What to Do When Yodel Fails to Deliver

Yodel Delivery Complaints

With Christmas creeping up, delivery companies will be feeling the strain this time of year. More and more people are buying their gifts online, relying on the courier chosen by the retailer to deliver their orders in time. Whether ordering presents to their own addresses or sending them to the recipient, customers will expect delivery conditions as promised. However, some couriers frequently let retailers and their customers down. Due to the increase in demand, it’s likely to only get worse at this time of year.

The Problem With Yodel

Despite consistently negative feedback over the last several years, many retailers still use Yodel to deliver their goods. Yodel won the not-so-coveted title of Worst Parcel Delivery Firm in a poll of 11,000 consumers on MoneySavingExpert.com following the Christmas 2016 period. There’s been no end of news coverage for ridiculous scenarios involving incompetent Yodel workers. Sometimes there can be some humour in the situation, like leaving a parcel “under the doormat” as a safe place. Most of the time, customers are left dismayed by the shoddy service, and empty-handed as parcels often go missing.

The poor service even led to the creation of a website named “Yodel Hell” which documents the company’s worst offences. Recently, Yodel made the news yet again for more delivery driver shenanigans. These included dumping a parcel over a fence and shattering the contents, as well as carelessly trying to throw a parcel onto a balcony. It seems like Yodel drivers didn’t learn after one threw a parcel onto a roof two years ago. Last Christmas, a Yodel driver even stole other parcels when delivering to a customer’s address.

If the problem is the behaviour of the drivers, then should the company itself be getting all this bad press? Well, yes, because no matter how many customers complain, Yodel does not seem to care. The company doesn’t appear to have made any effort to improve either their delivery services or their hiring and training process. Many people who complain using the customer service helpline feel the response was inadequate. An apology or a bouquet of flowers doesn’t fix a broken or missing item.

Know Your Consumer Rights

So, when Yodel’s delivery service inevitably fails to impress, what do you do? A lot of the time, Yodel refuses to claim responsibility in the case of a missing parcel. If they refuse to help, what you need to remember is that your contract as a customer is actually with the retailer. When the delivery service damages the goods or fails to provide them, the retailer will be liable to refund you or provide a replacement.

The founder of MoneySavingExpert.com, Martin Lewis, says customers need to “complain to the retailer and make them justify why they use firms with dire reputations. If they won’t, we must stop buying online from firms using crap services.” However, this isn’t always an option. The specific item you want to buy may only be available from a retailer who uses Yodel. Retailers usually choose Yodel to keep their costs down. Yet in the long run, the amount these companies pay out in refunds and replacements surely must create a loss. Not to mention the poor service putting customers off ordering from them ever again.

Remember that you also have the right to return goods for a refund within the seller’s returns policy. Whether you ordered from Amazon, Argos, Boots, or any other retailer using Yodel, always contact the retailer directly to inform them of your situation. Even if the goods aren’t damaged, but the packaging was, you should still be entitled to some kind of compensation. Sometimes, unfortunately, retailers won’t accept your word that you never received your parcel. If Yodel marked it as delivered, even though there’s no sign of it, you may end up out of pocket.

In the case of a missing parcel and no support from the retailer, you’ll have to escalate your complaints. The website Resolver will give you information on your rights and how to complain to Yodel. If you’re not having much luck, follow MoneySavingExpert’s useful guide for complaints escalation. Even if you end up taking them to small claims court, you deserve compensation. Don’t let careless companies ruin your Christmas! If you need to make a complaint to a delivery service besides Yodel, you can find out how here.

What to do if you parcel doesn’t arrive in time for Christmas

Like most people, you are probably ordering many if not most of your Christmas gifts online this year and it’s almost inevitable that at least one of your Christmas gifts won’t arrive when they are due to leave you very stressed and worried. Below is a list of how to complain and inquire about missing packages with different courier companies.

man wearing a Christmas hat with parcel and alarm clock

Royal Mail

If your parcel is due to be delivered by Royal Mail and it has not arrived yet you can track your delivery on the Royal Mail website here. If there is no information available when you enter your tracking number or if you didn’t receive a tracking number you should contact Royal mail by phone call on 0844 826 8010 or by filling out the claims form here.


You can also track your parcel if it is being delivered by Hermes as they should also send you a delivery tracking number which you can enter onto the site here. If your parcel hasn’t arrived or it arrived late you can contact Hermes by the online chat option here or by calling 0843 208 2273 to speak to someone from customer services about finding your parcel in time for Christmas.


