0844 257 4443

If you’d like to make a complaint to Bershka you can phone the number 0844 257 4443 where they can take details of your complaints regarding stores, staff, delivery, products and more.

Department Contact Number Opening Times
Complaints 0844 257 4443 Monday to Friday 8am till 5pm, Saturday 9am till 3pm
Store complaints 0844 257 4445 Monday to Friday 8am till 5pm, Saturday 9am till 3pm
Delivery Complaints 0844 257 4446 Monday to Friday 8am till 5pm, Saturday 9am till 3pm
Return complaints 0844 257 4447 Monday to Friday 8am till 5pm, Saturday 9am till 3pm
Product complaints 0844 257 4448 Monday to Friday 8am till 5pm, Saturday 9am till 3pm
Website and app complaints 0844 257 4449 Monday to Friday 8am till 5pm, Saturday 9am till 3pm


Calling the number 0844 257 4443 will put you in touch with the Bershka complaints department where they can take note of complaints you have whether you have shopped online or in store with the brand.

When you phone this number the customer advisors will explain the Bershka complaints policy, and what typically happens when a customer makes a complaint to the brand. If you’d like to know how long you can expect to wait for your complaint to be resolved, they may be able to give you a time frame when you call, as well as details of what’s likely to happen as a result of your complaint.

Store complaints

To make a complaint regarding a Bershka store you can phone the number 0844 257 4445. When you call this number they will be able to log complaints that relate to the cleanliness or location of a store, you might also want to complain about the accessibility of the store. If you think the store is too clustered and you can’t move around easily, you might want to phone to make a complaint. When you do just try to provide as much detail about the location of the store and the issues you found with it.

You can also phone this number if you’d like to make a complaint about a staff member you dealt with in a Bershka store. You can call the number above to make complaints relating to staff who you found weren’t particularly helpful, or were rude to you in any way. Again let the customer advisor know the details of the store you visited, the date you did and the time. If you have the name of the particular staff member that can also be helpful, but you can also provide details of their appearance if you don’t.

Delivery complaints

To make a complaint relating to a delivery from Bershka you can call the number 0844 257 4446. When you phone this number they will be able to take complaints about deliveries that arrived later than you paid for, or deliveries that haven’t shown up at all. If your delivery has arrived but it came with the incorrect items, the wrong sizes or the products were damaged on arrival, you can also phone the number above to make your complaint and get it sorted quickly.

Return complaints

Call the number 0844 257 4447 to make a complaint about the returns policy from Bershka, where they can log complaints about returned payments that are taking too long to process, or the incorrect amount has been given to you. If you believe that you’ve been denied a refund with no credible reason you can also phone this number to make a complaint and find out why your refund will not be processed.

Product complaints

Making a complaint about a specific Bershka product is easy when you call the number 0844 257 4448. Here they will take your complaints about certain items that you have purchased and aren’t happy with the quality of the items. If you find that the products don’t wash correctly, despite following the care instructions, you can phone to make a complaint about this on the number above.

Website and app complaints

If you’re having trouble with the Bershka website or app you can phone the number 0844 257 4449 to make a complaint. You can call to make a complaint about the navigation of the website, or issues you’re having logging into your account, checking out or using the guest purchase option.