The contact number for DPD is available directly from their website at no or lower cost

0121 275 0500

Call Connection, Calls cost 7p per minute plus your standard network charge.

Please ensure you have the bill payers permission before calling.

This website provides hard to find phone numbers as a call connection service, and is not associated with the company.

DPD is one of the largest courier companies in the UK. If you would like to make a complaint to them, call the contact number.

If you have a complaint about a specific department then see the table below and find the most relevant telephone number. Alternatively, comment in the form below and we can try and help you.

DPD Complaint Numbers

Department Opening Hours
DPD Complaints (Mon-Fri) 9am – 9pm
(Sat-Sun) 8am – 4pm
Speak to a Person (Mon-Fri) 9am – 9pm
(Sat-Sun) 8am – 4pm
Driver Complaints (Mon-Fri) 9am – 9pm
(Sat-Sun) 8am – 4pm
Delivery Complaints (Mon-Fri) 9am – 9pm
(Sat-Sun) 8am – 4pm
Service Complaints (Mon-Fri) 9am – 9pm
(Sat-Sun) 8am – 4pm

DPD Head Office Address

Department Address
Head Office PO Box 6979, Roebuck Lane, Smethwick, West Midlands, B66 1BN

Why would I call the DPD Complaints Number?

  • To make a complaint about a late or missing parcel.
  • To make a complaint about DPD failing to collect a parcel.
  • To make a complaint about a parcel arriving damaged.
  • To make a complaint about a DPD employee.

Speak to a Person

Call the number to speak to a person at the DPD complaints department regarding your issue with using their service. When you phone to speak to the person they can inform you of the complaints procedure that DPD follows, how long you can expect to wait for your complaint to be resolved, and what is likely to happen as the outcome of your feedback.

DPD Driver Complaints

Make a complaint about a DPD Driver by phoning the number, when you call this number they can take details about your complaint and aim to get it resolved quickly. They may need to investigate your complaint a little further, but they’ll let you know what they plan to do. When you phone it’s important that you have your order number, with details of the address that your parcel was delivered to, if you have the driver’s name this could also be useful. Give as much detail as possible regarding your DPD Driver complaint and some suggestions on what you’d like to see as the outcome of the complaint.

DPD Complaints Procedure

To make a complaint regarding a DPD service, you should contact the DPD customer service team. You can do this by calling the number on this page or by filling out an online contact form. The DPD team which deals with complaints is called the Make It Right team. They work from 9am-9pm weekdays and from 8am-4pm on weekends. When you contact DPD during those hours, you can expect a response from the Make It Right team within 90 minutes. The team will work hard to resolve your complaint but if you are still not satisfied, you can contact Sinead Croke who is the Director of Customer Experience for DPD by emailing scroke@dpd.co.uk. If you have sent a parcel and your complaint is relating to it being lost, your complaint may be passed on to the claims department who will be able to organise compensation for you.

DPD Complaints Email

Other than the complaints escalation email for the Director of Customer Experience, there is no direct email for DPD complaints. However, there is a contact form available on the DPD website which is designed for contacting the Make it Right team directly. You’ll need to know your parcel number or your calling card number as well as be able to give DPD a contact number and email address. There is a spacious box which you can use to inform DPD of your issue.

Other DPD Services

DPD Delivery

There are several different DPD services available for sending parcels. If you have an urgent parcel, DPD 10.30 and DPD 12.00 guarantee delivery by 10.30am and 12pm the next working day. There is also a next working day service for delivery by the close of business. If the parcel is less urgent, DPD has a two-day service. There is also a Saturday and Sunday delivery service to help you get the most out of the week. There are also other niche services such as Swap It, Reverse It, ContrackPak, Desk to Desk, offshore and a range of logistics solutions. Offshore deliveries go to places like the Channel Islands, Northern Ireland, Isle of Man and the Scottish Highlands and Islands.

DPD Tracking

To track your DPD parcel, you will need the parcel’s reference number. If you are a sender, you’ll find this on your receipt or confirmation email. If you’re a customer, you will usually find this on your confirmation of dispatch email. From this, you will be able to see if your parcel has arrived at your local DPD depot or if it is out for delivery to your address. Sometimes, you will get a one-hour delivery slot and you will be able to track the delivery driver as he makes his way to you.