For parcel that was meant to be delivered with Parcelforce, you can track your parcel here. If you have no luck tracking your parcel it is best you call Parcelforce on 0843 557 4879 to speak to a member of the customer service team about finding your parcel or to ask about receiving compensation for a late or lost parcel. If you would prefer to not talk on the phone to customer services you can contact the customer service team on the help form available here.


As DPD is one of the main courier services, you will most likely end up using it for one of your deliveries this Christmas – if your delivery has not arrived on time or it has not arrived at all you can contact DPD by calling the customer service team on 0843 557 3392 to find out where your parcel may be. If you haven’t already you can try and track your parcel here.


If your parcel has not arrived and it was due to be delivered by UPS you can try to track your parcels whereabouts here or you can directly contact UPS regarding you late or missing parcel by calling 0843 557 3634 to speak to a member of the customer service team about your package. You can also contact them by using the online chat feature here.


If you need to track down your yodel parcel you can do so by entering your tracking code here on the website. Alternatively, if you believe you need to speak to a member of the customer services team regarding your package you can call 0844 556 4733 or use the chat feature on the website here.

Give the Unique Gift of an Unforgettable Experience

It’s that time of year again already. Coloured lights and tinsel are springing up everywhere you look, before the pumpkins and fake cobwebs adorning the shops throughout October have even been taken down.

Give the Unique Gift of an Unforgettable Experience

Yes, the season of good cheer is upon us… which means that if you haven’t already, then it’s time to start the often stressful process of shopping for Christmas presents.

One way to eliminate some of the hassles of Christmas shopping is to avoid buying a lot of material items. If you want to try something a little different this year, a unique gift idea for your loved ones is to give them tickets to an exciting event. Forget the endless advertisements online and on TV, the catalogues, and the endless browsing of every crowded shop on the high street. Say goodbye to choosing between bath sets, boxes of chocolates and stocking fillers. Instead, you can offer your friends and family members not just the tickets but what they represent: entry to a limited event, with the promise of thrilling entertainment, and the incredible memories that will last long beyond the day itself. Keep reading to find out how all of this is available to you with Ticketmaster!


For Family

Give the Unique Gift of an Unforgettable ExperienceWhether it’s a present for a parent or a sibling, there are plenty of events on offer. Surprise your sister with sought-after tickets to her favourite pop singer’s show! Gift your car-crazy dad with an evening of motorsports! Buy tickets for both of you to attend, or buy tickets for them and a friend (if your mother’s favourite nineties artist on a tenth album tour maybe isn’t your thing).

If you’re a parent yourself or have younger relatives you need to buy presents for, Disney On Ice and various family-friendly pantomimes are always a hit for little ones. Or choose something all-ages and even a bit educational, like Walking With Dinosaurs, and make it a memorable adventure for the whole family.


Give the Unique Gift of an Unforgettable ExperienceFor Friends

Treat your friends to a night out with a band you all love at a local venue! If you’re a frequent gig-goer, it can also become a good habit for everyone in your friend group to pay it forward and take it in turns to buy the tickets to the next concert you all want to go to as a gift.

Why not have a laugh with your best friend at a stand-up comedy show with one of your favourite comedians? Experience it as part of the crowd instead of just watching it on TV later. There are endless opportunities for memories to be made, no matter your age.


For People Who Prefer Open Options

Maybe you don’t want to risk the dreaded return of a misjudged present, or there might be a future event you know they’ll want to go to that isn’t available yet. You don’t need to worry though – with a gift card you can still give them the promise of a fantastic live experience, but leave it up to them to choose which one they want to attend.
Give the Unique Gift of an Unforgettable Experience
You can purchase a Ticketmaster gift card with a value of up to £250 as either an e-gift card or a physical gift card. Give it a personal touch by deciding on a design and adding a message and it makes a brilliant present.

You can find these gift cards stocked by major retailers like Asda as well as online!


There’s Something For Everyone

Browse the listings and you’ll find the perfect unique gift experience to match any recipient’s interests. From space and time to classic horror cinema to world-famous theatre, there truly is something for everyone. Even for a picky person who might not like surprises, you can’t go wrong with a gift card.

Give the Unique Gift of an Unforgettable ExperienceKeep up to date on the events calendar and you can give tickets to any of the events not just at Christmas, but all year round for any gifting occasion.

Go ahead and try a new experience for birthdays and anniversaries too!

The best shows hitting our screens this August

The best shows hitting our screens this August

Strike – BBC – August 27th

On catch-up now is the amazing Strike. Originally a novel written by JK Rowling, the BBC miniseries follows Cormoran Strike, a detective based in Soho, London. Strike is a war veteran who uses his individual outlook to take on special investigations. Each investigation takes up a whole episode, much like BBC’s Sherlock (in the early years). Fans are already calling out for a second season, could this be the BBC’s answer to a replacement Sherlock?

