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Virgin Media Contact Numbers

Virgin Media Phone Number
Head Office 0843 557 4982
Virgin Media complaints UK 0843 557 3761
Virgin Media connection complaints 0843 557 4575

Virgin Media Complaints Line Opening Hours

Day Time
Mon- Fri 24 Hour
Saturday 24 Hour
Sunday 24 Hour

Virgin Media Head Office Address

Department Address
Head Office Virgin Media Headquarters,
Bartley Wood Business Park,
Bartley Way,
RG27 9UP

Reasons to call the Virgin Media Complaints Line:

  • My connection speed has slowed down and I am unsure why
  • I am being overcharged on my contract
  • My Virgin Media TV box has stopped working
  • I cannot connect to the wifi or broadband in my house
  • I would like to complain about a specific member of staff at Virgin Media
  • I would like to report a specific incident with Virgin Media
  • I would like to cancel my Virgin Media contract
  • I have been undercharged by Virgin Media
  • I have spotted a mistake on the Virgin Media website
  • I have channels missing on my Virgin Media Tivo Box

Virgin Media Complaints

Virgin Media is a broadband provider to many homes in the UK and in today’s society having access to the internet and being able to watch catch up on your television is an important part of everyday life. There are a few reasons why you might wish to complain to Virgin Media, whether it be because you experienced rude customer service, your television box that you ordered has not arrived on time, or you are experiencing a slow connection which is a far cry from the super speedy service that Virgin Media guarantees there is a quick and convenient way to complain about Virgin Media using the complaints line. You may also have your mobile phone on a contract with Virgin Media and there may be an issue with your account or billing information that you need to be resolved quickly. If Virgin Media are your providers in your current home and you are moving elsewhere, you will need to inform them. You have the option to stay with Virgin Media if the postcode tracker shows that a Virgin Media connection will be at your new address, but if not, you will need to tie up your contract. Complaints can often be necessary in circumstances such as this because a lot of confusion can occur. If you have attempted to tie up your contract with Virgin Media and they are still charging you for a service that you are no longer using, then please call the complaints line to have this issue resolved. Similarly, if you are struggling to use the Virgin Media website for a specific service and need extra help, the complaints line can help you with this. If you are a customer of Virgin Media, you will have to sign into an account in order to access all of your information, including your billing information. If you cannot access your account due to forgot logins, please call the complaints line.

Virgin Media Complaints Email

For minor complaints, you may favour sending an email over calling the contact number. In these cases, there is not a direct email that is available to use, but you can head to the help section of their website and select the service you wish to discuss, eg. account and billing or TV. You will find a lot of alternative online services on the website.

Virgin media Complaints Ombudsman

The Virgin Media complaints procedure begins by submitting a complaint via their online service or calling the complaints line. If girl complaining about virgin mediayou do not want to do either of these things there is the option of posting a letter to the head office address which is listed above. You will usually receive a response to your complaint whilst you are on the phone, and hopefully everything can be resolved there and then. If not, you will be given a clear course of action that will be taken by Virgin Media in order to get to the bottom of your complaint. Written complaints will be responded to within 28 days. Please call the complaints line again if you have not heard anything regarding your complaint. If you receive a response that you are not satisfied with, you can take your complaint further by escalating it to a manager where the complaint will be discussed in further detail and an agreement made. If you are still not satisfied and it has been eight weeks since you first made your complaint, or Virgin Media agree (in writing) that the complaint has not reached a resolution and that it should be taken further, you can refer it for independent adjudication. This service is totally free of charge.

Virgin Media Complaints Form

There is no complaints form to submit to Virgin Media as such, but if you complain online you can chat to an advisor about a specific problem. as well as chat with the Virgin Media community and look at some Frequently Asked Questions to see if any other Virgin Media customers are experiencing the same issues as you – you may find a quick and easy resolution to your problem simply by looking at these.

Additional Virgin Media Services:

Virgin Media Broadband

There are a range of different Broadband speeds available from Virgin Media, all of which are available to view on their website. The broadband speed that you choose depends purely on your circumstances and what you are planning on using your internet for. You can chat online at Virgin Media if you need help selecting a package. Some of the Broadband packages available include the Superfibre 50 Broadband and phone deal, in which you will receive superfast streaming and browsing that is suitable for households of around 1-4 people. If you require a speedier service, you can opt for a VIVID package that has speeds of up to 200 Mbps plus a phone included. For a full list of what broadband and phone packages are available to you, visit the Virgin Media website. Call the complaints line if you are experiencing any issues with your broadband speed or connection.

Virgin Media TV

Buying a TV package will mean you will receive many additional channels for your viewing pleasure, as well as catch up services so that you never miss any of your favourite shows. Virgin Media offers TV packages from just £29 per month with a £14.99 installation fee. Again, choosing a TV package depends on your circumstances and you may want the box to watch specific things, such as sports channels. If you want to go all out and have access to all of the available channels on Virgin Media you can opt for the VIP package which is £85 per month for 12 months, which includes unlimited anytime calls to UK landlines and a VIVID speed (200 Mbps).

Virgin Media Mobile

Virgin media Mobiles are available to buy on sim-only contracts, on pay-as-you-go or on a number of different tariffs, depending on the mobile phone that you want. Some phones also include a free tablet in the deal. If you are an existing Virgin media customer, you may be getting more for your money if you move your mobile phone onto a Virgin Media contract. Please visit the Virgin Media website for more information on how you can switch to the mobile phone service and what tariffs and models they offer in their deals.