DPD Jobs

The benefits of working for DPD include a group pension, sick pay, free uniforms, free parking, holiday trading, 22 days holiday plus Bank Holidays, a company car scheme for some roles and more. There is also a My Choice scheme which lets you choose other benefits that you can pay for from your earnings. They include childcare vouchers, ride2work scheme, dental insurance, travel insurance and personal accident insurance. Current roles being recruited by DPD include a Hub Resource Planner, Credit Management Clerk and HR & Training Administrator.

DPD Franchise

DPD’s Owner Driver Franchise is a way to set up your own business for a low startup cost. You will provide delivery services for DPD five days a week with the flexibility of choosing which days to work. You are given full training and ongoing support, as well as financial support during your training period. You’ll receive handheld technology to guide you through every step of delivery and you will be paid every four weeks. You can download a brochure from the DPD website or take the first step by registering to become an owner-driver.

Questions people are asking about DPD

DPD: What does in transit mean?

In transit usually means that your parcel is on its way to your nearest DPD depot and it will soon be out for delivery to your address.

Are DPD drivers self-employed?

Yes, DPD owner-franchise drivers are self-employed so you work as your own boss. You are usually given a route/area by DPD and you manage the deliveries yourself. You usually work five days a week but DPD operates 7 days a week.

Where is the DPD sortation facility?

DPD opened a superhub in Hinckley, Leicestershire in 2015. It is the largest parcel hub in Europe and is capable of handling 720,000 parcels per night.

About DPD

DPD was originally founded in Germany in 1977, shipping over a million parcels in the first year that it operated. Today, DPD has over 800 depots in 40 countries and it ships over two million parcels every day.

For more information about DPD services or to make a complaint, call the DPD complaints number on this page.


Tips for Phoning DPD Complaints Number

Have your tracking number ready when you call DPD to complain about your delivery. You are likely to have to enter it to get through to a person and provide it again so the adviser can find it in DPD’s records. Ask to speak to the Make It Right team to sort out your delivery issues. If you are not happy with DPD’s handling of your complaint, then you can contact their Director of Customer Experience, Sinead Croke, by e-mailing scroke@dpd.co.uk. When your DPD delivery is an online order, contact the retailer directly to complain to them, too.

46 thoughts on “DPD

  1. WM63 JRD – if your driver hasn’t tail-gated another vehicle by now already this evening, then he will certainly have done so before Christmas. This warning will be disclosable in any civil/criminal prosecution. Croydon area, c19.20 – 19.30 hrs over a five mile stretch, consistently annoying and cutting up other drivers. Drives about 2 ft off the vehicle in front. Smiles alot. Thinks it’s funny. A great image for your company. (In contrast, our local DPD driver is extremely courteous and helpful).

  2. Have now taken 3 days unpaid leave waiting in for a delivery. I hope there is compensation available!! Today I didn’t even receive a message to tell me my parcel would yet again not be delivered despite being told 2 days ago it was priority. I am not impressed at all.

  3. I am complaining about deliver driver veh. Reg no. YJ162XC who called at my property in B90 3HS area today. I answered my bell within 10 seconds and he had already moved onto next door, I told him he should give more time as there are many people unable to answer the door in under 10 seconds. Despite having warm clothing on he said He was cold. We had a few words and he went without leaving the parcel. I think you’re drivers should be given more training, and allow a lItle extra time in order for people to answer the door.

