0843 557 3538

Phone the Travelodge complaints helpline on the number 0843 557 3538 here they will be able to log your complaint regarding issues you have had with specific hotels, their facilities, staff, their website and more.

Travelodge Contact Numbers

Department Contact Number Opening Times
Complaints 0843 557 3538 Monday- Friday 9-5.30pm
Speak to someone 0843 557 5284 Monday- Friday 9-5.30pm
Hotel facilities complaint 0844 826 8668 Monday- Friday 9-5.30pm
Conduct of staff complaint 0843 658 0894 Monday- Friday 9-5.30pm
Booking and website complaints 0843 596 3106 Monday- Friday 9-5.30pm
Personal property complaints 0843 596 3107 Monday- Friday 9-5.30pm


Call the Complaints helpline for Travelodge on the number 0843 557 3538, when you phone this number they can explain how their complaints procedure works and what you can expect from them when they investigate each complaint that is put to them. You can also use this number to find out what the likely outcome of a complaint will be, and how long you can expect for it to be resolved.

Speak to someone

Use the number 0843 557 5284 to speak to a person at the Travelodge complaints department who can answer your questions quickly, and give you an up-to-date account of where your complaint is at if you have previously made one to them. When you speak to someone at Travelodge they’ll be able to answer any further questions you might have about staying with Travelodge, whether it’s relating to a previous booking or a booking you have in the future.

Hotel facilities complaint

To make a complaint about the hotel facilities you can phone the number 0844 826 8668. When you phone this number you can make a complaint relating to the facilities at a specific hotel that you stayed in. When you phone you will need to provide the location of the Travelodge, as well as specific details relating to the facilities and the problems that you encountered. You might phone to make a complaint about accessibility at the hotel, the specific amenities in your room, or facilities that were out of bounds during your stay.

Conduct of staff complaint

You can phone the number 0843 658 0894 to complaint about the conduct of staff. When you phone this number you will need to provide details of the location of your Travelodge, the time of any specific incident and details about the conduct of the staff, if you can remember the names of the staff members that you dealt with this can also help to get your complaint resolved quickly.

Booking and website complaints

If you would like to make a complaint regarding bookings or the website you can phone the number 0843 596 3106. When you call this number they will be able to log your complaints about double bookings, issues with the website, online payment issues and more. When you phone this number you will need to provide as much detail as possible relating to your complaint so they can get it resolved quickly for you.

Personal property complaints

To make a complaint to Travelodge regarding your personal property you can phone the number 0843 596 3107. When you phone this number the team will be able to log your complaint that may relate to personal property damage or theft whilst staying on Travelodge premises. You will need to provide details of your stay, such as the dates and location, and the times you suspect that the incident occurred, such as when you might have been in or out of the room, depending on the situation.