Vue Cinema

0844 249 2313

Vue is a multinational cinema chain which operates throughout Europe as well as the UK. Formed in 2003, Vue cinemas are often open all day, every day. Vue is the third largest cinema chain in the UK.

DepartmentContact NumberOpening Times
Vue Cinema Complaints0844 249 2313Mon – Fri: 24/7
Sat – Sun: 2/7
Vue Cinema Ticket Complaints0844 249 2314Mon – Fri: 24/7
Sat – Sun: 2/7
Vue Cinema Venue Complaints0844 249 2318Mon – Fri: 24/7
Sat – Sun: 2/7
Vue Cinema Refund Complaints0844 249 2319Mon – Fri: 24/7
Sat – Sun: 2/7
Vue Cinema Gift Card Complaints0844 249 2334Mon – Fri: 24/7
Sat – Sun: 2/7
VUE Cinema IMAX Complaints0844 249 2365Mon – Fri: 24/7
Sat – Sun: 2/7

Vue Cinema Complaints

If you have a poor experience at a Vue cinema, report it to the venue staff while you are there. You can ask to speak to the cinema manager if it is a severe issue. Otherwise, you can wait to complain by telephone by calling Vue on 0844 249 2313. You can fill out a survey online if you want to pass on some feedback. If you are expecting Vue to look into your complaint and provide a reply explaining what they have done, then it is better to call Vue and speak to a member of the crew about an issue.

Vue Cinema Ticket Complaints

If there is a ticketing problem, it is best to go to the ticket counter at the Vue cinema you’re visiting for help. However, if it is an online ticketing issue, then you can call 0844 249 2314 to complain and get some assistance. You can also call with general complaints about ticket types, prices, availability, or any other ticket issues. This includes offers like Vue Family Tickets and Super Mondays or senior and student discounts. Complain if you have a problem with Express Pick-up when booking online.

Vue Cinema Venue Complaints

There are lots of Vue cinemas, and not all of them offer the same features. Even if your local Vue does have a feature like VIP seating or recliners, or VueXtreme super screens, you might not have a good experience with them. Complain when you visit if you are not happy, or to complain generally about a Vue cinema venue then call 0844 249 2318. Explain what is wrong at the venue and what you would like to see improve. This could include cleanliness, speed of service, or staff behaviour.

Vue Cinema Refund Complaints

Tickets for Vue cinema screens are non-refundable once you have bought them. However, you can amend a booking at the ticket counter of the Vue cinema up to 20 minutes before the screening. If you book for the wrong venue mistakenly then you can amend this booking over the phone. Should you experience a problem with changing a booking, call 0844 249 2319 to complain. You can ask for a refund if there was a problem with the screening or the food or drink that ruined the experience.

Vue Cinema Gift Card Complaints

You can let somebody buy their own tickets and food on a visit to the cinema with a Vue gift card. If you got a gift card bought directly from Vue, call 0844 249 2334 to complain if you have any trouble using it. You might want to complain about the fact that gift cards are only redeemable in the venue and not for online ticket bookings. Complain if the balance on your gift card is wrong or Vue cancels the gift card before it should expire. You can complain if you are unable to upgrade with a gift card.

Vue Cinema IMAX Complaints

Larger IMAX screens are more immersive for cinema-goers, amplifying the audio and visuals. Vue only has three IMAX screens in the UK, however. Call 0844 249 2365 to complain if you think that Vue should offer IMAX in more of their locations. If you do visit one of the current locations (Leeds Kirkstall, Manchester Printworks, or Cheshire Oaks) then you should complain about IMAX if your experience was not as advertised or something went wrong. Complain in person at the time as well.