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Boots contact numbers:

Boots Phone Number
Head Office  0844 826 8050
Boots opticians complaints  0844 826 8050
Boots pharmacy complaints  0844 826 8050
Boots employee complaints  0844 826 8050

Boots opening hours:

Day Time
Mon- Fri 9am – 8pm
Saturday 9am – 6pm
Sunday 10.30am – 4pm

Boots head office address:

Department Address
Head Office Boots Customer Care
PO Box 5300
NG90 1AA

Reasons to call the Boots complaint line

  • You are unsatisfied with a product you have bought in store
  • You have ordered a product online and it has not arrived
  • You have ordered a product online and it has arrived faulty/damaged/broken
  • You were unimpressed with the customer service you received either in-store or over the phone
  • Your Boots advantage card appear broken
  • You have points on your Boots advantage card that it will not allow you to use
  • You have been given the wrong prescription
  • You do not believe the pharmacy doctor was helpful/understanding
  • You saw a health and safety obstruction in your local store
  • There is a problem with the Boots website that is affecting you
  • You have been charged wrongly to your card either in a Boots store or from an online order
  • I am employee that feels they are being treated unfairly
  • You have ordered something off the Boots website and it has not arrived on time

Boots opticians complaintsBoots opticians

Boots run a professional optician service and also sell a range of affordable as well as designer glasses for you to choose from once you have been diagnosed with your prescription. You can also buy contact lenses from Boots along with solution and accessories to help you look after them correctly. Boots understand the importance of eye health and so aim to offer a professional eye test service. If you have been to a consultation and feel that your needs were not dealt with with the utmost care and professionalism then do not hesitate to call the Boots complaints line. By the same token, if you have ordered a pair of glasses or contact lenses that you feel are not up to the quality you would expect, or they have not arrived in store at the time you were told, then you should call to complain. If you have bought glasses that have broken, you are likely to be guaranteed a replacement so please call the complaints line for an exchange or a refund.

Boots pharmacy complaintsGirl at Boots pharmacy

The Boots pharmacy services provide advice and consultations about minor and more serious medical issues, offering the best treatment to use for various different complaints. Specific Boots stores will have an instore pharmacist that is available for consultations, you can also pick up prescriptions given to you by your doctor, here, as well as purchasing over the counter medications. Boots pharmacy also operates online pharmacy where customers with minor illnesses can self-diagnose and be offered the best over the counter treatment. Online clinics that the Boots pharmacy offer include; ‘hair loss clinic’, ‘period delay clinic’ and ‘stop-smoking clinic.’ You might want to raise a complaint about the Boots pharmacy if you feel you have not been given the correct amount of care or have not been given the best solution or treatment for your problem. In some cases (such as period delaying) Boots pharmacy can offer prescription medicine without the need of waiting for a doctor’s appointment to get a prescription.

Boots employee complaints

Boots aim to have extremely high customer service, both for those that are shopping in its store to those that are ringing the head office or receiving a prescription from the opticians/pharmacy. If you feel that an employee has not treated you the way that you should have been treated, whether they were rude, unpleasant or unhelpful when asked for advice, then please call the complaints number to raise the issue. Perhaps you asked to speak to a manager in store but were met with hostility and would like to take the complaint further.

If you have worked in Boots and/or are an current employee of the company there is a review page online where you can review your experiences. Sharing your views can reliably inform people that are about to step into the same shoes. If you have a complaint about being treated unfairly in the workplace and feel you cannot talk to a manager, then you can call the complaints line and it will be dealt with seriously.

Boots complaint policy

Resolving a customer complaint at Boots is usually a quick and easy process, as our complaints phone line can direct you immediately to the correct department. Many complaints stem from ordering products online and them not arriving on time/in their correct condition. Your first step could be to visit the website and see if anyone else has had any of the same issues you are experiencing whether it is to do with your advantage card, prescription or store bought product. If you want to take the issue further, you can call the complaints number or alternatively send a letter with the details of your complaint to the above head office address.

Boots head office complaints

If you believe you have received bad customer service at a Boots store, or have noticed something incorrect on their website, you can call out contact number and ask to be directly connected to their head office where you can bring up the issue. If you have previously spoken to a member of Boots head office and did not feel your complaint was dealt with sufficiently, please call our complaints line where someone else will be happy to resolve the issue.

Additional Boots services:

Boots opticians

Think you need glasses? Feel as if your prescription has changed? Want a new pair of glasses? Is your child struggling with their vision? Boots opticians can help with all of these issues, with centres set up in selected stores. Boots opened its first opticians in 1983 and is now one of the leading optical chains in the UK. After merging with Dollon and Aitchison back in 2009 they are equipped with 250 years of solid optical knowledge and believe they are an extremely reliable choice when it comes to your eye care. Boots opticians now have over 600 practices across the UK. Through the Boots opticians you can seek advice about your own eye care, or your children’s as they provide the notorious ‘Zoo Keeper Zoe’ book that is interactive and provides a number of eye care tests whilst you read with your child, to ensure that everything is in working order with their vision. You can also purchase a number of branded and non branded glasses from the Boots opticians with an adviser on hand to help you choose the best glasses for you. Boots opticians guarantees full support on your eye care journey.

Boots website

There is a lot of accessible information regarding health care on the Boots website, including online clinics and ways of arranging to see a consultant. If you do not want to purchase anything online, you can use their store locator and just by entering your post code the website will bring up the nearest store to your location. If you do prefer to shop online or can’t access a Boots store, there are a full range of products on the Boots website, including healthcare, skin care and baby products/clothes. Boots are also well known for their sun care ranges which can all be purchased online. You can also buy lead branded makeup and hair care. Exclusive offers and online discount can be accessed via the Boots website and you can also used your Boots Advantage card (points card) with your online purchases.

About Boots

Boots is a well known pharmacy chain with stores both in the UK and Ireland. There stores can mainly be found on high streets but they also dominate airports, shopping centres and large train stations. They are well known for stocking essentials that everyone needs to buy. As well as beauty products, they sell many healthcare items and also have experts in eye care and hearing care. Their pharmacies are situated in selected stores allowing customers to have consultations and sometimes receive prescriptions instead of having to wait to see a doctor. Boots is well known for developing the everyday pain killer Ibuprofen which is known for relieving muscle tension as well as cold and flu symptoms. Boots also stock food and drink, mainly offering lunchtime meal deals on a range of sandwiches and snacks.

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