0844 826 8030

HSBC Complaints Number
HSBC Complaints Number

HSBC is a multinational bank and financial services provider.

HSBC Other Contact Numbers:

HSBC Phone Number
HSBC Complaints Department 0844 826 8030
HSBC Telephone Banking 0843 557 0864
Lost or stolen cards 0843 557 0864
HSBC Mortgage Complaints 0844 826 8030

HSBC Opening Hours

Department Opening Hours
Complaints 8am-10pm, Monday to Sunday

HSBC Head Office Address

Department Address
Head Office 8 Canada Square
London E14 5HQ

When do cheques clear?
Cancelling a Direct Debit
Activating your new HSBC card

Reasons to call the HSBC Complaints Number:

  • To make a complaint about your current account, such as overdraft charges.
  • To make a complaint about your credit card- for example, interest rates.
  • To complain about your mortgage, loan or other financial services.
  • To complain about being mis-sold PPI.
  • To make a complaint about an experience which occurred in an HSBC branch.

HSBC Complaints Department

If you have an issue with HSBC products or services, it’s important to raise your complaint as soon as possible. There are a number of ways that you can do this: by visiting your local branch, by calling the complaints number on this page or online via internet banking.

HSBC records the details of every complaint that it receives in order to improve things in the future. The majority of issues are solved straight away but if the complaint is a little more complicated, you will be sent a letter of acknowledgement within 5 working days- this will explain what HSBC plans to do next and when you can expect to hear from them. The final response from the bank will be sent by letter.

HSBC Complaints Address

If you wish to make your complaint in writing, you can do so by writing to:

Customer Care Team
HSBC Bank Plc, PO Box 6125,
Coventry, CV3 9GW

Remember to include as much detail as possible, such as what happened and any proof that you have, such as bank statements or letters. You should also outline how you want the situation to be resolved, i.e. a refund or compensation and when you expect the complaint to be solved by.

HSBC PPI Complaints

Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) was a product sold by banks. It meant that in the event of your death or unemployment, your loan repayments would be covered by the insurance. HSBC stopped selling PPI in 2008, but before that, the bank had five PPI products:

  • Cardholder Repayment Plan
  •  Personal Loan Protection Plan
  • Flexiloan Repayment Plan
  • Mortgage Repayment Protection
  • Small Business Loan Protection

There were concerns that some of these products may have been mis-sold when customers were taking out mortgages or loans. As such, there has been a spike in PPI complaints over the last few years. There are several agencies who will manage the claim on your behalf but will take a percentage of the claim once it has been paid out. You can cut out the middleman by taking your complaint straight to HSBC using the phone number on this page.

HSBC aims to resolve your PPI complaint within eight weeks. If you don’t receive a response within this timeframe, you can pass your complaint on to the Financial Ombudsman Service.

HSBC Mortgage Complaints

If you have a complaint about your mortgage, it’s important to inform HSBC as soon as possible, using the complaints number on this page or one of the alternative methods. If you are unhappy with your rate of interest, monthly payment or you feel as though your mortgage was mis-sold to you, raise the issue with HSBC.

HSBC Credit Card Complaints

If you have taken out a credit card with HSBC and you feel that the interest rate is not what you were sold or there is another issue with the card, you can make a complaint to HSBC. You can do this by using your internet banking, writing to the bank or by calling 0844 826 8030.

HSBC Bank Account

There are several different bank accounts available from HSBC. The standard bank account gives you an overdraft and the ability to set up Direct Debits. The HSBC Advance bank account gives you preferential rates on savings accounts and mortgages, as well as worldwide cash withdrawals without fees. Premier accounts give you worldwide travel insurance, your own relationship manager to help you manage your finances and preferential rates. For students and graduates, there are specific accounts tailored to that period of life. Lastly, there is a MyMoney account for young people over the age of 7.

HSBC Internet Banking

HSBC internet banking is an online service which helps you to manage your finances. The website is fully optimised for mobile devices, making it easier for you to do your banking on the move.

HSBC Business

If you are a business owner, HSBC can help you build a strong financial structure for your company. There is a range of bank accounts tailored for businesses of all sizes. You can also get credit cards to help manage your company spending. You’ll also find business insurance and savings products.

Popular questions about HSBC

HSBC: When do cheques clear?

When you pay in a cheque at an HSBC branch, your funds will be available within

hsbc bank account
hsbc bank account

six working days.


HSBC: How to cancel a direct debit

You can cancel a Direct Debit via internet banking, telephone banking or b

y visiting your local branch- for the latter, you’ll need photo ID. Don’t forget to also inform the company who you normally pay that you are stopping the Direct Debit.


HSBC: How to activate new card

If you have received a new credit or debit card, you can activate it by logging on to online banking and clicking ‘activate new card’. You can also activate your card by calling telephone banking. Lastly, visit any cash machine and make a transaction (such as a balance enquiry or withdrawing cash) and your card should activate automatically.

About HSBC

HSBC has over 6000 offices across 71 countries, with a customer base of 60 million. The name HSBC comes from the Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation, where the bank has origins which can be traced back to 1866. As such, both the UK and Hong Kong are seen by the bank as home markets.

For more information about HSBC products and services, call the HSBC complaints number on this page.

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