Image Credit: BBC
Image Credit: BBC

Victoria – BBC -August 27th

Returning to our screens for its second installment, Victoria continues the storyline of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert’s romance. Joining the cast this year is Martin Compson. The former Line of Duty star will be playing Robert Traill, a social reformer set on turning the Queen’s focus. You can catch up on the first few episodes of Victoria on BBC.

Doctor Foster – BBC – September 5th

Returning for its second season, Doctor Foster picks up from the finale of its last season. Gemma Foster, having left her cheating husband and home finds new romance in a new town. But will her past catch up with her… Catch up on the first two episodes of Dr. Foster on BBC iPlayer.

Back – Channel 4 – September 6th

David Mitchell and Robert Webb are at it again. Along with Peep Show writer Simon Blackwell, the duo is set to embark on a new sitcom. Mitchell is set to play the son of the pub landlord who is due to inherit the family business. Enter his estranged brother, Webb, who mysteriously arrives one day. Could he have his eyes on the old pub? Watch Back from September 6th on Channel 4…

Tin Star – Sky Atlantic – September 7th

Already a fan favourite, Tin Star is Fargo-esque in this Sky Atlantic drama. Tim Roth plays the titular character in Tin Star. As Roth moves to a small town located in the Rockies, his character finds a life of betrayal, revenge, and murder. Paired with the amazing Canadian scenery, we can see this show going far. Catch Tin Star on Sky Atlantic on September 7th.

Strictly Come Dancing – BBC – Autumn

Strictly is finally back on our screens this autumn. With the departure of Bruce Forsythe, the shows opening episode saw a beautiful tribute to the comedian. Without a dry eye in the house. The show also gave us a new all-star cast, with the likes of Susan Calman, Richard Coles, and Debbie McGee. Alongside the stars also comes the new head judge, Shirley Ballas.

Star Trek Discovery – Netflix – September 25th

The long-awaited Star Trek Prequel is due to hit our screens this year in the form of Netlfix’s Star Trek Discovery. Set 10 years before the original series, Star Trek Discovery sees Sonequa Martin-Green as the First Officer of the Discovery. Vulcan raised, her character stars alongside Jason Isaacs of Harry Potter fame. Join the crew as the show hits Netflix on September 25th.

Stranger Things 2- Netflix – October 27th

Will Eleven return? Will Barb finally receive the justice she deserves? I guess we’ll find out on October 27th. With the trailer already released, hype surrounding Stranger Things Season 2 is getting heated pretty fast. So far, we know that the original cast will return. But that’s pretty much it, will the upside down make a return? We can’t wait to find out. Catch Stranger Things 2 on Netflix this October.

Liar – ITV – TBA

Who will you believe? Liar follows two sides of the story of a rape case. Set in central London, Liar comes from the same writers as The Missing and stars Joanne Froggatt alongside Ioan Gruffudd in this amazing breakthrough show about romance, lies, and secrets.

The Child in Time – BBC – TBA

Benedict Cumberbatch returns to the BBC is this adaptation of an Ian McEwan’s novel of the same name. Struggling to come to terms with the loss of their young daughter, Cumberbatch’s character and his on-screen wife, Kelly Macdonald, set the stage in a tale of loss and despair for a missing child.

kitGunpowder – BBC – TBA

Pining for your fix of Kit Harrington? With Game of Thrones having left our screens last month, Kit is set to return in BBC glory in a three-part drama. Revolving around the gunpowder plot of 1605, Kit stars as the mastermind behind the whole thing. Other stars in Gunpowder include Liv Tyler, Mark Gatiss, and Tom Cullen as Guy Fawkes. No announcement has been made regarding the date of this show, however, we have a feeling about November 5th…

American Horror Story: Cult – Fox – September 5th

With a full cast returning to the American Horror Story catalog, we’re excited to see just where Ryan Murphy will take this latest season. Cult takes part around the election of Donald Trump, and, with new castings including Lena Dunham, we’re excited to see just where Murphy goes with the plot.

