0843 557 3836

Netflix is an American media-streaming service. Since the late 1990s, it has taken over most of the world as DVDs declined. Netflix began producing its own original television shows and films in 2012.

DepartmentContact NumberOpening Times
Netflix Complaints0843 557 3836Mon – Fri: 24/7
Sat – Sun: 2/7
Netflix Payment Complaints0843 557 5280Mon – Fri: 24/7
Sat – Sun: 2/7
Netflix Subscription Complaints0843 218 9633Mon – Fri: 24/7
Sat – Sun: 2/7
Netflix Account Complaints0843 218 9634Mon – Fri: 24/7
Sat – Sun: 2/7
Netflix Technical Complaints0843 218 9667Mon – Fri: 24/7
Sat – Sun: 2/7
Netflix Content Complaints0843 218 9668Mon – Fri: 24/7
Sat – Sun: 2/7

Netflix Complaints

Contact Netflix in the UK by calling the Netflix complaints number on 0843 557 3836. If you have an eligibility or cancellation issue, call to complain about a Netflix free trial. Or you can complain about Netflix gift cards if you are unable to redeem one. As a primarily online platform, it is faster to reach Netflix online through live chat or social media. However, this is the number to call if you’d prefer to speak to a person at Netflix UK to make a complaint. You can make any complaint relating to Netflix.

Netflix Payment Complaints

There are three different price points for Netflix which get you different levels of the service. If you are unhappy about Netflix increasing prices in the UK, then you can call them on 0843 557 5280 to make a complaint about that. You can complain about payments to Netflix if there is a problem with the billing for your account. This includes unexpected charges or termination of your recurring bills. Call to resolve the issue if you are paying for the wrong Netflix plan or paying the incorrect amount.

Netflix Subscription Complaints

The three Netflix subscriptions are Basic, Standard, and Premium. Customers pay more if they want to watch Netflix in HD or on more than 1 device. Call 0843 218 9633 if you have a complaint about your Netflix subscription plan, such as being unable to change it or being moved onto the wrong one. You should always get the first month free when you first sign up, and you should be able to cancel your subscription whenever you choose. Call to complain if you do not have these things.

Netflix Account Complaints

The creator and billpayer is responsible for the Netflix account, as the owner. If someone is misusing your Netflix account, call 0843 218 9634 to report this. Complain about unauthorized activity on the account or inability to access it if you get locked out of your Netflix account. Complain if you have a problem with your profile settings or with setting up account controls for children. You might have issues with your personalised suggestions, ratings, language preferences, or other customizations.

Netflix Technical Complaints

If you do have difficulties trying to use Netflix, call 0843 218 9667 to report technical issues. Make sure that you are receiving the appropriate quality of service for your payment level. Get help if you have trouble creating, customizing, or deleting a profile on Netflix. Complain if you cannot access a profile or features such as the search tool do not work. Sometimes the problem may be your device, and not Netflix. The technical support team may ask to take remote control to try to fix your Netflix.

Netflix Content Complaints

Netflix offers thousands of movies and TV shows from around the world. They produce plenty of the content on Netflix themselves. If you have a complaint about the content on Netflix, you can report it by calling 0843 218 9668. Sometimes licenses expire if Netflix doesn’t renew them, and the film or TV show will disappear from the Netflix library. Availability will vary from country to country. Make a complaint if you want to see something on Netflix or back on Netflix. You can suggest things online.