  4. Hi …
    I am wanting to log a complaint about a parcel which I’ve expected sine yeasterday and now been told it’s coming today …then to be sent a text saying I was out …watched Tanya your driver pass my house twice as delivered to wrong address ….ALso she did the same last week with another phone I ordered ….to worsen this situation to ring your company for your drivers incompetence it’s cost me 2 £6 connection fees as well my my time holding …..on your ridiculous phone system …now I’d like a manager to call me please ….I also will be e mailing you CEO about this incompetence as if parcels signed for of the in correct she’s delivering to who would be reembursing for this as I phones £1000 plus !! Also todays parcel is for birthday tomorrow …will expect a reply asap ..regards G Patterson

  5. Good Afternoon
    I would like to register a complaint about the driving of vehicle YK12HMH The incident took place on Bridegate Lane Hickling LE143A at 15:12 pm today.Your driver was driving far too fast on a c class rural road.It is a narrow lane but he was determined to overtake me,even though I was travelling at 60 mph.His speed must have been well over the 60 mph limit to overtake me.He was in far too much of a hurry and I was forced almost into the ditch at the side of the lane as he overtook me and my wife.Apart from exceeding the speed limit the driver was not really driving in a safe manner, and he showed no consideration to other road users.After speeding down this lane he came to a T junction on Hickling Main St LE143AJ He then turned left and stopped abruptly.I hope you will take my complaint seriously.

  6. Unbelievably poor service. Have lied twice about trying to deliver when I was definitely in and the didn’t come. Twice just not bothered showing up. Still waiting they have had my parcel over a week!!!

  7. I like to make a complaint about your driver. Delivering parcel on 13 Dec 2017 to 188 Alibon Rd, RM10 8 DE at around 1345 hrs. This house is end of terrace and he parked his vehicle BV17UWS on the road right outside which turns into Wantz Road. I was driving from Wantz Rd to turn left into Alibon Rd and had to brake hard as his vehicle was parked right on the corner which also has double yellow lines. I stopped my car and got out to tell his he should not park there as it cause accidents and he was very rude. We had a few words and left. Then he returned and made a rude sign and drove off. There were other places that the vehicle could have been parked but obviously a few steps is too much to walk for him. I hope you will take this seriously as this kind of behaviour only bring DPD into disrepute or worse someone could have been hurt or killed unnecessary. Thank you in advance for your time. Obviously you do not have to do anything. Just do the right thing.

  8. I was tracking my order & I was drop 130 and I tracked the order to drop 124 and that’s where is stopped until I got notification to say they had tried to deliver my parcel but I was not in, however I was definitely in awaiting the delivery. I have tried to contact someone anyone from DPD but always get an automated response saying that my parcel is still on route to be delivered, I think there is a lie being told along this journey!!!

  9. I would like to lodge a complaint against one of your drivers .License no BD67KGE .I was driving behind him from Paignton to Totnes at approx 2 PM on Friday 15th December .He was driving within a few feet of the vehicle in front of him swerving from side to side ,attempting to overtake even on double yellow lines .He gave all the appearance of being intoxicated .I have also reported his behavior to the Police .

  10. I am making a complaint about a driver called Abdul that delivered my parcel on Monday 18th December 2017 at around 12.15. When I opened the door I said hello and received no greeting back. He gave me the parcel and the package was damaged. I took it and said thank you. To my sheer and utter horror when he turned to walk away he swore at me in his language !

  11. DPD are absolutely useless ! I ordered a hamper for delivery via John Lewis to a customer. The normal scenario of where your parcel is ! and various tracking computer generated functions are like a junior school teaching programme. They have basically lost the parcel !!! Never will be recommended or used for any business.

  12. Paid for 24 hr express delivery of urgent xmas gift. Ebay Seller got it dispatched and scanned in Weds. Supplied me with tracking number. I have a parcel number AND a tracking number. Only parcel number recognised but used DPD app and also DPD webiste to try and track my parcel. No 1 hr slot notification, no 30 mins text before delivery because THE PARCEL IS STILL IN OLDBURY!!? Why has my parcel not been delivered today – a condition upon which I bought the item in the first place… and WHEN will it be delivered?? No info from DPD – held on phone line for 45 mins before gave up as customer service hours had passed (although the phone message was happy to keep me hanging on forever.. said wait was longer than 10 mins initially, then longer thean 5 mins… 45 mins??? BLUMMIN JOKE SERVICE. I am advising my seller to not use their servioce any more unless they wish to lose customer. Please reply DPD Complaints department! How do you explain such awful service. Refund and apologies? Much improvement required Shocked by comments on this site its seriously unnacceptable behaviour of drivers and service. Will be using other couriers in future and encouraging friends and family to do the same. Hopefully spreading the word on social media networks does not do untold damage to your business!!?

