British Gas

0843 557 3384 

Get in touch with British Gas on the number 0843 557 3384 to make complaints about the British Gas Homecare Service, Smart Meters, Bills and more.

British Gas Complaints Numbers

Department Contact Number Opening Hours
Complaints 0843 557 3384 24/7
British Gas Homecare Complaints 0843 557 5016 24/7
Service Complaints 0843 557 3537 24/7
Smart Meter Complaints 0843 658 0878 24/7
Engineer Complaints  0844 826 8083 24/7
Bill Complaints 0843 596 4184  24/7


Call the British Gas complaints number on 0843 557 3384 where they can help log your complaints and get them resolved in a timely manner. When you ring and get through to a complaints advisor they’ll be able to assist with the complaints you have, as well as information regarding the complaints process. If you’d like to know how long the complaints process typically takes you can phone this number to find out, as well as information of what’s likely to happen at the end as a resolution.

British Gas Homecare Complaints

Make a complaint about British Gas Homecare by calling the number 0843 557 5016. When you phone this number the advisor can log complaints about the service you have received from British Gas Homecare, you might need to complaint about an engineer who was late or didn’t turn up, or an unexplained charge on your bill.

If you’ve enlisted the help of your Homecare cover when moving home, and you don’t think the service was up to standard, you can call the number above to register your complaint.

British Gas Complaints Email

You can phone the British Gas Complaints helpline on the number 0843 557 3384 or if you prefer you can write to them on email. You can send your email complaint to or you can send a letter to the following address:

Complaints Management Team
PO Box 226, Rotherham, S98 1PB

Service Complaints

If you’re disappointed with the service you received from British Gas you can call the number 0843 557 3537. When you phone you can make complaints about broken boilers and heating, or leaking drains. If you don’t think British Gas have done enough to help you through these troubling times you can phone the number above to make a complaint about the service, or the lack of service you received.

Smart Meter Complaints

You can phone the number 0843 658 0878 to make complaints about British Gas Smart Meters. If you think that you’re being overcharged by your smart meter you can phone the number above to dispute it and make a complaint about it. If the installation of the smart meter wasn’t as good as you were expecting, or your home was damaged as a result of the installation.

Engineer Complaints

Make a complaint about an engineer from British Gas when you call the number 0844 826 8083. When you phone this number they can log complaints about engineers who were late or didn’t turn up. If an engineer was particularly dirty or made a huge mess in your home whilst there and didn’t offer to clean it up, then you can also make a complaint. If you feel that an engineer was inappropriate or made you feel uncomfortable in your home you can also call this number.

Bill complaints

Make complaints about your bill from British Gas by calling the number 0843 557 3384. When you ring this number you can make complaints about unexplained charges on your bill, or if they take money from your account without informing you first.

Other Ways to Contact British Gas

You can access a range of help and support via the British Gas website. For the latest news and updates, follow British Gas on Twitter.