o2 Complaints

o2 complaints number

o2 contact numbers:

o2 Phone Number
Head Office  0844 453 0127
o2 Customer Complaints 0843 557 4967
o2 Delivery Complaints  0843 557 3690
o2 Mobile Complaints 0843 557 3365
o2 Helpline 0843 557 4524
o2 Upgrades  0844 826 8016

02 head office address:

Department Address
Head Office 260 Bath Road

o2 opening hours:

Day Time
Mon- Fri 8am – 9pm
Saturday 8am – 8pm
Sunday 8am – 6pm

Reasons to call the o2 customer complaints number:

  • I am having problems with my data usage
  • I have been billed incorrectly
  • I have ordered a phone from the o2 website and it has not arrived
  • I don’t understand how my bill is so much this month
  • My phone will not connect to wifi
  • I cannot receive signal on my phone
  • A phone I bought appears faulty
  • I have found a cheaper tariff elsewhere
  • I did not receive satisfactory customer service over the phone or in store
  • I have cancelled my contract but continue to be billed
  • I cannot access o2 priority even though I am registered with it
  • I can’t access my account to view my monthly bill
  • My local 02 wifi is not working
  • I used my phone abroad and have been overcharged

o2 customer complaints

o2 provide phone service to a large number of the Uk, offering affordable tariffs on the latest phone technology, as well as pay as you go packages to suit everyone’s needs. If you are unhappy with the service you are receiving from o2 as your network provider, whether it be on your pay monthly contract, or with a device that you top up with credit, please call the o2 complaints phone number. o2 also offer a range of phone accessories such as phone covers and screens to prevent damage, headphones and chargers. You may want to inform o2 if you have bought a product that is faulty/not up to the standard that you would expect. The o2 customer complaints number will provide you with a quick and easy solution to your problem, connecting you with advisers of the right expertise and knowledge to ensure your phone is in top working order!

o2 complaints email

if you would prefer to manage things online and you want to complain about a product you have bought in store or a service you have received via email, then you should visit the o2 website. A specific email is provided for customers with a complaint but you can visit the website and be brought into a live online chat, once you have selected the category your complaint comes under. If you find you are not getting the answers you need with this, you can call the complaints number as an alternative.

The email you can use is: complaintreviewservice@o2.com

o2 mobile complaints

o2 mobile complaints
o2 mobile complaints

If o2 are your mobile provider, you will expect to get what you pay for when it comes to your mobile phone. If you are promised unlimited minutes and 5GB of data, you will then not expect to be charged when you haven’t overused. At the same time, if you have a pay as you go phone, you expect to use only what you pay for and be able to top up your phone quickly and easily. If you are having trouble with any of these things, you need to call the complaints line. o2 also promise to provide top-notch connectivity so if you find your 4G speed is slower than it should be, please get in touch. o2 promise their tariffs are cheap and great value for money, whether that be a pay monthly or a sim only tariff. If you are with o2 and find a cheaper tariff with another company for the same phone and offers then you should contact o2 complaints and a new arrangement can be made.

o2 complaints department

o2 like to deal with complaints in an efficient way and believe complaints should be made when customers are not happy with any of the products or services that they provide. there are a number of ways to reach the complaints department whether it is via the complaints phone number or in a live chat online. o2 offer an ‘o2 community’ service which is a group chat amongst other o2 users. Here, you might find the solution to a problem that other people are experiencing, preventing you from needing to take your complaint further. If you want to complain because a phone you have ordered has not arrived on time, why not try the tracking service on the website?

o2 complaints review service

When you complain to o2, the complaints department will assess the situation and look at how closely their customer service team has dealt with your complaint so far. This is known as reviewing your complaint. If you have not received a resolution that you are happy with then you will need to contact the complaints review service and send them details of your complaint, including personal details that will allow them to get back in touch with you easily. These details include your name, address, account numbers, a daytime contact number and your expectations of what should happen so that your complaint is dealt with correctly and to your satisfaction. Provided above is the email address for this service, of if you want to deal with it offline, you can post the details of your case to:

O2 Complaint Review Service

PO BOX 302



Additional o2 services

o2 contracts

o2 offer an extensive range of pay monthly contracts. This is the most popular way of owning a mobile phone and the method that most people use , paying a monthly bill for owning their phone, how much data they use and how many minutes they use on calls and texts. If you would like to browse the full range of tariffs, visit the o2 website where you can find one that suits you, depending on how often you use your phone, how often you browse the internet (data usage) and whether you want to call/use your phone abroad regularly. If you are unsure of what you are looking for you can visit a local o2 shop where an adviser will be happy to help. For tech-lovers o2 also offer a yearly upgrade programme that if you are a part of you will be given the latest phone technology every year, as they come out.

o2 shop

Ordering a product online is quick and easy with o2 and ordering before midnight means you are entitled to a free next working day delivery. However, sometimes you want to talk to someone face to face when you are spending your money or committing yourself to a 24-month contract. To locate your nearest o2 store you can visit the o2 website and input the postcode of your whereabouts. The address of your nearest store will then be provided.

o2 arena o2 arena

The o2 arena is situated in the North Greenwich area of London and is easily accessible through public transport such as the tube and London buses. Every year the o2 arena plays host to major live acts and bands. Anyone on the o2 network can receive o2 priority which provides them with early access to ticketed events that are usually likely to sell out once released to the general public. The arena was built for the purpose of the London 2012 Olympics and is the second largest seated indoor venue, not far behind Manchester arena. it is also known as the world’s busiest music venue, selling a whopping 2 million tickets last year.

About o2

Although trading under the name of o2, the company is formally known as Telefonica UK and currently holds the title of the second largest telecommunications provider in the UK. Formed in 1985, o2 was not bought by Telefonica until 2006, but were taken over in a spectacular £18 billion deal, agreeing to keep the company’s headquarters in the Uk, as well as their original o2 brand. In 2016, there were talks of a controversial merger between major networks o2 and Three which was eventually blocked by the EU commissioner.

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