  13. One of ur delivery personal have gestured my 10 year old to open the door to take in and sign for a neighbours parcel????.
    I’m very annoyed it’s illegal and worrying.

  14. Re Your W Wing Yip Plc parcel number 15501736805732

    You sent me a text message saying that no one was in and that you had left a card. I have been in all day and no card was left. In fact no attempt at delivery was made. I also spent 15 minutes on hold with no answer at a cost of over £5.

    Please explain how I can receive compensation for time wasted and phone charges. Do not attempt to redeliver, I have now contacted the supplier to cancel the order as you were unable to deliver as agreed.

  15. Do you even answer complaints?
    Want to report a DpD driver who was driving at 10.40 am on Blackwell Lane, Kirk Ireton Ashbourne, Derbyshire. I was riding my horse with a friend on a single track road on a blind bend. This young Asian driver flew round the blind bend and only just managed to skid to a stop. This is not the first time this has happened on this road! He is lucky he hasn’t caused an extremely serious accident. Please inform your staff of the risks of rural roads.

  16. Driver was very rude! Why?! If it’s such a hardship for him to do his job without being discourteous and downright rude, he should try another career. Absolutely disgusting.

  17. Waited in for “Ather” to deliver my parcel between 1256 – 1356hrs. today Wednesday 18.4.18. Going by the information supplied by your website, delivery was made at 1314hrs. I was in my premises at this time (no audible distractions from tv or radio) and did not hear a knock or bell chime at my door. According to your website, the driver took a picture of the front of my house to prove attendance. This doesn’t prove that he knocked on my door. A “back tomorrow with your parcel” card with no date or time details was inserted half way into my letterbox. Not a very good show of service I’m afraid.

  18. I have just encountered one of your drivers who was tailgating me all the way down Edgehill Road Chislehurst he was only about 2 ft from the back of my car which I consider dangerous driving I wasn’t sure where I was going to park to pick something up so applied my brakes which maybe he didn’t see as he was so close, and the next minute he’s hand was on the horn as though I had committed a really serious driving error. I was absolutely furious and told him in no uncertain terms what an ignorant pig he was. He said I hadn’t indicated so how was he to know what I was doing? I only stopped for a minute and in any event he probably would not have seen my indicator as he was so close. Such a rude vile person but I have to say that a lot of can drivers are too close to the car in front. I have tried to phone the complaints department but just left hanging on.

  19. It is claimed that DPD delivered a parcel to a neighbour named E Kennett we have no one of that name near us. I have tried to contact you by your useless telephone voice mail service,. I have been waiting at least 25 mins and this annoying recording tells me that there is a 5 minute waiting . All i need to know were is my parcel , we were at home before and after the forecast delivery time. This is disgusting customer service.

    Parcel ref : Tel :

  20. If I pay for next day delivery I expect next day delivery! My parcel has been delayed, due to high online buying. Well so what, that is your problem not mine. I needed that parcel yesterday. your tracking site says that it will arrive today between 06.00 and 12.00 but I have no faith it will come. Parcel ref. 3290873830

  21. I’m writing to report one of your drivers who every morning when I’m coming out of a drive on New Road Middlestown Wakefield is texting on his phone he doesn’t look up this is the same driver every morning . It’s at 8am on a morning when it’s busy with school traffic and I have 4 kids in the car his phone should be off and away. This is very dangerous the reg no is YK64 and i think the end is OCN its a blue and white DPD van a big one.

  22. Your driver apparently couldn’t deliver my parcel today : 15504132430590 and left a calling card.

    Reception confirms that the only DPD driver to enter the building today was making a drop-off to another company.

    Rather than lie and suggest that he/she actually entered the building I’d prefer honesty, perhaps along the lines of, ‘the driver couldn’t be arsed to drop-off your parcel today, please contact DPD to arrange a time more convenient for the driver’.

