0843 218 9673

Phone the number 0843 218 9673 to make a complaint to Iceland, when you phone this number you can make a complaint about their food or products, the service you received, bonus cards or something else.

Iceland Complaints Numbers

Post Office Department Contact Number Opening Times
Complaints 0843 218 9673 Monday to Friday 9am till 5pm
Food complaints 0843 218 9674 Monday to Friday 9am till 5pm
Service complaints 0843 218 9675 Monday to Friday 9am till 5pm
Delivery complaints 0843 218 9676 Monday to Friday 9am till 5pm
Bonus card complaints 0843 218 9677 Monday to Friday 9am till 5pm
Website complaints 0843 557 5427 Monday to Friday 9am till 5pm


Get in touch with Iceland’s complaints department on the phone number 0843 218 9673. When you ring this number you can make a complaint about problems you’ve encountered whilst shopping in-store or online.

Ringing this number if you would like to get further details about the complaints process which Iceland follows as a protocol, here you can get details about how long it usually takes for their complaints to be resolved, as well as information as what is likely to be the outcome of your complaint.

Food complaints

You can ring the number 0843 218 9674 to phone Iceland about a complaint that’s relating to the food you have purchased from the brand. When you phone this number it’s best to phone about their own-brand products, as you’ll likely be re-directed if you phone considering a different food brand that you purchased through their store. You might wish to phone this number if you find that the food you have bought is not up to the quality you expect, or there is something in there that shouldn’t be.

Iceland also has an exclusive partnership with Slimming World to create meals and food options for people who follow their plan. You can ring this number above to get in touch with them regarding this and have your say about the quality of these products, and maybe suggestions on what else you would like to see from them.

Service complaints

Phone the number 0843 218 9675 to make a complaint regarding the level of service you received from Iceland employees. When you ring this number you can express your anger and disappoint relating to the service you received whilst in an Iceland store. When you phone you will need to provide information about the incident, as well as details of the store you visited and the name of the employee who you felt did not help in a high standard.

Delivery complaints

You can have your food shop delivered from in-store or whilst shopping online with Iceland, and if you have a complaint that relates to the delivery of your shopping you can phone the number 0843 218 9676. When you ring this number you can make a complaint about the delivery person who brought your shopping maybe they were rude or not helpful. You can also make a complaint if the delivery was late or early, as you usually are given a slot that they have to stick to. If you find that there are items missing or damaged in your delivery you can also phone this number above to make a complaint relating to this.

Bonus card complaints

Make a complaint about the Iceland Bonus Card when you ring the number 0843 218 9677. When you phone this number they will log your complaint and aim to get it resolved in a timely manner. You can make a complaint if you find that your bonus card is missing points from purchases you have made if there are errors with the card or more.

Website complaints

Make a complaint about the Iceland website when you phone the number 0843 557 5427. You can phone this number if you are having trouble placing an order through the website or can’t navigate through the website with ease.