What you can get on the Starbucks Secret Menu

Starbucks Frappucino

If you’re a regular customer at Starbucks or enjoy a Caramel Frap from time to time (let’s face it, who doesn’t) then the chances are you order the same thing when you visit because you’ve tried the menu a million times over and you have found your favourite choice. But what if I was to tell you, there’s a whole world of new and exciting drinks available on the Starbucks ‘secret’ menu that you’ve been missing out on all this time?! Apart from becoming extremely overwhelmed that there is more choice than the already coconut/soya/almond/skinny, decaf/matcha/extra shot options available, you’re probably excited about the concept of new flavours and drink options. I’m sure you have all heard vicious rumours about the secret menu in the past, but you have probably shrugged them off as just that, a rumour. However, the hidden menu is definitely bigger than you could ever imagine, with some of the greatest creations on earth, available just around the corner. So ditch the Americano and even the white chocolate mocha (as good as they are) and ask for something different instead. Tip: try whispering when you order, it is a secret after all…

More Sizes

There are actually two more sizes on the Starbucks menu  – a ‘Trenta’ which is basically a large (grande)…and then some and a ‘short’ – a very small coffee for those that prefer it strong and authentic. The short coffee is only 80z in size, but is bound to pack a punch.

Extra Strength

If a double shot just doesn’t do it for you, and you need that little extra kick in the morning, head to your local Starbucks and order a ‘red eye’ – a regular coffee with an extra shot added – a ‘black eye’ will then add an extra two espressos and if you have had a particularly heavy night a ‘green eye’ will add three and guarantee to have you totally and utterly wired. The next step (and only for the brave) is the ‘liquid cocaine’ option which is pretty much as dubious as it sounds. Four espresso shots with four pumps of white chocolate syrup poured over ice. Pure caffeine and sugar – for emergencies only.

The Nutella Latte

Yes. You read that right. If a regular Mocha isn’t good enough for you (i mean, why have anything else when you can have Nutella) then you can ask your server to make you a Nutella Latte by simply adding a pump of chocolate syrup and a pump of hazelnut and then drizzle it with caramel. This concoction can be added either to a regular latte or to an iced coffee or frap. If you want to jazz up your caramel frap and make the ultimate Twix Frappucino, you can add hazelnut syrup and java chips and Mocha drizzle. Genius.

The Coldbuster

Forget Lemsip or Strepsils, Starbucks may have the ultimate remedy for those annoying sniffles. Also known as the medicine ball, the cold buster is various remedies known for treating colds, all put together in a steaming hot mug of tea. To make the medicine ball, you put a Jade Citrus Mint tea bag and a Preach Tranquility tea bag in half a cup of boiling water and fill the rest of the mug with fresh, steamed lemonade, add honey and a tiny pump of peppermint syrup and your shivers will be gone in no time at all.

All the Frappucino’s

Apart from the regular coffees that have popularity wherever you go, the Starbucks Frappucino’s are probably their ultimate seller, everyone knows what they are and everyone has had one at least once – if you haven’t then, without being too dramatic, you haven’t really lived. Starbucks do have firm favourites that remain on the menu all year, such as the chocolate, the vanilla, the strawberry, the caramel and the coffee and they do bring out exciting seasonal flavours, especially in the summer – popular past flavours being the white chocolate creme and the mango passionfruit. However, the Starbucks secret menu has some mouthwatering, inventive flavours that before now, only existed in your dreams. Warning: not suitable clean eaters, vegans or anyone on a diet.

Candy Floss Frappucino

Simply order the classic Vanilla Bean Frappucino and add a couple pumps of delicious raspberry syrup. Top with whipped cream for a truly indulgent treat.

Banana Cream Pie Frappucino

This is exactly how it sounds – a drinkable dessert made in heaven. Ask for extra added vanilla flavouring to your vanilla frappuccino, with a pump of hazelnut and a sliced banana (this can be blended with the flavouring and the ice). Again, no Frappucino is complete without lashings of whipped cream, so make sure you request some!

Cake Batter Frappucino

Everyone loves to eat the cake mix before it’s cooked – and here you can drink it! (without the risk of salmonella). By adding extra almond syrup to your Vanilla Frapp you can recreate the flavour of uncooked cakes. Want your dessert drinks hot? Order a latte/steamed milk as your base instead!


High Performing Cameras under £600


Whether you’re just starting out in the world of photography, or you’re a seasoned professional on a budget, you can find some great deals online. Below we have compiled a varied list of amazing high performing cameras under £600. All of the cameras below can be found in stores such as Currys, or online stores such as eBay and Amazon UK. q


DSLR Cameras are for those looking to explore professional photography a little more. With interchangeable lenses and usually bulky designs, DSLR cameras are perfect for taking the perfect picture. Below are some of the highest-performing DSLR cameras on the market today under £600.

High Performing Cameras under £600NIKON D3300 DSLR Camera

The D3300, although identical in looks to its predecessor (the D3200), is far superior in terms of technology. With a right-hand grip and lip at the top of the camera, you’ll find it can easily be held one-handed if needs be.