  23. All the staff at your company just lie. I tracked my driver and at 2 places he stopped for an hour. I was due a delivery between 4-5 at 9pm I was out but still tracking and he was at the bottom of my road. He had driver straight past my house. I phoned up and complained. They said a manager would try to ring him. But guess what his phone was off. Ha ha. I was promised a delivery the following day between 8-30 and 10-30. Today I got an email saying the delivery would be between 3 and 4. When I phoned I was told there was no record of last nights conversation. They just lie. I have now cancelled my order and I hope your company loses its contract.

  24. Just had a driver who refused to give me the item and even took a photo of me at the door and said no one answered. As stated when ordering I had ID and am over 18. You need stop hiring lazy drivers and actually hire people who could do the job. I expect to hear from you within the few hours

  25. The worst company and courier service ever. Not only their drivers but their customer service people give you different stories about your delivery. Dreadful and never ever use.

  26. I’m bloody pissed. Your driver never came to deliver toay yet sends text saying no one was home. He never bloody attempted. I was watching and waiting since 430 pm for him to arrive and at 6 pm I get a text saying I wasn’t home

  27. DPD dangerous driver. At around 17:00 on Wednesday 11 July 2018 on A35 between Lyndhurst and New Milton.
    DPD van reg: GR65 UHX drive up to about 2 feet from the back of my car at 60mph on this winding road through the New Forest. As if he was trying to push me out of his way! He then overtook and roared off, but when I got to New Milton he was only 3 cars in front of me! What a complete plonker and a disgrace to your company.

  28. I expected delivery on 2.07.Unfortunetely it was delivered when I was at work.I follwed the instruction on the note provided and arrange a pick up from a local shop.Few days after I have checked a tracking which says that my parcel was delivered back to depot as shop refused taking such a big parcel.I rang customer service and I am happy for the driver to leave the parcel by my front door or with next door neighbour.The person I spoke to informed me that my parcel will be re-send for delivery to my address the following morning.3 days after and I still have not got it.I just made another call to your customer service and I have been informed that the item was sent back to the seller!!!!!I can not express enough my dissappointment.The lady I spoke to on 9.07 is name P.A.Foster (I asked for the name today to make an official complaint about incompetence of your employee) gave me misleading information reassuring me that I will get that parcel.
    I have informed the seller about the situation and hoping he will get back to me and offer a full refund.However I am very concerned that due to the very poor service you ate providing,he will get the item back.
    I expect at least an appology for the stress you caused so far (I hope it wont be any financial loss too)

  29. Changed delivery times, app stated i had changed the date (i had not), rang the so called helpline and they were completely useless. No explanation as to why the changed just that the depot changed it. Will never be using DPD again and will be advising companies not to use your services.

    and i thought Hermes was bad

  30. In addition to the above tried to escalate through complaints department, just puts you through to normal call centre, they will not put you through to a manager, then cut you off. dreadful customer service, systems, process and general attitude in dealing with an issue they is solely in DPD,s making.

  31. I have tried to reach you complaints dept with the number provided but to no avail. The line connected but no one spoke & was left on hold for a long time so I now hope this complaint is dealt with from here. I wanted to report the young driver of the Dpd vehicle YJ63 0KK who was delivering to one of my neighbours at approximately 15.30hrs today Friday 13/07/18. The driver was driving at a high speed on entering our cul de sac & almost skidded to a stop. Another neighbour told me he’d witnessed this from his office window. I was quite shocked that he would drive so excessively so I approached him to let him know his speed was unacceptable in a small street where small children live & play. He became verbally abusive & asked ‘me’ what the speed limit was in our little street. I explained that he was the professional driver & should know the Highway Code or he shouldn’t be driving at all if he didn’t!! I informed him that l would get in touch with his company to make a complaint about his unacceptable & very unprofessional conduct to which he replied ‘he was nothing to do with the company & worked for himself’. Surely if he’s driving a vehicle with a company logo he is an ambassador of that company & should conduct himself appropriately. I feel that what I witnessed today from this young man & his attitude he is a liability & hope something is done about it.

