0844 826 8030

HSBC is a British multinational and financial services holding company that was first established in London in 1991 (in its present form). HSBC originates in Hong Kong and its initials actually stand for the Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation which was first incorporated in 1866. HSBC has over 4000 offices in 70 countries and as a result, a huge 37 million customers. There are many reasons why you might need to get in contact with HSBC and the best way of doing this is by calling 0844 826 8030.


If you have a complaint to make to HSBC, for whatever reason, you should call 0843 557 0864. The operator will ask you to explain the details of your complaint in detail and should be able to have it resolved there and then. However, if the complaint is a little more serious or complex then it will need to be escalated to the relevant department. If this is the case, the operator will explain this over the phone and will tell you when you can expect a callback. Please be sure to provide a phone number that you will be available on and to leave your full name. It should be no longer than 5 working days before someone gets back to you.

HSBC PPI Complaints

Make a complaint to HSBC regarding mis-sold PPI on the number 0843 557 3595, when you call this number the advisors will be able to take note of your complaint and start the investigation to see whether you were mis-sold Payment Protection Insurance. The deadline for claiming for this is looming, so it’s important that you start your case soon by rining this number. You could be entitled to a refund of money.

HSBC Everyday Banking

When you call the HSBC everyday Banking contact line, you will be taken through to a switchboard where you can choose the department you would like to contact. Everyday banking at HSBC includes current accounts and credit cards and small transactions that take place on a daily basis. The switchboard operator will ask you to press 1) for current accounts, 2) to discuss saving options, 3) to find out what credit cards are available and 4) for international services (travel money is included in this). You can also use this number to locate your nearest HSBC branch, simply state your location to the call handler. To contact HSBC about everyday banking, you should call 0843 557 3771.

HSBC Borrowing

Borrowing at HSBC comes in a few forms, from personal bank loans to mortgages and credit cards there are many options to ensure that you are in a  comfortable financial position as a HSBC customer. To speak to a professional advisor in confidence, simply call 0843 557 3578 where the switchboard will ask you to press 1) for mortgages, 2) for loans (personal/flexi/graduate) 3) for credit cards and 4) for overdrafts. If you are calling about mortgages, you will be able to make an appointment with the call handler to go into your local branch and discuss your mortgage options in person. Simply state when you are available and an appointment around that date will be found for you, as well as directions to your nearest HSBC.


HSBC understands that any type of investing requires professional financial advice and so their investing contact number is available for those that are thinking of making an investment and would like to discuss HSBC’s services. The investing phone number acts as more of an advice line and so there is no switchboard, just a friendly operator who will provide excellent advice and also look into any issues you might be having as a HSBC investor. Things you can discuss on the investing phone line include investment funds, child trust funds, trade funds and stocks and shares ISA options. Please call 0843 557 3756 to discuss any of the above.


When you call the insurance phone line again, you will be put through to a switchboard so you can select which area of insurance you would like to discuss. Press 1) for home insurance, 2) for travel insurance, 3) for student insurance products 4) for car insurance and 5) for life insurance and critical illness cover. Press 0 to be put through to an operator (you should do this if you are looking to make a claim, rather than take out insurance). To contact HSBC insurance, call 0844 453 0258.

HSBC Other Contact Numbers:

HSBC Phone Number
Everyday Banking 0843 557 3771
Borrowing 0843 557 3578
Insurance 0844 453 0258
Complaints 0843 557 0864
HSBC PPI Complaints 0843 557 3595