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Channel 4 is a British media broadcaster.

Channel 4 Contact Numbers:

Channel 4 Phone Number
Head Office 0844 826 8080
Channel 4 News Complaints 0844 826 8080
Programming 0844 826 8080

Channel 4 Opening Hours

Department Opening Hours
Complaints and enquiries 9am to 9pm Monday to Friday and from 10am to 7pm on Saturday and Sunday.

Channel 4 Head Office Address

Department Address
Head Office 124 Horseferry Road

Channel 4 Racing
Watching Channel 4 on iPad
Channel 4 HD
First Dates restaurant
Channel 4Seven

Reasons to call the Channel 4 Complaints Number

  • To make a complaint about a programme that you have seen on Channel 4 or any related channels.
  • To make a complaint about sponsorship or advertising on Channel 4.
  • To make a complaint about the Channel 4 website or a person representing Channel 4 on social media.

Channel 4 Complaints Department

The Channel 4 complaints department is available from 9am-9pm, Monday to Friday and 10am-7pm on weekends to help you with your complaints. A member of the viewer enquiries team will be waiting to take your call and will aim to solve your complaint there and then.

Channel 4 Consumer Complaints

If you are making a complaint about a programme which has already been broadcasted, a member of the complaints team will take on board your feedback and pass it on to the production team. If you are making a complaint about a Channel 4 service, such as the All4 on demand app or the Channel 4 website, the team will attempt to help resolve the complaint.

Channel 4 Complaints Email

Channel 4 doesn’t have an email address specifically for complaints, but you can contact them using the online contact form found here. You’ll have to give your contact information and choose an option of what the complaint is about from the drop-down menu- Programmes, All 4 or online and apps.

Channel 4 News Complaints

If you have been watching the Channel 4 news programme and you believe that the team may have reported on a story inaccurately or something on the news offended you, you can make a complaint using the Channel 4 complaints number on this page.

Alternatively, you can make your complaint in writing to:

Channel 4 Enquiries, PO Box 1058, Belfast, BT1 9DU.

Channel 4 Complaints Ofcom

If you have any concerns about a programme which has been broadcast on Channel 4, you can file a complaint with Ofcom. Channel 4 hold a certain type of licence which means that any programmes they broadcast are accountable to Ofcom, the industry regulator’s, code of conduct. You can make a complaint using the contact form found on the Ofcom website. If Ofcom believes that there may be a cause for concern, they will go to Channel 4 to ask them to explain themselves. They’ll find out about any warnings which were given out before the programme was broadcast. Channel 4’s legal department will respond and in serious cases, editorial evidence of creative decisions relating to the programme will be shared with Ofcom. After this, Ofcom may hold a hearing to determine the outcome of the incident which Channel 4 will be required to attend. Usually, Ofcom will only investigate a broadcaster if they have received many complaints about the same programme.

Channel 4 Sport

Channel 4 broadcasts a wide range of different sports across its network. You can see live horse racing, Formula One and the Paralympics, with Channel 4 holding exclusive broadcasting rights. You can also watch the Grand Prix, classic motorsport and triathlons.

Channel 4 News

channel 4 news complaints
channel 4 news complaints

Channel 4 News is the primary news programme broadcast on Channel 4. The programme is on seven nights a week and has been presented by Jon Snow since 1989. The news programme has regularly won awards from Bafta and the Royal Television Society. Each month, the news programme has around 20 million viewers. The website also gets around 850,000 views per month.

Popular questions about Channel 4

Who presents Channel 4 racing?

For major events such as Cheltenham, Channel 4 racing is presented by Clare Balding. For the rest of the time, coverage is presented by Nick Luck and a team of reporters and pundits including Alice Plunkett, Emma Spencer and Jim McGrath.

How to watch Channel 4 on iPad?

You can watch Channel 4 on demand on your iPad using the All4 app. The All4 app is free to download from the Apple App Store and Google Play store. You can also watch Channel 4, More 4 and E4 shows live using the app.

Where is Channel 4 HD on Sky?

The Channel 4 HD channel can be found on Sky channel 227, Freeview 104, Virgin Media 142.

Where is Channel 4 First Dates restaurant?

The restaurant from the Channel 4 show ‘First Dates’ is the Paternoster Chop House. You can find it at 1 Warwick Court, Paternoster Square, London- just by St. Paul’s Cathedral.

What is Channel 4 Seven?

4Seven is a relatively new channel. It was created by the broadcaster to showcase the best of the last seven days of Channel 4 programming- usually shows which have received media attention or critical acclaim. The channel is also available in HD on Freeview at channel 111.

About Channel 4

Until 1982, there were only three channels available to watch in the UK- BBC1, BBC2 and ITV. The British Broadcasting Act of 1980 started the process of adding a fourth channel and Channel 4 was broadcast in November 1982. A Welsh counterpart, Channel Four Wales was created to air programmes in Welsh, something that hadn’t really been catered for before.

Channel Four has been considered as a programming pioneer. The channel gave US sitcoms such as Friends and ER peak-time viewing slots, which hadn’t been done before, and developed the reality TV format with the introduction of Big Brother in the early noughties. The channel also secured the rights to broadcast large sporting events like horse racing and cricket.

The channel is due to celebrate its 33rd birthday in November. Today, Channel 4 has many ‘sister’ channels such as 4Seven, Film4, E4, More4 and 4Music. The broadcaster is now owned by the Channel Four Television Corporation. The Welsh version of the channel was digitized in 2010, meaning that Channel 4 is now a UK-wide TV station as of then.

Channel 4 is responsible for many popular programmes such as First Dates, Gogglebox, Come Dine With Me and Skins. The broadcaster also shows popular shows from the USA such as The Big Bang Theory and The Simpsons.

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