HMRC Complaints Number - 0844 248 1688

HMRC Contact Numbers

HMRC Number
HMRC Complaints 0844 248 1688
Head Office 0844 453 0158
Tax Complaints 0844 248 1687
VAT Complaints 0844 248 1685
Self-Assessment Complaints 0844 248 1684
National Insurance Complaints 0844 248 1683

HMRC Head Office Address

Department Address
Head Office 100 Parliament Street, London, SW1A 2BQ

HMRC Complaints Line Opening Hours

Department Opening Hours
Complaints 8am-1opm Monday-Friday, 8am-4pm Saturdays, Closed Sundays.

Reasons to Call the HMRC Complaints Line:

  • I have overpaid tax and want to know when I will receive a rebate
  • I would like to know why my benefits have stopped
  • I feel I should be getting more child tax credits
  • I have been put on the wrong tax code by my employer
  • I have been treated unfairly by a HMRC employee
  • I need advice on how to make a tax complaint
  • I have spotted a mistake on the HMRC part of the Government website

HMRC Complaints – 0844 248 1688

HMRC provide a number of services to the UK and so when things don’t run smoothly, it is important that you are able to complain easily, and have your voice heard. HMRC specialise in taking tax from every worker earning over £11, 000 per year and issues often surface such as overpayment of tax which can take time to rectify. If you find that you are on the wrong tax code in your work place, then you will likely be paying more than you should on your tax bill. You can claim this money back and you should receive a rebate in the next tax year. However, rebates from HMRC are notoriously not always plain sailing and if you are having any trouble getting your overpayment of tax returned to you then the complaints line is on hand to resolve your issues as soon as possible. As well as unreasonable delays, there might be mistakes that have been made that mean you’re overpaying tax, or you might have previously underpaid tax (through no fault of your own) and HMRC are asking you for a complete repayment – something that you can’t afford. The HMRC Complaints Number can help you with these issues. You may also want to call the complaints number if you are upset by the treatment that you have received by a member of HMRC staff when phoning the department directly. There are also a number of other issues that you may need to contact HMRC about, not just tax queries. This includes complaints about; Self Assessment, Tax Credits, Child Benefit, Income Tax, National Insurance and VAT. The Complaints number will deal with any complaints relating to these.

HMRC Complaints Procedure – 0844 248 1688

HMRC urge anyone that is unhappy with the service they’ve been given to get in touch as soon as possible. If you wish to speak to someone directly, you can call the complaints number, but if you would rather put your complaint down in writing, you can send a written letter to the HMRC head office which is listed above – you can also note down the department that you are addressing. It is important that when you are complaining, you include as much information as possible and this includes personal details (name, address, telephone number and email) so that you are easily contactable. Where applicable, please include any reference numbers such as your National Insurance number, Tax reference or VAT registration number. You should briefly explain (on the phone or by letter) what went wrong to cause you to be in the situation that you are in, any significant dates, how it was initially dealt with and moving forward, how you would like HMRC to deal with the matter. If you are not comfortable with complaining yourself, then someone can voice your complaint on your behalf, this can either be a professional advisor or simply a family member or friend. Once HMRC have been made aware of the complaint, they will work towards trying to resolve it – keeping you informed of the progression of their investigations. If your complaint has been passed over to a specific person, you will be provided with their contact details. If there is no one in the office that can deal with your complaint, it will be passed over to a customer service adviser  – you will be informed directly of this. Hopefully, once you receive a response from HMRC, you will be happy that your complaint has been resolved to a satisfactory standard. However, you will be sent a copy of their how to complain factsheet that gives instructions on how to take your complaint to the next level if you are not happy with the response you have received. You will receive a response in the same way that you complained. Taking your complaint to the next step with HMRC first involves re-submitting your complaint and allowing them to take a fresh look at it. They will then issue you with a ‘final response’ which marks the end of the HMRC complaints procedure. If this is still not what you were expecting, you can ask an adjudicator to look at your complaint, which is a free service and totally unbiased.

HMRC Complaints Email Address

There is no email address to contact HMRC as such, but if you do want a submit a complaint online, you can head to the HMRC section of the government website and complete an online form. There are different online forms for different departments, so make sure you are submitting your complaint in the right place. You can call the complaints number for help with how to do this.

HMRC Tax Complaints – 0844 248 1687

If you have an income tax complaint, there is a specific online form available on the HMRC website that allows you to submit a new complaint or discuss a complaint that you have already made. To use this form, your complaint must be about income tax and you must be either, a self-assessment customer yourself, an employee that has had tax wrongly taken from your wages or you are a pensioner that has paid incorrect tax on their pension. In order to fill out this form and get in contact with someone at HMRC you will need to set up or sign into your Government Gateway Account. Whilst your tax payments are in dispute, you must continue to pay your tax payments like you would normally, until another agreement is reached.HMRC Complaints Number - 0844 248 1688

Additional HMRC Services:

HMRC Self Assessment – 0844 248 1684

HMRC uses the self-assessment system to calculate and collect Income Tax. Normally, tax payments will be deducted directly from a person’s wages, but if a person is self-employed or has additional income, then this must be sent as a tax return and if you need to send one you can fill it in on the 5th April (end of the tax year) and send it off. If you are struggling with doing this or have forgotten to process your tax returns, please call the complaints number for further assistance. Please note that if you are doing your tax return online, it will need to be sent by 31st January.

HMRC VAT – 0844 248 1685

Value Added Tax is a tax that is added to goods during the production process. VAT is charged on things like business sales  – when you buy a service or goods or when a business is hiring or loaning goods to someone. As the law, businesses must add VAT onto all of their goods and services, but they can also reclaim any VAT that they have paids on a service, or for goods.

HMRC National Insurance – 0844 248 1683

National Insurance can be used to monitor your tax payments each year, as each person earning an income is required to pay a relative amount of National Insurance tax depending on how much they have earned, which will later contribute to your state pension from how much National Insurance you have paid. By calling the available number you can make a complaint if you believe you have over or underpaid your National Insurance tax payments, or if you believe there has been a problem with your state pension payments.