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03457 404 404

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Call the number to make a complaint to HSBC, you can phone the bank if you have issues with PPI, one of their employees, credit cards, mortgages or anything else.

HSBC Complaint Numbers

HSBC Opening Times
Complaints (Mon-Fri) 9am – 5pm
HSBC PPI Complaints (Mon-Fri) 9am – 5pm
HSBC Safeguard Complaints (Mon-Fri) 9am – 5pm
HSBC Employee Complaints (Mon-Fri) 9am – 5pm
HSBC Premier Complaints (Mon-Fri) 9am – 5pm
HSBC Credit Card Complaints (Mon-Fri) 9am – 5pm
HSBC Business Complaints (Mon-Fri) 9am – 5pm
HSBC Mortgage Complaints (Mon-Fri) 9am – 5pm


If you have a complaint to make to HSBC, for whatever reason, you should call. The operator will ask you to explain the details of your complaint in detail and should be able to have it resolved there and then. However, if the complaint is a little more serious or complex then it will need to be escalated to the relevant department. If this is the case, the operator will explain this over the phone and will tell you when you can expect a callback. Please be sure to provide a phone number that you will be available on and to leave your full name. It should be no longer than 5 working days before someone gets back to you.

HSBC PPI Complaints

Make a complaint to HSBC regarding mis-sold PPI on the number, when you call this number the advisors will be able to take note of your complaint and start the investigation to see whether you were mis-sold Payment Protection Insurance. The deadline for claiming for this is looming, so it’s important that you start your case soon by rining this number. You could be entitled to a refund of money.

HSBC Safeguard Complaints

Call the number to make a complaint about the HSBC Safeguard, which is designed to protect your money and savings from financial crime and fraud. You can call this number to complain about how they have gone about checking over the details relating to safeguarding your accounts. You can also call this number to make a complaint relating to fraud that has happened on your accounts anyway, despite the extra protection they’ve supposedly set up.

HSBC Complaints Address

If you’d like to send your complaint in writing to HSBC you can send your letter to the address:

Customer Care Team, HSBC UK, PO Box 6125, Coventry, CV3 9GW

When you write your complaint provide as much detail as possible relating to the complaint, as well as your name, full address, email contact and a preferred contact number too.

HSBC Employee Complaints

Make a complaint about an HSBC employee by calling the number. When you phone this number the complaints team will take details of complaints relating to employees who have been rude to you whilst visiting a branch, or if you found that they weren’t particularly helpful with what you needed doing.

HSBC Premier Complaints

If you have an HSBC Premier account and would like to make a complaint relating to this, you can phone the number. When you call this number you can explain the issue that’s arisen, whether it’s to do with your Premier bank account, credit card or savings, or problems with the relationship management of the account, investment advice you’ve been given or stocks and shares ISA.

HSBC Bank Complaint Email

Send your complaint in an email to HSBC bank by forwarding your details to the address:

When you email your complaint to HSBC their trained team will do their best to ensure that your complaint is answered quickly.

HSBC Credit Card Complaints

Call the number to make a complaint about an HSBC Credit card. You can phone this number to make complaints about the interest charges on your credit card, any changes that have been made to your account without any details given, or if your direct debit for paying your credit card charges has been changed or cancelled without any indication.

HSBC Business Complaints

If you have a business account with HSBC you can phone the number to make your complaint. You might need to complain about the account in general, getting new people added onto the account, issues with cards, charges on the account and more.

HSBC Mortgage Complaints

Get in touch with HSBC on the number to make a complaint about an HSBC Mortgage. You can phone this number to complain about payments of your mortgage, changes to interest rates, or charges that have been added without explanation.

HSBC Complaints Procedure

When you contact HSBC to make a complaint they will do their best to give you a response straight away, however, this might not always be possible. If they can’t respond straight away, they’ll take some details from you and respond within five working days with details on when you can expect to hear from them again, and how they are dealing with your complaint.

It can take up to 56 days to get a response from HSBC, so be aware of this. If you find that it has been longer for your complaint response, call the number above to find out what is going on with your complaint and how much longer you can expect to wait.

If you’re not happy with the response given to you by HSBC you can get in touch with the Financial Ombudsman who will independently review your complaint and give their verdict on it.