Thomson is a provider of package holidays and an airline operating out of the UK, with destinations all over the world and a range of package holidays from flights and hotel only trips to all expenses paid holidays. At the time of writing, it is the UK’s most popular provider of package holidays.


A Few Useful Thomson Contact Numbers:

Thomson Phone Number
Head Office Contact 0844 826 8018
Customer Services Contact 0843 557 3626
Complaints Service 0844 826 0639

Thomson Complaints Line Opening Hours

Department Opening Hours
Head Office Monday – Saturday: 8am – 8pm
Sunday: 10am – 5pm

Thomson Head Office Postal Address

Department Address
Head Office TUI UK & I
Jetset House
Lowfield Heath
West Sussex
RH11 0PQ

Thomson Holidays Complaints

There are a hundred reasons why you might need to make a complaint to Thomson, because holidays, especially package holidays, are delicate undertakings in which a lot can potentially go wrong. A few reasons why you might need to contact Thomson to register an official complaint include:

  • Your hotel did not meet expectations
  • You were made to transfer into a sub-par room or your room had issues such as a loud ventilation motor, a damp problem or an infestation of six-legged locals
  • Your flight was longer or more hellish than expected
  • The food or water at your hotel gave you food poisoning
  • Unexpected charges were levied against you
  • Your destination was of significantly poorer quality than you were advertised
  • You did not realise your holiday destination was a contested territory and is undergoing active shelling

If these or any others apply to you, you’ve got grounds for a legitimate complaint against Thomson. You can register that complaint by calling them on 0844 826 8018 between 8am and 8pm from Monday to Saturday, and from 10am to 5pm on Sundays. The complaints technicians operating the line during these hours will be able to deal with whatever problems you may be having and can transfer you through to the highest authority in each case to make sure you are satisfied.

Thomson Customer Complaints

As a Thomson customer, your best option for registering a complaint is to call the designated Thomson customer complaints service on 0844 826 8018. This number is available every day of the week, though it operates reduced hours on Sundays, with only 10am – 4pm under its belt as opposed to the usual 8am – 8pm.

You’ll be able to register your complaint officially there, and can even transfer up through the ranks to senior members of staff to have your complaint dealt with effectively if necessary, as the complaints department is located in the Thomson head office, and the transfer would be a simple matter of internally linking through your call to the higher-ups to ensure you walk away happy.

Thomson Complaints Email

As stated above, the quickest, most direct and least stressful way to register a complaint with Thomson is using their dedicated complaints phone number, 0844 826 8018. This line is open 7 days a week and is manned by trained staff who will be able to resolve your complaint, whatever it is, either by directly helping you or by trasferring you to a relevent individual who can. However, it is not always possible, convenient or even desirable to phone in a complaint, in which case you must use alternative contact methods to express your displeasure.

You can get in touch with Thomson by email by going to their offical web site (this isn’t it) and finding the “Contact Us” page. Once there, you’ll see the option to “Contact us by email” and directly below that heading will be the email address you’re looking for, allowing you to message them directly with your problem.


Thomson airlines complaints

Thomson Airlines Complaints

If you want to complain about Thomson Airlines, you can do so either at the airport (if it is an urgent, “say it or get a stomach ulcer” kind of complaint) or over the phone later by calling 0844 826 8018. Whether your flight was delayed, the staff were rude, the times were changed without you being informed, the plane conditions were a nightmare or the plane sucked a goose into the engine and went into the sea in flames, you’ll be able to complain effectively and get the compensation you deserve.

Thomson Complaints Pre-Travel

If you want to make a complaint to Thomson before even getting on the plane, you can do so by calling the official Thomson complaints number on 0844 826 8018. While it might seem extreme, there are actually numerous reasons why you might need to complain before travelling, such as:

  • Your tickets didn’t arrive
  • You were unable to get access ot your boarding passes
  • Your flights were changed with no warning
  • Your destination is undergoing extreme weather that other agencies knew about in advance and that Thomson mysteriously didn’t know about or chose not to mention
  • Your flight was cancelled
  • You were assigned a flight at an unreasonable or unfeasible time

Thomson Holidays

Thomson Holidays are package holidays which can be tailored to whatever you need – you’re the boss and your dream holiday is only a few clicks away. With thomson, you can choose how much involvement to take in the organisation of your holiday – if you’d rather just click “all expenses paid” and get on your way, you can, but any level of organisation you choose is up to you. From Finland to Ibiza, your options are limitless with Thomson!

Thomson Travel

In addition to package holidays, the company also provides a travel agency and logistics service, getting people to the other side of the world every day. If you book a Thomson package holiday, the odds are good you’ll be travelling with them too – ensuring you a level quality of service that you can rely on.


Thomson Package Holidays

The most common Thomson holiday is the Thomson package holiday, a holiday in which you book your flights, accommodation and potentially food and entertainment all through the same agency and, ordinarily, receive great deals as well as getting the holiday arranged much more easily. Thomson evolved primarily as a package holiday provider, so booking this sort of holiday with them is exceptionally easy.

Thomson Gold Holidays

Holidays exclusively for adults, the Thomson Gold holidays come in two flavours: Small and Friendly, and Thomson Scene Hotels. The Thomson Scene hotels are right in the middle of things, and the Small and Friendly holidays are much more secluded and peaceful deals. Without the bustle, noise and chaos of parents with young children, you can relax properly, usually in an adults-only resort with dedicated pools and suitable entertainment and dining options.

Thomson Flights

See “Thomson Travel” for more information on Thomson flights. Alternatively, check out “Thomson Complaints Pre-Travel” for a list of ways in which those flights could go horribly wrong.

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