0843 557 3597

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines is the sovereign-preferred airline of the Netherlands. It is the oldest airline in the world with its original name, starting as KLM in 1919. KLM flies to more than 140 destinations.

DepartmentContact NumberOpening Times
KLM Booking Complaints0843 557 3597Mon – Fri: 24/7
Sat – Sun: 2/7
KLM Flight Complaints0843 557 3597Mon – Fri: 24/7
Sat – Sun: 2/7
KLM Baggage Complaints0843 557 3597Mon – Fri: 24/7
Sat – Sun: 2/7
KLM Refund Complaints0843 557 3597Mon – Fri: 24/7
Sat – Sun: 2/7
KLM Compensation Complaints0843 557 3597Mon – Fri: 24/7
Sat – Sun: 2/7
KLM Flying Blue Complaints0843 557 3597Mon – Fri: 24/7
Sat – Sun: 2/7

KLM Booking Complaints

If you have a complaint relating to your booking with KLM Airlines, call 0843 557 3597. Call if you are experiencing difficulties trying to make a booking, such as group bookings or special requirements. It is possible to change or cancel a KLM booking, but some restrictions apply. Call and complain about your booking if there is a problem with amendments or cancellation. Make sure that you have your booking reference number and the details regarding the flights and the passengers in the booking.

KLM Flight Complaints

You should make a complaint at the airport at the KLM customer services desk if you have a problem before or during check-in or before the flight. If the KLM staff at the airport do not assist you to the level that you want them to, then call 0843 557 3597 to escalate your complaint. Some issues at the airport may not be the responsibility of KLM, but if that is the case then they should tell you where to direct your complaint instead. Complain if you paid extra for Flexibility but can’t use it properly.

KLM Baggage Complaints

The inconvenience of baggage delays and problems caused by missing baggage are not ideal for any holiday or business trip. It is important to report missing baggage right away at the airport when you are going through Arrivals. If KLM doesn’t recover the luggage for your trip, keep the reference they give you so that you can contact them and keep checking. Call KLM on 0843 557 3597 to complain about baggage handling for a KLM flight. Put a complaint in at the airport if your luggage is damaged.

KLM Refund Complaints

If something goes wrong with your KLM booking or flight, it may entitle you to a refund or financial compensation. You might decide to cancel a booking yourself within the conditions that allow you to receive a refund. If you have a complaint about these processes of claiming a refund back from KLM, call them on 0843 557 3597. Complain if they do not compensate you for unforeseen expenses due to unreasonable delays or cancellations by KLM. You should get your money back within four weeks.

KLM Compensation Complaints

Trips not going according to plan is never pleasant, but at least you can get financial compensation from the airline. This could be due to a delay longer than 3 hours, or if there were delays without special circumstances (e.g. a strike or adverse weather). If you were unable to board due to KLM overbooking their flight, then they should first offer to book you onto the next available flight. Call 0843 557 3597 after filling out the relevant forms at the airport to follow your compensation claim.

KLM Flying Blue Complaints

Flying Blue is the name of the loyalty club for frequent flyers on KLM Airlines. Like other such clubs, you earn Miles like points which you can eventually redeem to pay for future flights and upgrades. Call 0843 557 3597 if your Flying Blue points from an eligible flight do not appear on your account within 2 weeks after the flight. Or call to complain if you have problems trying to spend your Miles on KLM tickets or in their online store. Complain if your membership level is lower than it should be.