  32. Hello dpd

    whilst travelling along the A303 from Honiton towards Exeter early (6.30am) on thursday morning the 12th July 2018 your driver of dpd van registration number BN17 9HK quite unbelievably over took a solid line of cars following a cattle truck, there were five cars, one van and the cattle truck, the dpd van driver overtook all of these vehicles, going up a hill towards a blind right turn ‘bend’ clearly visible, he could not have possibly anticipated what was coming around the blind bend, all vehicles braked as they were all anticipating and waiting for a very serious accident to occur, the van swerved in just before a heavy goods vehicle approaching from the other direction appeared, the driver of the goods vehicle was shaking his head in total disbelieve of the stupidity and actions of the dpd van driver van registration number BN17 9HK

    the dpd driver looked in his late twenties or early thirties, with dark hair and had a very strange look about him, he most certainly did not look to be acting normally, he continued to drive in a most erratic manner and on reaching the M5 at junction 29 headed south, accelerated away at excessive speed, well in access of 80 miles to 90 miles per hour

    no doubt those at dpd senior management level will be able to trace this ‘mad max’ driver before he kills someone and put him through some sort of driver training course, clearly they will be able to check who was driving van registration number BN17 9HK on the morning of the 12th July and hopefully there will be a record of the excessive speed that this driver was reaching (within the vans on-board technology) without any thought or consideration whatsoever for any other road users

    it is interesting to note that there is no way to contact dpd to complain about such matters (the dpd telephone line has the same number for everything – absolutely stupid or possibly by design) that is why I have taken to this dpd complaints forum, it is also noted that there is no dpd comment (good or bad) on any of the items listed, do you actually care dpd or is it that you just collect money without responsibility ?

    just in case you did not get the dpd van registration number it was BN17 9HK

  33. Same old, same old. Shockingly disgusting service where you wait by the window for 2 days and as you are waiting, you receive a message that says you are not in. What a joke this service is. Thank god they do not let you deliver life saving supplies as life on earth would end with the lies you splash out daily. Your complaints line is not even open when you claim it is. How do I bill this ridiculous joke of a company for loss of income. 2 days of lost work and an even I can’t go to as I did not receive my goods on time. I would be interested to see the legal ramifications of this.

  34. Update, still no delivery, DPD stated delivery was refused at 15.17, i have been in all day, driver is a liar. no call, message, beyond a joke now, still no contact from anyone at DPD, faceless organisation who do not care about customer service. letting both customers and suppliers down, shame really as your service seems to have declined extremely quickly over the past year, maybe down to franchise’s, focus on profit instead of customer service, contract drivers etc.

  35. I tried to call customer service, got fed up waiting for 20mins.

    Suspicious DPD Renault van drivers exchanging parcels on three Consecutive Saturdays at around 4pm. I managed to get most of the registration numbers.

    If you ask me, why would these vans be exchanging parcels in a quite street

    LP66 W?? White Renault DPD van
    LR67 0RT White Renault Un-Marked van

    Post Code: N12

  36. Still no delivery, still no time slot, systems not been updated, some contact from customer service / complaints but no action. All words and apologies but no resolution.

    A delivery company that cannot deliver

  37. For assistance with tracking a parcel, sending a large item, or for general help with using the DPD services, call the customer services team on  0843 557 5056 . This line is direct and will put you through to a member of the team as soon as possible.

  38. Received an email and a text telling me you would deliver my parcel today. Waited; waited; waited. Then I receive an email informing me that I have changed the delivery date to Monday 23rd July. I certainly did not and I have tried calling and calling and calling – nobody actually answers your call. What a shocking way to run a business. I will be making it clear to the online shop I ordered from, just how useless they are!!!!!!!

  39. Seen from the bus ,no17 , Reading , along the London road . Not only was driver stopped in Red Route ( not delivering , just seemed to be “sorting out “ his paper work . Unwanted items just thrown out of window ! I picked them up , one with information on .
    The world isn’t your rubbish tip ! Bin/ recycle . Phone to complain, might just have been whistling in the wind . If the think that’s it as far as I’m concerned , then think again dpd ! On your case big time ! Personal info about clients just out of window !!!!!! I don’t think so !

  40. dpd drivers are complete liars, got a text this morning saying the parcel would be delivered between 10.30- 11.30, was waiting until twelve and got a text saying there was no one in!! they also said they left a card, no card was left, this company employes complete liars, employing orang utans would get better results.

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