0844 248 3347

Get in touch with the complaints department for AO when you ring the number 0844 248 3347. When you contact them you can make a complaint relating to specific products you have bought, delivery, finance, their website and more.

Department Contact Number Opening Times
Complaints 0844 248 3347 8am till 10pm, seven days a week
Product complaints 0844 248 3348 8am till 10pm, seven days a week
Delivery and Installation Complaints 0844 248 3349 8am till 10pm, seven days a week
Finance complaints 0844 248 3351 8am till 10pm, seven days a week
Website and App complaints 0844 248 3352 8am till 10pm, seven days a week
Returns and Price Match complaints 0844 248 3354 8am till 10pm, seven days a week


You can phone the number 0844 248 3347 to get in touch with AO’s complaints department whether you need to speak to them about the service they offered you or a particular product. When you phone this number you can inquire about their specific complaints process that they have in place and learn about what is likely to be the outcome of your complaint, in your specific incident.

If you have previously made a complaint to AO and would like to find out what is happening with it, you can also contact this number to get an update on the complaint. They should be able to tell you what stage it is at and how long you’re likely to wait to hear back from them.

Product complaints

Make a complaint to AO about a specific product that you have purchased from them on the number 0844 248 3348. When you phone this number you can describe the product and the reason for your complaint about it. Let them know if you’re disappointed with the quality or if it’s just not working for you. They should be able to offer a solution for you whilst you’re on the phone and let you know what’s going to happen, but they might need to investigate it further and get back to you later on.

Delivery and installation complaints

Ring the number 0844 248 3349 to make a complaint to AO that involves issues with their delivery and installation service. When you phone this number you can make complaints about things like late or cancelled deliveries. You might also need to make a complaint about a delivery driver who was particularly rude or unpleasant to you. In regards to installation complaints, you might find that the AO worker has done a substandard job, or damaged other furniture in your home whilst installing this new item.

Finance complaints

To log a complaint that relates to the finance that AO offers when you purchase items through them you can phone the number 0844 248 3351. You might wish to call this number if you find that your finance option has been changed without being told or forewarned about it. You also might want to call if AO charges you without knowing about it. You could also need to make a complaint about extra hidden charges that you weren’t informed about.

Website and app complaints

If you have a complaint to make about the AO website or the AO app then you can phone the number 0844 248 3352. You might need to make a complaint about the navigation of the app or the website or if you’re having trouble checking out with a product, or accessing your account. The app allows you to track your deliveries easy from AO, but if you can’t do this you might want to phone to complain about it.

Returns and Price Match Complaints

Make a complaint about the returns policy or the price match offered from AO by phoning the number 0844 248 3354. AO offers a 100-day returns policy on their items, but if you are having trouble with this you can phone the number above to make a complaint and see about getting it rectified. You can also use this number if they’re not sticking to their Price Match guarantee and refuse to refund you the money difference of the lower price you have provided them with.