The contact number for Vauxhall is available directly from their website at no or lower cost

0800 026 0034

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Please ensure you have the bill payers permission before calling.

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You can call to complain about Vauxhall when you ring the number, where they will be able to register your complaint regarding products, insurance, service, finance and more.

 Vauxhall Contact Numbers

Department Opening Times
Vauxhall Complaints Monday- Friday 9-5.30pm
Speak to a Person Monday- Friday 9-5.30pm
Product Complaints Monday- Friday 9-5.30pm
Insurance Complaints Monday- Friday 9-5.30pm
Service Complaints Monday- Friday 9-5.30pm
Finance Complaints Monday- Friday 9-5.30pm

Vauxhall Complaints

Phone the complaints line for Vauxhall on the number above. When you phone this number you can tell them what your complaint regards, and they’ll transfer you through to the relevant department if needed. You can also use this number to find out details of their complaints procedure, including what it entails, how long you can expect for the complaint to be resolved, and what you can expect the outcome of the complaint to be.

Speak to a Person

Call the number to speak to some at the Vauxhall customer service department. The person on the phone should be able to answer your questions, complaints and feedback whilst you’re on the line with them, and having them there to speak to means you get a rapid response. When you phone this number you can also find out details of your nearest Vauxhall dealership and the opening times for you to visit it.

Product Complaints

To make a complaint about a product you have purchased from Vauxhall you can phone the number. When you phone this number they can take details of your complaint, and the issues that have arisen within the vehicle. They can inform you of what can be done for you in the circumstance and whether or not they will be able to fix the problem for you.

Insurance Complaints

Phone the number o make a complaint about the insurance service you received from Vauxhall. You can phone this number to make complaints about any issues you might have had trying to make a claim through your insurance. You can also phone this number to make a complaint about a direct debit that is related to your insurance payments, such as taking payment too early or taking too much payment.

Service Complaints

Use the number to make complaints regarding the level of service you received from a Vauxhall employee. You can use this number to log complaints about the service you received when buying, picking up, or having your vehicle fixed by Vauxhall. When you phone this number you will have to provide as much detail as possible in regards to who the person was who you dealt with, what happened to make you feel disappointed in the service, and the name of the person that you dealt with.

Finance Complaints

If you have a complaint to make regarding your finance plan with Vauxhall you can phone the number. When you phone this number they can take the details of your complaint that relates to your finance plan you have in place with Vauxhall. If you’d like to make a complaint about payments, interest or the service you received when sorting this finance plan you can use the number above to have your complaint logged and hopefully resolved quickly.