The body of this model from Nikon is made from plastic, however, you can still see the amount of quality put into the design, as well as the tech inside. The rubber coating on the grip looks great and is perfect for grasping, and the coating can also be found on the thumb rest, which is situated on the back of the camera.

Unlike the D3200, the D3300 has a new “i” button, which can be used to get past the main menu in order to quickly change the ISO settings. Like most DSLR designs, the Nikon D3300 has a mode dial on the top of the camera. Here you can access Manual Mode, Automatic Shooting and other Scene Modes such as Panoramic and Macro. You can also find a range of new filters on this model – which were missing from the previous Nikon device.

You can buy this camera online from £300-£320, which includes a default lens.

CANON EOS 1300D DSLR CameraHigh Performing Cameras under £600

With the Canon EOS 1300D, you can send pictures easily to your phone with the NFC connection app, which is available on both IOS and Android devices. All you have to do is tap your phone to the side of the camera and the devices are paired instantly. From here, you can move photos easily from one device to the other.

With this device comes the “Q” button. Tapping this will show you various functions and filters, which you can use and see on the screen. You can navigate anything on the screen with the command dial, and make adjustments by tapping the buttons on the dial itself. On this part of the camera, you can also mess around with the IOS settings.

Videos with the Canon 1300D are recorded at 1080p and delivers great quality videos even when transferred from the camera to your chosen device. The longest you can record on the 1300D is 12 minutes when the video reaches the 4GB limit.

The 1300D will cost you around £300.

Mirrorless Cameras

Mirrorless cameras are for the professional on the go. These cameras are usually small and compact. However, they deliver great quality images and videos for their size and usually feature interchangeable lenses. Here are some of our top picks:

High Performing Cameras under £600SONY a5000

The a5000 is perfect if you’re looking to upgrade from a handheld or even a phone. The model boasts face detection, multiple modes for shooting and full HD video shooting. The screen on the A5000 is 3inches wide and can be flipped up to 180 degrees, so it’s great if you’re a selfie fanatic!

With this camera, you can transfer images onto your phone thanks to NFC connectivity. All you need to do is download Sony’s PlayMemories App. With this camera, you can also retouch images within the phone itself, and you can create time lapse videos thanks to an app which you can download from the app store on your phone.

This camera has an E-Mount, which means it can hold different lenses for the more seasoned professional.

Prices for this camera start at around £320

High Performing Cameras under £600CANON EOS M3

The Canon M3 is an entry level camera which rivals the Sony a5000. Although the Canon is much more expensive, coming it in around £400, it doesn’t offer much more than the Sony in terms of specs. However, the design of the camera is beautiful, and can’t be excluded if you are after a brand name and a lovely design. The M3 has a chunky hand grip, meaning you can operate it one-handed if you need to.

You can also order this camera in a bundle, which comes with a range of lens kits.

The screen is 3 inches and is LCD, which will give you more vivid colours and visibility in daylight.


The 25 Most Ridiculous Holiday Complaints Ever Recorded


If you have a reason to complain, you should absolutely do so – just call any of our complaints hotlines to be put through to the company that wronged you and sort the problem out as quickly as possible.

However, for some people, it isn’t enough to be resolving an issue. Some people don’t stop to consider what the issue even is that they’re supposed to be resolving; or to check whether it’s really a problem; or to check whether it’s really real at all.

Some people just won’t let reality stand in the way of a good complain – and no-one seems to be as good at it as Brits on holiday. Here’s a collection of the most ridiculous complaints ever compiled, by cruise companies, resorts, hotels, package holiday providers, and confused local people.

1. The Unlucky Balloonists


“There was not a single warning telling people not to go on the hot air balloons if they have a fear of heights.”

2. Local customs are just laziness and should be banned!


“I can’t believe how lazy local people are, closing the shops in “siesta” time. I needed to buy things over that time and couldn’t! Closing for a siesta should be banned.”



“We bought several pairs of Ray-Ban sunglasses from a market stall on the street and they later turned out to be fakes. We paid 5 euros each for them and we want that money back.”

4. What do you mean, the water park isn’t all-inclusive?


“We arranged a trip to a nearby water park but we weren’t told anything about needing to bring our own towels and swimming gear.”

5. “Custard is about as spicy as I can stand.”


“In Goa (India) the food choice was disgraceful – nearly everywhere just sold variations on curry! I hate spicy food!”

6. What’s a cup of tea without a proper biscuit?


“It should be explained in the brochures and websites that none of the shops here sell proper biscuits like custard creams and digestives.”

