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Plusnet Contact Numbers

Plusnet Phone Number
Head Office 0843 557 4830
 Plusnet Complaints 0843 557 5241
Customer Services  0843 218 4787

Plusnet Head Office Opening Hours

Department Opening Hours
Head Office 8:30am-11:30pm, 7 days a week

Plusnet Head Office Address

Department Address
Head Office

The Balance
2 Pinfold Street
S1 2GU

About Plusnet

Plusnet is an internet provider and is what as known as ‘quad play’, meaning it provides several services in one. Currently, to its customers, Plusnet provides broadband, landline services, digital TV and mobile. You can sign up for Plusnet by heading to the website. Plusnet was originally founded in 1997 but was acquired by BT in 2007. Their headquarters is in Sheffield. Its success significantly increased when they were taken over by BT and in 2015 they had around 750, 000 customers across the UK. Although taken over by BT, Plusnet does still operate as a separate business and since 2015 has also offered Plusnet TV.

Reasons to Call the Plusnet Head Office

  • I would like to switch to Plusnet
  • I want to cancel my membership with Plusnet
  • I want to make a complaint to Plusnet
  • I am unhappy with the customer service I have received from Plusnet
  • I have Plusnet installed in my home but it doesn’t appear to be working
  • I need to speak with Plusnet customer services
  • I want to upgrade my subscription with Plusnet
  • I would like more information about the packages Plusnet have to offer

Plusnet Installation Complaints

If you have just moved home and would like to set up an account with Plusnet or want to switch from your current service provider to Plusnet, you can do so using the Plusnet website. There, you will see a choice of the different packages available to you and their prices so you can pick which service you feel would best suit you and your home. Plusnet provides both Unlimited Broadband and Unlimited Fibre packages. If you are signing up for unlimited broadband, you will be offered unlimited usage, a 12-month contract and a choice of additional call plans from just £4 a month. If you want a higher estimated download speed you can upgrade to a fibre package. Of course, Plusnet hopes that you will be satisfied with your broadband service but if you are experiencing any issues such as a bad connection or you find that you are paying more than is agreed in your contract, do not hesitate to call the Complaints Number where your issues can be investigated. If you have experienced issues with Plusnet that you feel cannot be resolved and you wish to cancel your contract, this can be done either by calling the complaints line or heading to the Plusnet website. You may have broadband or mobile services from Plusnet that you wish to cancel. It is important to read the terms and conditions of your contract as if you are cancelling part the way through, cancellation fees may apply. However, if you are cancelling due to poor service, Plusnet may agree to cancel your contract for free, in which case you must follow the complaints procedure mentioned below. When complaining about poor service, it is worth noting down any events that may be significant. Similarly, you may find that you signed up to Plusnet and did not receive the great quality broadband or mobile service you were promised. In these cases, it is worth complaining as you may be offered a free upgrade to a faster feature or some compensation.

plusnet broadbandPlusnet Webmail Complaints

When you sign up to Plusnet, you will be given a webmail account that you can log into and use as your own personal email account. As long as you have a Plusnet email address, you can use webmail to access your emails from anywhere with an internet connection – even from your phone when on the go. Webmail is fairly straightforward and simple to use and there is a handy user guide available on the Plusnet website should you get stuck. Whilst it is an extremely useful feature, there may be times when Webmail doesn’t work as it should and you need to make a complaint. Perhaps it is failing to notify you when you receive a new email or not allowing you to send emails at all. Or maybe it is allowing junk into your inbox rather than filtering it out? Whatever the issue, please call the complaints number to have it looked into. You can even call them if you have forgotten your log in details and need to generate a new password.

Plusnet Feedback

You can find Plusnet reviews online and it may be worth reading some of them if you are in two minds about signing up. Always be sure to read the terms and conditions and any legal information as well. Remember that different internet speeds and connections suit different people and different households, so it is always best to find one that will your needs.

Plusnet Complaints Procedure

If you want to raise a complaint with Plusnet there are two different procedures depending on whether you receive broadband and landline services from Plusnet or mobile services. If you are complaining about your broadband, you can either call the complaints line and discuss your issue over the phone or you can put it in writing and send the letter to the head office address that is provided in the table above. If you want your complaint dealt with quickly, you must put information in your letter that will help a member of the Plusnet team to access your account. Once your letter has been received Plusnet will contact you within 10 working days. If you have not received a response in this time, call the complaints number immediately. If you are using Plusnet’s mobile services and have a complaint, there is a live chat feature available to you on the Plusnet website.

Plusnet Complaints Email

Plusnet does not a particular address that you can email with complaints and ask that instead you use their Live Chat feature, ring the complaints number or send them a letter with your complaint in writing.

Plusnet Careers

If you fancy a change in career and want to take advantage of one of the many opportunities at Plusnet, you can do so by heading to the career section of their website and searching for a position that might suit your experience and skills set. At Plusnet, job roles range from engineering to marketing and they have many different departments and offices all over the UK. If you have been searching and haven’t found anything to suit you at this particular moment in time, please be sure to check back as the site is updated regularly. If you have applied for a job at Plusnet and have not heard back after a considerable length of time, please call the contact number and your application can be chased up.