To Thomas Cook

how to complain to thomas cook

0843 557 4347

Thomas Cook is a travel agency operating mainly in the United Kingdom. Thomas Cook was formed as a merger in 2007 of Thomas Cook AG and MyTravel Group, creating the Thomas Cook Group. If you have recently been on holiday with Thomas Cook or interacted with the company and were unhappy with the experience you can find out how to complain to the company by reading the helpful guide below.

Complain to Thomas Cook Via Phone Call

The best way to file a complaint with Thomas Cook is to call the complaints number on 0843 557 4347. You can call the number if you have experienced any type of negative situation due to Thomas Cook or their employees. Once on the phone, you will need to provide some personal information as well as flight or hotel information and any relevant information about the employee you dealt with if it is relevant, this could be a name or description if you cannot remember the employee’s name. You will need to provide exact dates and estimated time of the incident and you can ask for an email address for you to send any relevant media such as photos or videos that will aid your complaint.

Complain to Thomas Cook Online

If you would prefer to file your complaint to Thomas Cook online you can do so by clicking here. Once you have clicked the link you will be taken to the Thomas Cook website, where you will need to click ‘make a complaint’ from the drop-down menu, answer whether you have travelled yet and whether you have already made a complaint or not. After you have filled out this section another section will appear below where you will need to fill out the booking name, your email address, the booking email address, your phone number and your home address. Below the personal information section you will be asked to select from a drop-down menu why you’re complaining, you can pick from flights, accommodation, service received, airport experience, transfers, excursions, insurance (proof of travel) or other, once you have selected the relevant option you will be able to enter your booking reference and an explanation of the issue you experienced, you will also be able to attach any media files to aid your complaint.

Complain to Thomas Cook Via Social Media

You can file a complaint by going to the Thomas Cook social media accounts, they have a Twitter and Facebook account that is available to contact for support. If you would like to choose Twitter to contact Thomas Cook regarding your complaint you can write a tweet to the Thomas Cook support account explaining the issue you experienced, make sure you do not include any of your personal information as this will be available to other Twitter users to see. You should receive a reply in a few hours and they will ask you to direct message the account with the relevant personal information as well as booking information. If you would prefer to contact Thomas Cook through Facebook you can do so by going to the Thomas Cook Facebook page and selecting the ‘message’ button. You will then be able to write a private message to Thomas Cook and explain the issue you have experienced, you can include any personal information and booking information that is relevant as the message will be private between you and the Thomas Cook team. You should receive a reply within one working day.

How to Complain to Facebook Directly

how to complain to facebook directly

0844 257 3019

Facebook is a social media network that was founded in 2004 as ‘TheFacebook’ and was solely used as a face book for Harvard students, in 2005 they changed the name to Facebook and in 2006 Facebook became open to everyone aged 13+ with an email address. It is now one of the biggest social media networks used every day all over the world. If you have experienced some issues with Facebook and you would like to file a complaint with Facebook directly you can do so by following the guide below.

Complaining About a Page, Profile or Post

If you would like to file a complaint directly with Facebook regarding a page, profile or post you can do you by calling 0844 257 3021. You can call this number regarding any user complaints you have whether that is about a Facebook friend you have or a post you have seen on your timeline. Once you have called the number you need to explain to the Facebook employee the issue you have experienced with the other user, page or post. They will be able to see if the situation violates the community standard terms and if it does they will remove the page, post or profile from the site. If the decision can’t be made immediately they will contact you again to give you an update on the action they have chosen to take.

Complain About a Businesses Activity or Account

If you have seen a business account that you feel is violating the community standards of Facebook or taking part in any illegal activity you can file a complaint to Facebook by calling 0844 257 3022. You will need to provide information about the business account and its activity once on the phone to the business complaints team and they will be able to see whether it is violating the community standards or terms and conditions. You will receive an update on the action Facebook have decided to take against the business account once the action has been taken, this may take a few weeks.

Complain About a Facebook Ad

If you are unhappy about an advert that has shown on your timeline you can call Facebook to complain by dialling 0844 257 3023. You will need to describe the advert as well as the company it was from. Whether it is taken down or not will depend on whether it violates the terms and conditions or community standards of Facebook, if it doesnt they will inform you of how to ensure no ads similiar to the ad you’re unhappy with will appear on your timeline again.

Complaining Online

If you would prefer to complain online about any of the situations mentioned above you can do so by following these steps. Make sure you’re logged into your Facebook account before following the below steps.

  1. Go to the post, profile, page, business account, message, comment, advert etc. and select the “…” option (you may have to hold down the message if you’re using a mobile device).
  2. Once you have selected this button you will be able to see multiple options such as mute, follow, snooze or unfollow, you should see a button that says either report or ‘give feedback’, select this button.
  3. Once you have selected this you need to follow the on-screen instructions to file a complaint about the issue you’re having.
  4. You should receive an update on the progress of your complaint in your notification section.

How To Make a Complaint To Subway

how to make a complaint to subway

0844 826 8484

Subway is an American sandwich chain with stores all over the world, it was founded in 1965 originally as Pete’s Super Submarines and the name was changed in 1968 to Subway. If you have recently visited a Subway restaurant and had a negative experience whether it was due to the food or an employee, you can find out how to complain by reading the guide below.

Call Subway to Make a Complaint

The best way to get in touch with Subway to file a complaint is to call their customer service team, you can do this by dialling 0844 826 8484. Once you’re on the phone to a member of the Subway customer care team you need to provide them with some details of what happened, you need to include the location of the restaurant you visited, any employee names if necessary or a description of the employee if you don’t remember the employees name, the date and time the incident happened and any other important information as well as a detailed description of what happened. If you have photos or other media you would like to show Subway to aid your complaint, inform the customer service team member of this and they will provide you with an email for you send the media to.

Send Restaurant Feedback to Subway

To send a complaint to Subway online you first need to go to the website and select the tab ‘contact us’ that runs along the top of the screen. Once you are on this page you will see two tabs, one that says FAQs and one that says contact us, you need to select the contact us tab and then select the ‘give restaurant feedback’ button. You will be urged to find the restaurant you were at or enter the restaurant number which you can find at the bottom of your receipt. You will then need to enter the date and time of your visit, some of your personal information and then you need to write out what happened when you were in the restaurant that you would like to file a complaint about. You should receive a reply via email in a few working days.

Write a Letter of Complaint to Subway

If you would prefer to write a letter of complaint to Subway you can do so by following these steps. You first need to include a return address, an email address and some other personal information, you then need to include what Subway location your issue happened at as well the date and time of the event. You then need to include any information you feel is important and the issue you experience such as employee names or descriptions of employees if you don’t remember their names and details of the issue you experienced. You can print out any pictures of the issue if you have any. You then need to send the letter to the Subway head office:

Chaston House,
Mill Court Hinton,
Great Shelford.
CB22 5LD,
United Kingdom