7. “They’re everywhere. We’re surrounded by foreigners.”


“I can’t believe how many people here are Spanish. The hotel staff are all obviously Spanish, even the food is all Spanish style! Far too many foreigners here.”

8. The sand is a lie


“The sand was shown as yellow in the pictures online, but is sort of a yellowish-white colour in real life. It threw off a lot of our photos.”

9. More preferential treatment for the Americans


“The flight home was nine hours! The Americans made it back in three! Why do they get such preferential treatment?”

10. Terror From The Deep


“We weren’t told that the sea may have some fish in it. Our children were very spooked.”

11. A Perfectly Good Holiday, Destroyed by Breasts


“I can’t believe topless sunbathing hasn’t been banned. My holiday was ruined. My husband kept looking at other women’s shapely breasts.”

12. If your hotel staff put up a sign which takes you hostage, call the police at your earliest convenience.


A woman called the police because she believed the “do not disturb” sign provided on the handle of her hotel room door was a command to remain in the room. She believed she had been wrongfully imprisoned.

13. Don’t compare your manhood to a bull elephant’s


A sightseer at a top-end African game lodge with a fantastic view of a watering hole registered a complaint that his honeymoon had been completely ruined by a randy bull elephant, which made him feel “inadequate as a man”.

14. The Song of the Sea

“I understand that this is a cruise ship but it must be possible to do something about the noise of the sea. It is unbelievably loud.”

15. When you saw the word “Cruise” and assumed it meant “Tom Cruise”


“Your company is called “Celebrity Cruises.” There was not a single celebrity on board, despite the obviously misleading name. I would like a refund as I have been lied to.”

16. When the Arctic Circle turns out to be chilly


“The so-called “Summer Cruise” in Alaska was nowhere near as warm as I expected it to be.”

17. When there’s a lack of cataclysmic lava explosions on your holiday


“We were led to believe that the resort was next to a volcano, but when we got there we saw that it was just a regular mountain. There wasn’t even any lava or magma anywhere. It wasn’t even smoking.”

18. When the stealthy animals turn out to be hard to see


“I was on safari for bloody ages and didn’t see any decent animals like a lion or anything, just loads of impalas everywhere.”

19. There’s always the guy who claimed Disneyworld was “too touristy”


That’s all there is to this one. Some dude literally lambasted DisneyWorld for being too touristy.

20. Don’t compare your manhood to bull elephants, and certainly don’t compare your looks to the locals


“The women there were too good looking, I started feeling really ugly and down”

21. “How do these Germans read all this German nonsense?”


“All the street signs are in German! I can’t believe people manage to find their way around.”

22. The appearance is more important than the reality.


“The animals at the zoo all look so depressed and worn-down. It was so depressing that it made our children cry. Can’t they train the animals to look happy or something?”

23. Try not to let your critics get to you – even if the circumstances of that critique are extremely unlikely.


A man claimed he had been “rendered impotent with embarrassment” and unable to perform sexually after a hotel maid walked in on him, “giggled to herself at [his] small size” and walked out.

24. “The resort really should implement some sort of vetting process.”


“The beach was overrun with fat people, it was very unpleasant.”

25. “Seriously, the resort needs to vet out some of these unsightly people, they’re making us feel unwell.”


“It was impossible to enjoy our otherwise incredible view on your tours, as the tour guide was so ugly. It’s ridiculous that someone so ugly is sent to distract from such a gorgeous view.”

As you can see from this list, it’s possible for a holiday to go badly wrong. It’s possible for your holidays – where the most stressful thing you do includes drinking a martini in the sun or floating on a lilo in a swimming pool surrounded by ancient Roman ruins – into a deeply stressful experience.

What you Should be Watching on Channel 4 this March

what to watch on channel 4 this march

From interesting and thought-provoking documentaries to gripping dramas and hilarious sitcoms, Channel 4 definitely have something for everyone when it comes to their entertainment. Here’s what you should be watching this month…

Extremely British Muslims

In an attempt to try and kerb stigma and prejudice, and just generally for those that are interested, Channel 4 have made a documentary series that gives an intimate insight into the lives of regular British Muslims, including having camera access inside Birmingham Central Mosque. The documentary is shown on Thursday’s at 10pm.

Game of Clones

The concept of this show is a brilliant one. A lonely heart looking for love will design their ideal match using the latest avatar technology. From hair colour to eye and face shape. Once their ideal person has been created, the show’s producers will go out and find eight people who look exactly as the participant has designed. As a result, that person will meet eight ‘clones’ of each other. Weird, yet very wonderful. The show is airing every weeknight at 7.30pm and you can catch up with all the episodes that have already been shown, on All 4.

A Very British Hotel

An exclusive docu-series going behind the scenes at the exclusive Mandarin oriental Hyde hotel in London to really see how the other half live. Filmed during the busy summer season, the hotel staff bend over backwards to accommodate some extremely elite guests from all over the world. The first episode was shown on 2nd March and is available to catch up on All 4 now.

Celebs Go Dating

Another E4 dating masterpiece, Celebs Go Dating features some familiar faces both male and female as they attend ‘mixers’ in the hope to gel with each other. There are blind dates involved as well as some of the celebs being reunited with former flames which is guaranteed to spark a bit of drama. If you love all things celebrity or just fancy a bit of a laugh at a celebrity’s expense then this is definitely the show for you. The show is now into its second series and All 4 is showing all of the most recent episodes including all of the previous episodes as well. Time for a binge.


The new Channel 4 show that everyone is going crazy for, Mutiny has gained so much interest because it is pretty much taking reality TV to the next level and is guaranteed not to be short of excitement. Led by SAS Who Dares Wins’ super tough Ant Middleton, Mutiny sees a group of ‘unbreakable’ men attempt to row 3,600 miles as they replicate the 1789 voyage made by William Bligh on board a ship just 23 feet long. Every detail of the historic journey is recreated, including the rations Bligh and his men had on board, which amongst it includes just 28 gallons of water. The journey will take 48 days. Speaking of the voyage and giving viewers to something to look forward to, Middleton speaks of how he lost 21kg’s during the journey – an indication of just how gruelling we can expect the journey to be. The first episode was shown on Monday March 6th and we can expect the second in a week’s time. Catch up if you haven’t already!

Travel man: 48 Hours in St. Petersburg

The travel man series are both entertaining and educational as everyone’s favourite comedian Richard Ayoade joins other celebrities to make the most of 48 hours in a different European city every week. The most recent episode, shown on the 6th March showed Richard and comedian Rob Beckett as they explored the Russian city of St. Petersburg. A really interesting watch…involving a lot of vodka and fur.




How to Shop the Boxing Day Sales (and live to tell the tale)

sale shopping

You might think we are getting ahead of ourselves, reporting on the post-Christmas sales already, but the fact of the matter is, sale shopping after Christmas is a very serious business that requires a special set of skills. Expect crowds like you’ve never seen before as people head hurriedly to their local city centre to see what bargains can be found with any money they might have required over Christmas. The most notorious boxing day sale of them all is probably the Next Sale which sees queues in the early hours of the morning every year  of hopefuls looking to save some money on their reduced clobber. Personally, I’d rather be at home tucking into leftovers of epic proportions, but hey, each to their own. Everyone in the boxing day sales are no doubt out to buy something they had their eye on before Christmas but have frugally saved their money until it was reduced (often by up to half price) and so you can expect nothing other than chaos. If you are planning on taking  a trip into the sales on boxing day, but are, like many, slightly apprehensive, then read our guide to making sure that you grab the bargains that you are after and, well, stay alive.

Preparation is Key

So if you have officially shaken your turkey coma and decide that shopping is what you want to do the day after Christmas then you need to have a plan. You can’t just treat this like any other regular shopping day where you can have a leisurely stroll around browsing and trying on items. Oh no. As soon as you hit the city centre (that’s if you’ve managed to park in the first place – public transport very rarely runs on boxing day) you will be met with crowds and crowds of people so a route of what shops you want to go in and what order will prevent you getting caught up with the wandering masses. Planning each shop in a certain order means you don’t have to do circles in town as getting through the crowd might be tough.

Go Early!

In some cases (ok, not all) shops begin their Boxing Day sales on Christmas Eve and some even as early as the 23rd. Not only does this mean you could potentially buy some reduced last minute Christmas presents, it also means you can stay in bed on Boxing Day having already caught all the bargains and watch the Royle Family on repeat with a box of Quality Street and a Christmas cracker hat. The crowds are likely to be reduced significantly before Christmas Day and it also means that you can get a fresh pick of all the reduced stuff, as by lunchtime Boxing Day we can’t guarantee there will be even much left!

Go on, have a coffee break

The season of indulgence officially doesn’t end until January begins so the ‘eating everything in sight’ attitude should still be in full swing. Stop for a festive coffee, some lunch or a piece of cake because shopping on an empty stomach is never fun! There will be plenty of great cafes, bars and restaurants open on Boxing Day to choose from, and don’t forget to smile at your server – going straight back to work the day after Christmas is slightly soul destroying!

Check the Refund Policy

Always a good one to remember in a sale situation. Although the same policy should generally apply for sale and non-sale items (usually returns are valid within 28 days if the item has not been worn) there may be changes made when a sale is in place that means you can’t return an item or can only exchange it for store credit. If you are panic buying and not trying items on (as sometimes happens in a sale) then you might be counting on returning some of your items. Check first.

Keep your Dignity

Just basically don’t be one of those pushing and shoving maniacs that can often be seen wreaking havoc and will stop at nothing to get what they want. There’s a time and a place for that and it isn’t in a crowded shop on Boxing Day…#justsayin.

Don’t Buy Crap

Of course, everything reduced in a sale causes huge temptations to buy things we really don’t need, or even want. Ask yourself before you buy an item – would you buy it if its sale price was its original price? A good way of avoiding buying crap is to look in your wardrobe before you leave the house assessing what additions you would like for it and seeing whether there is anything that you absolutely need. This way you can avoid buying clothes similar or the same to the ones already in your wardrobe.

Shop Online

Bit of an obvious one – but if you want to avoid all of what is mentioned above and don’t mind paying a cheeky delivery charge, then stay in bed and get ordering!





Avoid Being Scammed this Christmas

avoid being scammed

It’s easy to get caught up in the Christmas spirit and spend a little more than we maybe should have when it comes to Christmas shopping for our loved ones (and ourselves). This can be all well and good until you fall victim to one of the many scams that are around at Christmas time as they aim to take advantage of our nation’s frivolous spending habits during the festive season. There is always someone out there to spoil all of the fun, but if you’re careful with where your money is going (yes, buy that pair of shoes, it’s only Christmas once a year) then you’ll be able to have a scam free Christmas. Here are a few precautionary measures you should take to protect your finances when you need them most.

Keep Track of your Statements

According to a study put in place by Nationwide Building Society, out of 2000 UK adults, nearly half of them admitted to not checking their current account as much as they would during the Christmas period, and whilst it is the season to be jolly, it is definitely still worth taking a look to see that your statement matches exactly what you have spent, to avoid missing any fraudulent activity that might have occurred, particularly if you are ordering a lot of goods online. It is thought that fraudsters strike at Christmas due to the fact that people are less likely to check their statements and therefore they are less likely to be discovered. Whilst looking at your statement during December might be scary enough as it is, you will thank yourself come January when you know that the reason your bank account is empty is because of you, and you alone.

Check the site is legit

The biggest place for scams is the world of online shopping, especially when shoppers enter their details into untrustworthy websites, without knowing what they are truly letting themselves in for. Not only can you be scammed out of more money than you bargained for, you can also fall victim to counterfeit, which means you will be sent a fake version of an item you ordered, even though you were under the impression that the product was 100% genuine. 38% of adults out of the same study claimed they did not know how to tell if a website was real or not. If you fall into that percentage then listen up. To check that a website will securely process your transaction you should look for the padlock symbol and HTTP in the URL at the payment stage. If not, give it a miss. If you see an offer that is too good to be true, the chances are, it is and you should avoid it. Too many people fall victim to either receiving fake goods or in fact not receiving anything at all, losing the money that they spent.

Shield your pin

This may seem like basic security, but carelessness really can cost you when you are using ATM machines. If you are hitting the high street to shop this Christmas and getting cash from a hole in the wall, or purchasing an item using chip and pin, be sure that no one is looking when you enter the details. This crafty way of thieving is known as shoulder surfing, and it happens all too often.

Keep your plans to yourself

Christmas is a time to spend with friends and family, and this might mean travelling to places far and wide to spend the holidays. Whilst this is all well and good, posting too much on social media about being away from home may have disastrous results. Anyone looking to break into your home might put two and two together and realise that your home is vacant and therefore see the perfect opportunity for a break in. Don’t give them that opportunity.

Update your anti-virus software

…If you haven’t in a while. Even e-cards spreading Christmas cheer can contain all kinds of malware that can be potentially harmful to your computer and if your computer has a virus, they can pick up on any card details you might be entering. Not only this, but your device can also be harmed beyond repair, depending on the severity of the damage. Anti-virus software will prevent these issues.

Conductors of the study, Nationwide, have informed consumers that if they do order something online with their credit card and it has not arrived when it said it will, then they could be entitled to their money back under the section 75 rule of the Consumer Credit Act. In some cases, there may be a joint liability between the credit card provider and the seller. If this is the case, the customer’s loss can be compensated for amounts of up to £300, to avoid themselves and loved ones being disappointed at Christmas time.